The Fishing Beat: Be careful in selecting where you choose to ice fish

The WNY Sport and Travel Expo starts Thursday at the Erie County Fairgrounds and continues through Sunday. Check it out. Ice fish is still available around the state, but you will need to pick and choose where and when to go.

Ice fishing overview Expect some issues with ice this weekend, particularly with land frosting. Ice Team Pro Scott Brauer of Gasport said that ’ s going to be the situation for a while. We have plenty of pack ice around and many of the independent water bodies were more than 12-14 inches death weekend. Everybody must be careful getting onto the pack. The other thing you must watch for is the springs and gasoline pockets that come alive this time of class. Overall, the spring patterns are starting to set in. Brauer noticed the male perch were starting to stage in profoundly water, good off the shallows. The females are traveling to see if their eggs would catch on the weeds. The crappies are where the food is in the lake, for the most partially, and marauder pisces are chasing everything. Brauer will be on Oneida Lake this weekend, but you need to be careful. Some machines went through the ice last weekend. Those machines went in off a creek first step. obviously, at this time of year, water starts to rush back in, and you must stay away from areas such as that. There ’ second besides pressure cracks that you must watch for, so traveling at night is extremely dangerous this fourth dimension of year. Brauer will only travel the frost during the day, when he has good visibility of his surroundings. You must know the shoreline for brook, culverts or mountainside run-off. Lake Erie and tributaries The fishing has been on fuel in the Lake Erie tributaries, reports guide Justin Warriner of North Tonawanda. He said he did well last weekend. Sunday was a act tougher to catch them in rising dirty body of water, but he still managed one or two before the wind picked up big clock time. Beads and jigs seem to be outfishing egg sauk, Warriner said. With the rain Monday combined with snowmelt, the fish will just get better. Warriner is running a forwarding this month, offering absolve fish for kids. If you know a junior fisherman who ’ mho concerned in fly fishing the tributaries, give Warriner a call at 716-946-6514. Adam McInerney of Cattaraugus was besides doing well in the tributaries. After weeks of winter weather with below freezing temperatures and ice-covered streams, it warmed up adequate that we had a good melt and streams blew out – which last got rid of the ice on the pour. Once the water menstruation went polish to fishable levels, lots of athirst pisces were around and ready to eat. McInerney found a small olive jig to be what they wanted to eat, and it was game on. probably the last anyone was able to fish the Buffalo Harbor area was Saturday. Steve Brzuszkiewicz and Tom Baskerville of Marilla hit the harbor Saturday good afternoon, and they found good methamphetamine conditions. Using a minnow carriage, they caught some perch and smell, throwing back more than they kept. The smack were all on the top hook. By Monday, there were no frosting fishermen in the harbor because of insecure conditions. Niagara River In the upper Niagara River, the foot of Ferry Street is hot, according to Tommy Ortolano of Lake Effect Bait and Tackle in Tonawanda. Top targeted species are lake trout and walleye. He reports best lures are Chuck Booker spinners and Storm 360 search baits. Those same lures will work in the lower Niagara River, excessively. Mike Ziehm of Niagara Falls reports the water above world power plant in the esophagus has a light mark with about 4 feet of visibility as of Tuesday. The power plant is still pumping out some dirty water, but there is a match of feet of visibility there. Ziehm caught seven lake trout Monday along Artpark, but it has been bully fish. A big separate of the problem is all the bait present in the river system. He has besides been catching a few walleye on a white jig in Devil ’ randomness Hole, including fish improving to 9 pounds. Jigs and spinners in whites, oranges, and chartreuse colors are all working for him systematically. Capt. John DeLorenzo of Niagara Falls continues to hit a mix of trout in the lower Niagara River. Over the weekend, he and Jay Dzialowski from Pittsburgh, who has been fishing with him since 1986, landed 14 steelies and one decent 10-pound brown university Trout. Most were in the 8-12-pound rate. He was using last class ’ sulfur freeze steelhead eggs tied up in pink or chicken sac. Devil ’ s Hole and Artpark have been dear places for steelhead, according to Lisa Drabczyk, with Creek Road Bait and Tackle in Lewiston. A few lake trout are besides being taken there. live bait such as minnows and shiners work well. Kwikfish and beads besides will catch fish. Downriver it has been lake trout and brown trout, according to Capt. Frank Campbell of Lewiston. Minnows have worked best. There are still a few walleye hanging about. Remember the season closes for walleye March 15. Stained water made it sturdy Tuesday for boaters. It will get better.

Lake Ontario and tributaries Burt Dam and 18 Mile Creek have been producing some steelhead and brown trout, according to Roy Letcher of Burt. Best enticements have been jigs and sac. Ron Bierstine, with Oak Orchard Tackle, insists some steelhead are in the Oak properly now, but the drift conditions remain challenging to get on the pisces. There were some crochet ups through the past weekend, right before the latest raise in flows. Once the water temperatures begin to rise even a little, the drift chances should improve, and more fresh fish will hopefully show up. Flows in the other area smaller waterways are eminent and dirty. Most all ice cover looks to be moved out. Scott Feltrinelli of Ontario Fly Outfitters reports it looks like the midsized and larger streams are running a bit hard and dirty right now. Some of the very modest tributaries are worth a spirit nowadays and over the following few days as snow melts and flows increase. This time of class, creek levels will bounce up and toss off with the changing weather conditions. Know your creek and your weather. March is normally a bang-up calendar month for tributary fish, Feltrinelli said. Ice conditions at Chaumont Bay were still good. Perch and walleye were the primary coil targets. Walleye season closes March 15. Chautauqua Lake They were still catching walleye last week through Saturday, reports Capt. Mike Sperry of with Chautauqua Reel Outdoors. The shoreline ice is going to be shot after the most late rains. Heavy rain coupled with warm weather in truth did a number on the ice. however, there will credibly be ridicule putting planks down to walk out on the lake. It is not recommended. Safety first. Steve Brzuszkiewicz and Tom Baskerville of Marilla fished the lake recently and drilled about 20 holes before they found a good depth with action. They fished the north side of Long Point and started at 40 feet of water where they had a nice fish, but lost it. That was the alone bite, so they started drilling to find 15 feet of water. At 15 feet, the yellow perch were biting. They were using minnows, and Brzuszkiewicz hauled in about 25 perch with five being keepers between 8 and 10 inches using a igniter plain double hook swindle. Baskerville caught a copulate of white perch knocked out at 40 feet of water and then smaller perch on grubs in 13 feet of water. It seemed as though the bigger perch liked the minnows. They fished with a combination of fat heads and goldens. Finger Lakes The frosting season has been halted in the Finger Lakes for now, according to local guide Jeremy Newman of Doc ’ s Tackle in Honeoye. There were still some people on the ice Tuesday, but they have lost a bunch together of ice rink over the last workweek or so. Ice fish was identical good this class. Over the last couple weeks, Keuka Lake had been getting a short ton of traffic as word outspread about the great fish. The quantity and choice of perch had been quite impressive. Lakers were apparently being handed out upon arrival, Newman said. besides, the class of crappie being caught had anglers driving there from all over the region. On Honeoye Lake, before the ice began to recede, the bluegill, perch and walleye fishing was far superscript to the last few years. numerous walleye up of 7 pounds were being caught jig and on tip ups. Conesus lake fishing for northern pike was a feast or dearth situation. Some absolute giants were caught, but many shiners just sat there waiting for the finical bite to come. It was a fantastic year for smelt and trout on Canadice and Hemlock Lakes, excessively .

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