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Every year on January 17, the teenagers of Naples gather to make a bonfire on the occasion of Saint Anthony. The celebration dates back hundreds of years, but has recently become controversial as locals claim it educates young people about crime. The event, dubbed ‘Cippo’, has become a war between children and so-called ‘babygangs’ from different downtown neighborhoods who are increasingly trying to steal trees to make the biggest fire possible. , a sign of their strength. They prepare for months and stay up all night to protect their precious trees in secret places. In this way, they are taught to protect their patch. The event affects everyone differently in the city. VICE and Neapolitan director Victoria Fiore follow a group of teenagers in the Spanish Quarters, an underprivileged area of ​​Naples and the real-life setting of the TV show Gomorrah, Rosa, a proud mother, has warned her son of the dangers, but now he should write to him in prison. Social worker, Eleonora, supports Cippo as a way for children to express their creativity in a run-down neighborhood with few spaces for children, and a way for children to learn hierarchy, loyalty and dedication . But as the children continue to transform the narrow streets of Naples into an arsonist’s paradise, it’s not easy to tell if Cippo is a tradition, a game or an initiation. Click here to subscribe to VICE: Check out our full catalog of videos: Videos, daily editorials and more: More videos from the VICE network: Like VICE on Facebook: Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our Tumblr: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest: Download VICE on iOS: Download VICE on Android:

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Fire Games of Napoli
Fire Games of Napoli

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Fire Games of Napoli.

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