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Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel ! Life as a Filipina in Switzerland can be so exciting. Switzerland really has a lot to offer and so I will take you on a scenic drive through Einsiedeln. Come join me as we get in our car and take a short tour of this beautiful village. 🚗 Let me take you on a scenic route through Einsiedeln. 🚗 Enjoy with me the beautiful views of another traditional Swiss village. 🚗 Say hello to a bunch of sweet sheep along the way. 💬 How did you like the scenic route through Einsiedeln? 💬 Don’t you agree that the sheep we saw are just adorable? 💬 Aren’t these houses just amazing? Tell me about it in the comments section. Here are some interesting facts about Einsiedeln: 🎓 The village of Einsiedeln is a popular tourist destination in central Switzerland. The Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln, located in the village, is considered one of the most important Roman Catholic pilgrimage sites in Europe and is called “the most important pilgrimage site dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Switzerland”. . In addition to the abbey, Einsiedeln is also a popular sports destination all year round. The village has 3 ski areas which include ski lifts as well as ski jumps. 🎓 Since the Middle Ages the Chapel of Graces and a statue of the Black Madonna have been the centerpiece of the pilgrimage. The statue is so famous that a copy can also be seen in the town of Pontarlier in the French Jura. Between 150,000 and 200,000 pilgrims visit the Chapel of Graces each year. 🎓 In addition to being a place of pilgrimage, Einsiedeln is a tourist destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The village has its own ski jump, ski lifts, drag lifts and winter sports centres, which are located in the vicinity of Hoch-Ybrig and Brunni. The Schwedentritt cross-country ski trail starts next to Einsiedeln Abbey. 🎓 The neighboring reservoir, Sihlsee, is used in summer for swimming, surfing and sailing, and in winter for ice skating. The dam, which holds back the lake, generates electricity for trains and protects the city of Zurich further downstream from the flooding of the Sihl. 🎓 These days fewer pilgrims come to Einsiedeln. For this reason, some of the old hotels have now closed. At the same time, the village has seen a boom in day tourists, due to the clean air and mountain views. Due to the high quality of life there, the population is growing faster than normal in Switzerland. ➡️ For this reason, I promise you that we will return to Einsiedeln and take a closer look at the amazing Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln. You don’t want to miss this video so be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when the video is ready to watch! ✨ And if you like this video, consider subscribing to Jane’s BuhaySwiss using this link! ⤵️ Stay tuned and thanks for watching! ******************** 🎬 Hello everyone! I’m Jane and welcome to Jane’s BuhaySwiss – All about my daily life as a Pinay Vlogger 🇵🇭 I was born and raised in the Philippines, and currently live in Switzerland with my lovely husband and daughter. ➡️ On this channel, I invite you into my Swiss life and share my vlogs about my daily life, my family life, my cooking, my travels in and around Switzerland, in Europe and (I hope soon again) in the world. With tons of cooking tutorials, recipes and more, this is your ultimate hub for authentic Swiss content 🇨🇭 ➡️ I really hope you like my channel and I would appreciate if you could recommend my channel to your friends and to your family! 🛎 Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell button to stay updated with new videos and take a peek inside my life when you join me on my Youtube adventure. XOXO Jane ******************** ✨ Connect with Jane’s BuhaySwiss on social media: Instagram ➡️ ************** *** *** #FilipinaLivingInSwitzerland #AScenicDriveThroughEinsiedeln #JanesBuhaySwiss

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Filipina living in Switzerland 🇨🇭 | A Scenic drive through Einsiedeln 🚗
Filipina living in Switzerland 🇨🇭 | A Scenic drive through Einsiedeln 🚗

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Filipina living in Switzerland 🇨🇭 | A Scenic drive through Einsiedeln 🚗.

jane’s scenic drive.

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  1. I missed this place we stayed here during spring but still freezing early in the morning. A bit scary to drive more curves, hills but the scenery was the best. 😍

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