Unnamed road, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand 4.50 food ( 6 ) great ( 6 )

    lake ( 8 ) Great ( 8 ) chocolate ( 11 ) place ( 13 )

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    Brad D. 9 months ago

    Nestled at a lake with beautiful mountains as a backdrop. This restaurant pretty a lot checks all the boxes for a relax picturesque setting. Our lunch items came beautifully displayed and were all perplex smack. Our drinks were equally delightful. I had the berry mint pop – attempt it ! We ’ ll decidedly be back !

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    Barnana H. 7 months ago

    Great food and coffee. courteous place to relax.

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    S r. 10 months ago

    taste : 7.5 Atmosphere : 8.5 Services : 7 Great atmosphere. Coffee besides tasty and calm. Chilling out here is identical enjoyed. They besides got springer around the shop for the air freshening. I will comeback again for sure.

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    Mark D. 7 months ago

    Great passive atmosphere and delish. Recommended and will decidedly be back.

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    Kelvin K. 1 year ago

    Love coffee bean, and ferns, and a lake, and deluxe desserts ? then this is the locate for you. If you come all the way out here, you ’ five hundred well be prepared to spend a snatch of time relaxing. They have a wide selection of coffee bean drinks and they take their coffee seriously. same goes for their desserts excessively. There ’ randomness food vitamin a well if you are hungry. And although I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate holy order any, I noticed quite impressive plat and dishes being served. bang-up station for families with children. Great place for personal time. great seat for easy match time. There is a huge space on which they are located that is overlooking a lake and mountains.

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    Dao & Kevin M. 6 months ago

    Great station for coffee bean, friends, & snapping photograph. You know the old saying there ‘s more than meets the eye ? Well this is it. beautiful views of mountains on a lake make a great backdrop for coffee and conversations. We enjoyed everything. They have indoor and outdoor seat. Photo booth setup for pictures. And staff super friendly and heedful to details. If you are in the area and looking for a trendy space to get coffee and spend time with friends this is it. I hope to see you there ! enjoy !

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    Thailand Living In ‘Chiang M. 7 months ago

    Great place. identical busy, have noticed it constantly seems to be busy when pass by. so we thought give it a try. Was n’t defeated great place to relax. even probability of a walk around the lake.

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    Gloria L. 5 months ago

    An underestimate cafe. Beautifully situated near the mountain and lake, a little cosy blemish surrounded by nature. With a great survival of food and drinks, surely a spot to spend an good afternoon

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    Larkin C. 5 months ago

    A great cafe at the basis of the mountain. They offer big coffee bean with a broad choice of options including bean diverseness. Their food menu is besides broad and with high timbre options. Try their Mieng muan. The seating is excellent and they have great views of the mountain and lake !

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    Adrian Jing Q. 6 months ago

    The coffee and the atmosphere is amazing. Truly a restful rate.

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    Angeelexsy O. 8 months ago

    Quiet and relaxing topographic point. Pretty lake food was good, and the staff was very friendly. good monetary value. Can bring your family and friends.

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    Eric T. 8 months ago

    A lot of attention has been placed on aesthetics for certain. The garden and surroundings are beautiful. Too bad more attention wasn ’ triiodothyronine given to the taste which is below median. The dishes look beautiful but are sadly lacking in substance. Can ’ t very recommend the stead for this reason alone.

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    Natalie N. 8 months ago

    You have such a beautiful view and ambiance. Nice staffs…I wear ’ metric ton like chocolate ( balmy relish ). If you are not a an instagramer., would credibly annoyed by people who crave for photograph spots, well….I prefer a stead for effective chocolate where I don ’ t have to be instructed where I can sit for food …here is for photograph spot only.