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The leaky faucet: fix it in a few steps

A damaged seal on the cartridge or fabric filter is often the cause of the leak. We explain how to replace the gasket.

  1. Turn off the water: Turn off the water before starting work. You can turn off the water directly at the valve coming out of the wall or centrally for the entire apartment.
  2. Remove Handle – The next step is to remove the handle from your faucet to access the cartridge. The screws that hold the handle to the faucet are usually located under the handle or on the back of the faucet.
  3. Remove the cartridge – you can now see the inside of your faucet. Note the order in which you remove the faucet. You will have to rebuild it later in the reverse order. Be careful not to lose sight of the square connector on the handle.
  4. Remove the seals – You will now see circular seals on the cartridge. You must remove and replace them. Insert new seals only after cleaning the cartridge.
  5. Assemble Faucet: Reassemble your faucet. Notice the square adapter that connects to the handle.
  6. Filter Replacement: In addition to replacing the seals, you can also replace the aerator seal. The filter can be unscrewed with pliers or with a special plastic handle. If you’re using pliers, be sure to wrap a rag around the metal ring just to damage it.
  7. Turn on the water: You can turn the water back on after replacing all the seals and tightening everything.

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