Ex: Convert Mile Per Hour to Feet Per Second | Summary of the most detailed 10.5 km in miles content

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This video shows how to convert miles per hour to feet per second. Full video library: www.mathispower4u.com

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Ex:  Convert Mile Per Hour to Feet Per Second
Ex: Convert Mile Per Hour to Feet Per Second

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Ex: Convert Mile Per Hour to Feet Per Second.

10.5 km in miles.

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  1. I have only commented on a few videos in my lifetime. This deserves a comment. Thanks for explaining what my PhD level math professor could not; I now understand how to do this.

  2. I am literally watching a lecture on this same problem (65mph instead of 60) AND YOUR VIDEO made it make sense! So simple, yet so easy to fumble 🤦🏾‍♀️🙌🏾

  3. Lordy, this was driving me CRAZY!!! Lol! I'm a teacher / mom right now during this crazy pandemic and well… I used to be amazing at math but after so many years… I'm a lil rusty and I was trying so hard to figure this out lol! I was being kinda stubborn bc I so wanted to get it figured out in my own but I couldn't lol! You made this look so super easy but also easy to understand so ty ty ty!!!

  4. Can also take advantage of the fact that there is a 60 in the numerator and a 60 in the denominator, which cancel each other, leaving 5280 divided by 60. Could also slash the zeros and make it 528/6. Same answer, but takes advantage of visual shortcuts before the actual arithmetic.

  5. Thats way to long. Us crash reconstructions use this formula. Multiple the speed(60) times 1.46 and there is your answer. 60×1.46 is 87.6 feet per second.

  6. OMG THANKYOU!!!!! Ive been struggling so hard on where to put the number in numerator or denominator position and when !!

  7. To convert mph to ft/sec, just multiply by 22/15. 60 mph = 60*22/15 = 88 ft/s. All you have to do is remember the fraction 22/15 to convert mph to ft/sec.
    To convert ft/sec to mph, just multiply by 15/22. Easier than taking 3 minutes and 28 seconds to for this complicated explanation.

  8. Hola! Este sistema lo aprendí en 1973 en una clase química y se llama ¨Tri Dimentional System, to solve problemass, que no es mas que un sistema de regla de tres compuesta. Gracias, esta muy explicado, pero sería más facil reduciendo y eliminando un sesenta de del numerador (superior) y otro del denominador )inferior que nos daría solo un operación ya que los demás términos se han hido cancelando. Sería 5280/60 igual a 88 feet/sec. Gracias

  9. You are my hero. You are the first video I have watched which said "simplifies out." I do not want my students to hear the word cancel. It isn't canceled. 1=1 and it is still 1 in the end. Reduced or simplified. I will most likely be sending more of my students to your pages.

  10. multiply the 60 and 5280, it is 316,00, divide it by 3600 (how many seconds are in an hour) and you get 88, simple as that


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