Everything you need to know about Grutas Tolantongo | Summary of relevant contents [Keyword] The most complete

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Everything you need to know about Grutas Tolantongo
Everything you need to know about Grutas Tolantongo

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Everything you need to know about Grutas Tolantongo.

grutas tolantongo.

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  1. How were you able to book the hotel? We contacted the water park hotel via what’s app. No one responded yet. We are looking to stay there in August.

  2. Cause I really wish you luck find it She's natural guy for me and I'm chief got that her friend in her pocket and that eventually outside of her nurse and um It's now in the deep end and really far deepened and it I hate we have to get to work for you

  3. This place is not even widley known to Mexicans. And yes no near airports but mexico city AICM. As for emotional support animals….we mexicans found that mostly stupid, so dont expect locals to buy that. Just being honest.

  4. Awesome video! Thanks! I've been to Tolantango, my favorite place I've ever visited. The natural pools have little fish that eat the dead skin off your body. Somewhere by the big cave is a tunnel that the water will shoot you out into the big cave. And all the stalagmites! Pictures and video aren't able to do the place justice. It reminds me of the Elfin land on Lord of the Rings.
    Edit: also, on the way there, I stopped at a few local shops in some of the towns.. got a beautiful sheep skin rug for $20USD and other locally made things.

  5. Thank You…..👍👍
    Some of us don't get to see these places, so it's great that You share the beauty and your knowledge of these spots ❣😎👌✌

  6. That place is a place you must visit when you can.. That place looks so beautiful and it looks fun

  7. Next time you go there you might want to take me with you 😉 I can translate for you 😄😄😄😄

  8. How long ago were you at Tolantingo? This Place is not to far away from where I live in Mexico city I always watching your videos cheers 👍

  9. Don’t expect running hot water in most of the countries south of our border unless you are in an upgraded establishment. Also, check your credit card company to see if they provide the insurance coverage for foreign car rental. If they do, get a written copy as proof, if the rental agency will accept it you could save a significant amount of the rental costs. Thanks for the info on this place. Might make a person wonder if there is a reason it’s not advertised to foreigners, which is not an uncommon occurrence by the way. 🤔

  10. You are totally right in everything you said!

    I’m Mexican (CDMX) and I can tell you that a lot of friends will be amazed of seeing a foreign talking about this touristic place.

    First of all, yes it is only for locals and most of the tourism is only from the center of the country. Even so, a lot of people haven’t visited (including me) because it’s always full of people, but REALLY full of people. You were so lucky to have the place only for you.

    I think that you would love other hidden gems for foreigns as Huasteca Postosina, SLP and Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca. Also you will loved the food.

    Send my regards to Brittany, you are funny. x)


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