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Encanto debuts in theaters on Nov. 24. Encanto is a movie about magic and thus in some sense, it feels cliché to say that everything about it — from the music to the animation to the floor — dazzles in a direction one might consider, well… charming. But this magic trick is besides what sets Encanto apart, as the movie marks the first time Disney has dabbled in the trope of charming realism.

And that ’ s what makes the sixtieth animate feature one of Disney ’ s late best. Disney ‘s Encanto Images The narrative of Encanto revolves around 15-year-old Mirabel Madrigal ( Stephanie Beatriz ) and her class, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in an hex, vibrant house. Everyone in the Madrigal family receives a limited and singular gift that “ unlocks ” when they ’ re 5 years old ; these powers are generally based on their personality. In a alert, Lin-Manuel Miranda-flavored opening, we ’ ra introduced to the family Madrigal : There ’ south sisters Luisa ( Jessica Darrow ) and Isabela ( Diane Guerrero ), who have the powers of ace lastingness and the ability to make flowers bloom, respectively. There ’ mho Mirabel ’ s mother Julieta ( Angie Cepeda ), who can heal people with her cook, and her aunt, Pepa ( Carolina Gaitan ), who can control the weather. There ’ randomness cousin Dolores ( Adassa ), who has enhanced hearing ; cousin Camilo ( Rhenzy Feliz ), who can shape-shift ; and cousin Antonio ( Ravi-Cabot Conyers ) who can speak to animals. Abuela ( Maria Cecilia Botero, with a scorch voice some might recognize as In the Heights alum Olga Merediz ) heads the Madrigal crew and keeps everyone in line — for better or for worse. Surrounded by a fantastic family, Mirabel is the only one who doesn ’ thymine have extra powers, despite her far-out and empathic personality. During a ceremony to reveal Antonio ’ south gift, she notices that her theater seems to be in risk of falling apart. Mirabel ’ s constant warnings fall on deaf ears as everyone around her assumes she ’ sulfur acting out due to being frustrated about not having a special endowment. Determined to save her family ’ sulfur home, she ’ mho forced to follow clues left by her estrange cousin Bruno ( John Leguizamo ), who disappeared after his baron of seeing the future made him, well, not the most popular member of the family. so a lot about Encanto comes together to make the movie an eclectic and celebratory fib, particularly the leading voice draw. As Mirabel, Beatriz — who showed off her cantabile chops earlier this year in In the Heights — brings just the right field come of charm and sincerity to the non-magical adolescent. similarly, as Bruno, Leguizamo manages to balance both the liquid body substance and the affecting resentment of person who harbors years of deep injury and dishonor. Darrow and Guerrero as Luisa and Isabela both get especial moments to shine during solo songs that not entirely light up the screen, but deftly show the hide complexities these characters carry with them.

The narrative never feels decelerate or uninspiring. visually, Encanto is a please, filled with stunning colors, beautiful liveliness, vibrant music, and a joy that pops off the screen. The history never feels dull or uninspiring, and the film effortlessly blends heart and humor in a way that feels seamless. If you ’ re a winnow of previous works that Miranda has had a bridge player in bring to biography via original songs, you ’ ll surely see a design ( both thematically and musically ) in the tracks he pens for this film and in their abstruse meanings of belong and identity. ultimately, both of those things are what helps make Encanto great. Unlike other films, the magic in Encanto international relations and security network ’ metric ton derived from a mystic being or supernatural creature, and it ’ s not something that ’ mho rooted in arrant illusion. It ’ s born out of things that are very homo and very relatable : needs, wants, drives, dreams, and familial relationships. This foundation helps ground the film in a realistic universe, making every character ’ second choice, fight, win, or setback even more exultant or heart-wrenching. Loading Melding family, love, adoption, and even the dampen of generational injury, Encanto is a film about finding your genuine self and learn that you don ’ t have to necessarily fit the shape that the populace — or the people you love — want. It ’ randomness about breaking off from insalubrious and outdated traditions and about accepting that building something newly doesn ’ t base erstwhile memories aren ’ metric ton important. It ’ s a celebration of the fact that powers may make us extraordinary, but it ’ second our hearts that make us particular. In the hopes of making something meaningful for both the Latina community and the wide populace of animated entertainment, writers Charise Castro-Smith and Jared Bush create a populace that, much like Mirabel, embraces its human heart and shines brighter than anything created by supernatural forces.

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