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Amount of water in the egg boiler: how to determine it

Before you start worrying about the amount of water in your egg cooker, you need to understand how your egg cooker works.

  • Some egg cookers electronically determine when the eggs are at the desired consistency. This is the case for devices where you can distinguish between medium, soft and hard. You must pour the same amount of water each time. The device automatically turns off as soon as the right consistency of the eggs is reached.
  • If you don’t have this feature, you can boil eggs as follows: Add a certain amount of water, which determines the number of eggs, their size and consistency. The egg cooker automatically shuts off when all the water is used up. Information on this can be found in the operating instructions or you can determine these values ​​with a measuring cup.
  • The manufacturer generally states that more eggs require less water. This makes sense because the egg cooker evaporates the water which releases the heat from the eggs. The water condenses on the surface of the eggs, the rest comes out through a hole. The condensed water flows back and vaporizes again. More eggs means more condensed water.

What to do if there is no user manual

If you have lost the instruction manual and there is no measuring cup, there is no need to immediately despair. There are ways to determine the correct amount of water and cook ready-to-eat eggs.

  • Some manufacturers no longer provide paper instructions. This means that you can usually download the user manual online. You can find the proper operating instructions for the most common types of egg cookers online.
  • If necessary, you can also find forums where consumers before you have thought of the same question. If you can’t find an answer and can’t find an instruction manual on the Internet, you can contact the manufacturer yourself.
  • If you don’t get an answer, you can easily try it yourself. This variation takes time and patience, but you may soon find the right amount of water. Keep in mind that different sized eggs need different amounts of water.

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