EarthCruiser EXP – Ham Radio (2021) – #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #hamradio | Covered the most complete buckeye off road expo knowledge

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EarthCruiser EXP – Ham Radio (2021) – #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #ham radio We took the EarthCruiser for a short off-road trip in the desert to demonstrate the Ham Radio setup. We had the chance to talk to a few radio amateurs and make a good demo. Radio: Icom 7000: Antenna: Scorpion: Controller: MFJ 102: Book Repeater: Blue Cat: 2020 Recap Video: Alstrom Point Video:

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EarthCruiser EXP - Ham Radio (2021) - #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #hamradio
EarthCruiser EXP – Ham Radio (2021) – #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #hamradio

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EarthCruiser EXP – Ham Radio (2021) – #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #hamradio.

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12 thoughts on “EarthCruiser EXP – Ham Radio (2021) – #whiskey7backroads #scorpion #hamradio | Covered the most complete buckeye off road expo knowledge”

  1. Great video Brent. I enjoy this because of the inventiveness of your work here, but most of all because of your heartfelt feelings that people can get their ham radio license.

    I have a YouTube channel that helps encourage people to get into Ham Radio as well as to license up.

    I’d like to use your video here to talk about working portable with an amazing set up. I’ll be sure to put a link to your channel in the description section of my video. I think you did excellent work here and it’s something we all should celebrate and learn from.

    My best to you and yours!

    de K7HN

  2. Hello Brent, we made contact today on 14.285. Very nice to meet you. This is a super cool way to explore. JC KD2YAE

  3. Thanks for doing this video Brent. We get #80 in early August, and I may ask you a few questions on setting up a simple ham rig using some equipment I already have.

  4. nice reliable 4 wheel drive EC….the best after the diff lock upgrade..a monster exploration bro..greetings from Sarawak Malaysia🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  5. I fly fish offgrid in remote canyons, never have wifi or ph reception, so my rig is somewhat similar. Camper van uses ID51 & ssb CB w/ Diamond antenna running off 200w 200Ah solar. Trailer uses 7300/9700 w/ Diamond screwdriver HF/tri band 2m,70cm,23cm antennas running on 600w 440Ah solar and carry extra end feed wire for NVIS in canyons. Use mainly HF, Winlink and Dstar when I can. Passed on the larger screwdriver like yours since I don't use more than 100w on my system so a 1k antenna isn't necessary.
    You have a sweet system, maybe you can explain the FCC licensing req'd to operate that system and how absurdly expensive it was in another video. And what happens when your battery dies. Look forward to hearing about your adventures hammin! 73. KM6VAY

  6. Love it! That Earth Cruiser is amazing 🤩. Good luck with the channel…I gave you a couple more subs. Hope we can both get to 1000 subscribers soon. 73!

  7. Good video Brent I noticed you use an extension on your cap hat. Does it help out a lot in Rx /tx and where did you get that extension. I just use the cap hat by itself along with my scorpion antenna.
    73 kb7zar Brian


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