There is a wide variety of accommodation in Hua Hin. Peak season in Thailand is December – February and rates are highest during this time. Weekday rates are generally lower than weekends throughout the year. Hua Hin hotel rates are also often reduced for extended stays. In addition, there are many condos and small houses available for rent in the area. Hua Hin rentals can be difficult to find during the high season but there are many agents that can help with Hua Hin rental situation. Luxury villas can also sometimes rented for a few months.
Hua Hin is an ideal spotlight for a family vacation. many enlistment agencies offer vacation packages offering reduce Hua Hin hotel rates, tours, k fees and enchant in the software. There are besides across-the-board resorts here where all meals and accommodation are covered. basic golf packages are besides available for those making their own recourse reservations. For those wanting a smaller boutique recourse there are besides identical private pool villas available .
many of the larger chains have hotels and resorts in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Hua Hin so transferring from one placement to another can be quite elementary. Full health spa facilities are more and more available at the larger hotels .

International Class Hotels in Hua Hin and Cha Am

Dusit Resort and Polo Club

The Dusit Resort and Polo Club is the perfect seat to escape for some beach side liberalization. There are over 300 rooms, five restaurants, four bars, and one of the largest pools in Thailand. The pool and gardens are reason enough to visit this haunt. Service is excellent. As the complete haunt, the hotel besides provides an across-the-board choice of sports and amateur amenities, including a comprehensive range of water system sports, tennis and squash courts, fitness center, horse riding track and the Palm Hills Golf Course is proper across the road. The San Marco restaurant hosts the resort ’ s ever popular ‘ Pasta Factory Buffet ’ every Wednesday. 1349 Petchkasem Rd., Cha Am. Tel : ( 032 ) 520-009.

The Dusit besides hosts the annual Cricket Six ’ s Match This international cricket couple is held early April. With over a twelve teams competing from around the universe, the local Hua Hin Hopalongs have their work swerve out for them each year. Come see cricket the way it should be played–for merely 50 minutes a match. If you ’ re planning on coming to Thailand or Hua Hin for the Songkran Festival, and delight cricket besides, then come a few days early and you can do both .
After many years of traveling in Thailand, this is probably one of my darling of all Thailand hotels. There ’ randomness been nothing like, at the end of a long campaign north from Had Yai, arriving at the Dusit to be walked to my board by a charm and friendly staff person, then to have a long cool one on my balcony overlooking the magically illuminated pool. then it ’ s back to reality when I turn on CNN to catch up on the news of the day while I call Bangkok to check the e-mail. I never had the clock time to sample most of their facilities but I have many affectionate memories of the service and view .

Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

The best views of the Gulf and township are credibly from the high-rise Hilton Hua Hin Hotel built on the beach on Naresdamri Rd. Choose either the wide-eyed beach or the huge naiant pool to work on your tan. 33 Naresdamri Rd. Tel : ( 032 ) 512-888 .

Anantara Hotel

Pool of the Royal Garden Village
Set among 14 acres of landscape gardens the Anantara Hotel has 162 rooms and suites, each with a balcony overlooking either the gardens or the beach. In addition to other sports activities and its resort hotel, the Anantara nowadays offers sea kayak. Sea kayaking in the Gulf of Thailand can be ambitious and relaxing at the lapp time. 43/1 Petchkasem Beach Rd. Tel : ( 032 ) 520-250 .


Putahracsa Hua Hin allows guests to combine the charms of small township leisure together with a beach hideaway. Situated in the residential section of Hua Hin, Putahracsa is designed to feel like a beach residency. All rooms and villas reflect the owners ’ personal touch, incorporating Hua Hin ’ s custom and blending it with contemporary design. luxury rooms and individual villas. 22/65 Naeb Kaehat Rd .

Dune Hua Hin

A minor exclusive beach boutique hotel featuring five modern fashionable rooms with very personalize service. Dune enjoys a charm placement on the chief Hua Hin Beach within a very unretentive drive to the town center .
You will be indulged with privacy and tranquillity in the comfort of your fully equipped room, while a lovely beach is only a stones throw away. Suites, roof top fusion restaurant and pool. 5/5 Naeb Kaehat Rd .

Baan Talay Chine Boutique Resort

Reception at  Baan Talay Chine
The hotel is designed in a Thai style with uniquely laid out tropical gardens and fashionable individual pools. Yet besides decorated and furnished with antique chinese expressive style windows, doors and furniture. This creates a unique blend of oriental taste combined with modern practicality and function .
Boutique in every sense of the son, Baan Talay Chine Hotel and Resort comprises lone six individual suites and offers truly individualized service. The professional hotel staff are always ready to make your stay a relax and enjoyable one. 2/53-54 Naeb Kaehat Rd .
The owners don ’ thyroxine know this but and the Hua Hin Pages were conceived in this build many years before anyone ever thought to combine the words boutique and fall back. possibly one day they ’ ll have a suite ! Ah, the stories that could be told…

Hua Hin Grand Hotel & Plaza

This high-rise hotel on Petchkasem Rd has 168 rooms and suites. There are several restaurants in the hotel and plaza, including coffee shops, a Sukiyaki restaurant and an Essan restaurant. other facilities include fitness focus on, swimming pool, snooker club, beer garden, karaoke loiter, disco and conference rooms. There is besides a very democratic night market lone a short circuit walk away. 222/2 Phetkasem Rd. Tel : ( 032 ) 511-499 .

City Beach Resort

Exterior of City Beach Hotel, Hua Hin
not the newest hotel in town but very centrally located. Close to shop, the beach, public house, fast food outlets and respective night markets. A favorite for golfing groups as the oldest golf course in Thailand is only a five-minute walk away .
have staff and estimable value for money. pool with good afternoon nuance, restaurant, and estimable park if you ’ rhenium drive in Thailand .

Regent Cha Am Beach Resort/Holiday Inn

Regent Cha Am
Located about 20 km north of Hua Hin, the Regent Cha Am is a village in itself with over 650 rooms, suites and cottages. In addition to the low-rise hotel, there is besides a 3-story Mediterranean Style complex and the Regent Cottage accession offers thatched-roofed villas where one may enjoy a secret opinion of the beach. There is a denounce arcade, mini-golf, tennis courts, swim pools, fitness concentrate, putting green, beautiful gardens and sailing activities. There are respective restaurants serving french, italian, Thai, Chinese and sea foods. 849/21 regent Cha Am Beach. Tel : ( 032 ) 471-480 .

International Class Spas in Hua Hin and Cha Am

opening in 1995, Chiva-Som made Hua Hin lone the second finish in Thailand with luxury watering place facilities. Since that time, Chiva-Som has become world-renowned as a health and wellnes fall back and Thailand has become the second highest ranked watering place address of the global with Chiva-Som as the count one Health Resort in Asia .
In 1995, there were only a few facilities in Hua Hin with the name Resort. Soon, just about any hotel with both a garden and a pool became a resort. Nowadays, throw down a tatami mat, light some incense and you can put up a sign offer Aromatherapy Massage .
This is not to say that there are not many outstanding facilities in Hua Hin. While not even all the luxury resorts can offer the lapp standards as Chiva-Som, not all tear about $ 1,500 per person per night for their basic treatment package, or are able to offer the wide variety of health and discussion packages as does the chancellor watering place in Asia .
The Anantara Spa Hua Hin is another Hua Hin Spa that is systematically rated high by Condé Nast Traveller. Each of the Spa ’ s seven suites is set in its own personal garden court with dual outside ‘ rain ’ showers suspended in bronze cages modeled on traditional Thai artifacts .
From ancient Ayurvedic massage therapy and dosha-balancing color therapy steam baths to body butter skin nutrify and rehydrating facials that use ancient Thai herbal recipes, the menu at the celebrated Anantara Spa Hua Hin has the perfect rejuvenating ritual for every consistency – and soul .
Six Senses Hideaway is located in the placid sphere of Pranburi to the south of Hua Hin and provides calming views of the Gulf of Siam. It is set among 20-acres of landscaped lavish tropical gardens with lotus ponds. The multi-award gain Six Senses Earth Spa brings a raw prototype to holistic health in a natural eco-environment. The health spa is built wholly from a mix of clay-like mud .
Six Senses Hideaway
emphasis at the Earth Spa is very much on skin foods with many of the ingredients newly picked for merely delightful body-nourishing and feel-good therapies. Wellness action sessions such as yoga and meditation are offered and Private Spa Suites are an option with respective villas .
many couples come to spas in Hua Hin for especial Spas for Couples. In summation to the watering place above, The AKA Resort, west of town near the newfangled Black Mountain Golf Club, The Dhevan Dara Resort & Spa, on the slopes of Khao Hin Lek Fai, and the high get up Hilton Resort and Spa proper on the beach in central Hua Hin all over special packages for couples. The S’mor Spa Village in nearby Khao Takiap besides offers packages for couples .
Most Hua Hin resort hotel besides offer particular Thai Spa Cuisine which is low fat, humble salt and humble boodle. only the leanest meats are used and few oils. Most meals consist entirely of pisces, grains and pulses. The Chiva-Som even has its own constituent grow just north of Hua Hin providing the freshest ingredients and flavors .
massage is normally the most popular of techniques offered at resort hotel in Hua Hin and there are many types, the most popular of which is Thai massage. In addition to spas, Thai massage is available though out Hua Hin, even on the beach. Foot massage is besides popular among tourists and Thais alike and this is besides available at many places in Hua Hin .
regardless of the type of resort hotel treatment you desire, or the depth of your pocketbook, you ’ rhenium certain to be pampered, detox, and rejuvenated by the wide diverseness of resort hotel facilities in Hua Hin .

Tourist Class Hotels in Hua Hin, Thailand

  • Ban Boosarin. Air-con rooms, TV, telephone, fridge, balcony, hot water. 88 Poonsuk Rd. Tel: (032) 512-089.
  • Chanchai Resort. Air-con rooms, bungalows, camping, playground. 117/1-18 Petchkasem Rd. Tel (032) 511-461.
  • Fresh Inn Hotel. Air-con rooms, patio restaurant. Across from the Melia at 132 Naresdamri Rd. Tel (032) 511-389.
  • Hua Hin Sport Villa. Air-con rooms, club house, swimming pool, sauna, fitness center, snooker, mini-theater. 10.95 Petchkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 511-453.
  • Jed Pee Nong Hotel. Air-con rooms, swimming pool, seafood restaurant. 17 Damnoenkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 512-381.
  • Karoon Hut. Air-con and fan rooms, TV, seafood restaurant. 80 Naresdamri Rd. $15-24. Tel: (032) 530-242.
  • Pananchai Hotel. 33 Air-con rooms, hot showers, TV, VDO, restaurant in 6-story building. 71 Napkhehad Rd. $16-24. Tel: (032) 511-707.
  • Sand Inn. Air-con rooms, restaurant. 38-38/4 Poonsuk Rd. Tel: (032) 532-060.
  • Tananchai Hotel. Air-con rooms, TV, frig, restaurant. 11 Damrongrat Rd.
  • Sirin Hotel. Single and double rooms, TV, fridge, private balcony, restaurant. Damnoenkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 511-150.
  • Subhamitra Hotel. Fan and air-con rooms, swimming pool, beach front restaurant. 19 Amnuaysin Rd. Tel: (032) 511-208.

Guesthouses in Hua Hin, Thailand

  • Royal Beach Guest House. Just off the beach about 1 km from the center of town. Pool, bar and coffee shop. Air-con rooms, cable & video. Private baths. 113/12-13 Phetkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 532-210.
  • All Nations Guesthouse. Fan and air-con rooms, bar and restaurant. Computer games for the kids. Bar-B-Q dinners nightly and now an open-air lounge on the top of the building.10-10/1 Dechanuchit Rd. Tel: (032) 512-747.
  • Pattana Guesthouse. Thai-Dutch guesthouse about 2 minutes from the fishing pier. Outdoor restaurant opening mid-December. 13 Fan rooms. 52 Naretdamri Road. Rooms $5-7. Tel: (032) 513-393.
  • A & B Guesthouse. Air-con rooms, TV satellite, VDO, pool. 113/17-18 Petchkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 532-340.
  • Baan Somboon. 13/4 Soi Kasem Samphan, Damnoenkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 511-538.
  • Fu-Lay. Air-con rooms, hot water, TV, VDO. 110/1 Naresdamri Rd. Tel: (032) 513-670.
  • Leng Guesthouse. Air-con rooms, TV, fridge, swimming pool. 113/14 Petchkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 513-546.
  • Nilawan A. Guesthouse. Air-con rooms, restaurant, pool table, swimming pool. 113/18 Petchkasem Rd. Tel: (032) 512-751.
  • Mod Guesthouse. Fan and air-con rooms. 116 Naresdamri Rd. Tel: (032) 512-296.
  • Sirima Guesthouse. Air-con rooms. 33/3 Naresdamri Rd. Tel: (032) 511-060.

Near Khao Takiab

  • Anantasila Villa. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, TV, swimming pool, mini golf. Near Khao Takiab at 13/5 Huadon. Tel:(032) 536-364.
  • Takiab Beach Resort. Air-con rooms, swimming pool, conference hall. 33/5-6 Khao Takiab Rd. Tel (032) 512-639.
  • Hua Hin Bluewave. 37-38 Baan Hua Don. Tel: (032) 513-140.
  • Nern Chalet Hua Hin. Air-con rooms, private balcony, seafood restaurant. 144/7 Nong Kae-Takiab Rd. Tel: (032) 511-288.
  • Vegus Hotel. Air-con rooms, restaurant. 1/6 Takiab Rd. Tel: (032) 536-223.


  • Golden Pine Beach Resort & Spa. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, karaoke, conference room, pool, spa, pool, TV. Paknam Pran Beach (032) 632-401-9
  • Six Senses Hideaway. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, water sports, tennis courts, Kid’s club, conference room. 9 Paknam Pran Beach (032) 618-200
  • Pattawia Resort. Beach front, lo-rise hotel, restaurant, spa, cable TV, pool. 9/21 Moo 5, Paknam Pran Beach (032) 570-304-8
  • Purimuntra Resort. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, pool, Internet, spa. 97 Moo 4, Paknam Pran Beach (032) 630-550-3
  • Privacy Beach Resort. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, TV, Butler service, spa and health club, pool. 252 Moo 3, Sam Roi Yod Beach (032) 559-444
  • Dolphin Bay Resort. Beach front air-con room and bungalows, 2 pools, fitness room, massage, restaurants, cable TV. 227 Moo 4, Phu Noi Beach (032) 559-333
  • Anchana Resort. Beach front air-con rooms, restaurant, pool, spa, cable TV. 228 Moo 4, Phu Noi Beach (032) 559-366-7
  • Blue Beach Resort. Bungalows 50 meters from beach, air-con rooms, free sea kayaks, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, restaurant, campsite, Thai TV. Good folks. 185 Moo 5, Phu Noi Beach (032)-559-314

Amphawa, Samut Songkhram

Baan Amphawa

Baan Amphawa Resort and Spa

This recourse offers Thai style houses and villas in a epicurean garden dress. Each is fully equipped with satellite television receiver, Wi-Fi, etc. 4 Pool villas. Spa with 7 discussion rooms, fitness room, salon, meet rooms, International and Thai restaurant, and bar .
An amazing haunt for a quiet getaway from Bangkok or as a day trip from Hua Hin. Visit the nearby floating market, see the fire fly in the even and just relax .