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May 7, 2020 – With dtac callMe VDO, dtac is the first to launch a service that surprises callers with videos preferably a ringing tone. A wide stove of videos will be available for customers to choose from, ranging from chart-topping music television to fun content from local anesthetic creators. After a customer chooses a video, it then plays for callers to that customer ’ randomness count, rather of a ringing timbre. Debuting with dtac ’ south Nong Tua vitamin d character, the launching marks a raise in short-form video recording as a means of self-expression and communication. dtac customers able to subscribe from many devices from a wide stove of manufacturers. Lih Ren How, Chief Marketing Office at Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac, said, “ We ’ re in the age of abruptly video, as seen on Instagram stories and TikTok. It was high time ringing tones finally catch up with this global vogue and I ’ m delighted dtac is the first in Thailand to do this. furthermore, dtac callMe VDO comes at a time when calling one another is a critical way to stay connected to loves ones. We all need little things that can put a smile on our faces these days—which is what Nong Tua d is all about. ” To ensure customers have a wide range of capacity to choose from, dtac is developing its offer with both internal message product and content partners. From dtac comes the debut of the ‘ Nong Tua vitamin d ’ collection. Customers can register for this service by dialing * 369 * 0001 # and receive the Nong Tua five hundred television “ Love Love ” to begin using the service. It ’ second free through October 31, 2020.

dtac CallMe VDO is partnering with top message providers, such as น่าเบื่อ เพื่อนรัก ( This is Boring Day ), จ๊อด8ริ้วยูนิเวิร์ส ( Jod 8riew ), ฟอร์มหมาแก่ ( Form Dog Old ), Jaytherabbit, Shewsheep from Eat All Day Facebook foliate, Warner Music Thailand partnering with Wayfer Records and DUMB Recording, LOVEiS Entertainment, HolyFox, Solution One, Muzik Move Records, Me Records, Boxx Music, Nadao Music, SPICYDISC, iodine am, Jaymidi, ILLSLICK, What the Duck and BEC Tero Music and many more. “ It ’ south very important for dtac callMe VDO to reflect each customer ’ mho identity. We ’ re in an senesce of hyper personalization and that ’ s why we ’ re working with such a wide range of content creators. You can even assign different videos to unlike groups of callers, so your mother or your boss won ’ metric ton see the lapp video as your friends, ” said Mr. How.

The service comes at a time when calling and television calling are on the rise. In addition to the rise of short-form video on social media, television conferencing apps have seen triple- and double-digit growth this quarter. A benefit of dtac callMe VDO is that it is available for many devices from a wide stove of manufacturers and does not require callers to install an app.

Customers interest in dtac callMe VDO can presently dial * 369 * 0001 # and choose More from three videos, for barren, by simply dialing the pursuit numbers :

  • Dial *369*1001# for Nong Tua d Ched Ched
  • Dial *369*1002# for Nong Tua d Nguang Nguang
  • Dial *369*1003# for Nong Tua d Wing Wing

dtac callMe VDO information page hypertext transfer protocol : //callmevdo.dtac.co.th/intro/

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