Stay Connected in Thailand: SIM Card & Pocket Wi-Fi

Traveling with no internet connection is an absolute nightmare. Trust me, I ’ ve been there. Without a proper internet connection, you could actually miss out on some great things that a place has to offer. however, things are improving for tourists these days as more and more public Wi-Fi hotspots are sprouting hera and there. Nonetheless, public Wi-Fi international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine all that dependable. It ’ s either in truth slow from hundreds connected to it or password protected. What ’ s more, SIM cards and pocket Wi-Fi are deoxyadenosine monophosphate bum as they come nowadays with a sanely flying Internet connection. Thailand is no exception to this .

So, Do I Get a SIM Card or Pocket Wi-Fi?

well, now you have to decide which one to get. You have 2 choices, either a SIM card or pocket Wi-Fi. Let ’ s take a expression at the postpone below of their pros and cons and find out the most desirable option for you !

SIM Card Pocket Wi-Fi
Pros • Possible to Call/SMS/MMS
• No need to carry an extra device
• Unlimited data usage
• No need to swap your Sim card
• Up to 5 devices can be connected at once
Cons • Need to have an unlocked phone
• Need to set up new network settings
• Need to carry an extra device
• Need to charge the pocket Wi-Fi device at times

Buying either a SIM calling card or pocket Wi-Fi is actually quite straightforward. There are versatile ways to buy one but buying it on-line, in advance, is highly commend. first, they ’ rhenium cheaper to buy on-line. What ’ s more, you won ’ thyroxine have to worry about them going out-of-stock !

Do You Need a SIM Card?

Which SIM Card Should I Choose?

The big thing about SIM cards is credibly that you don ’ t need to carry an supernumerary device about. extra baggage during a tripper can truly be a annoyance. What ’ s more, unlike the pocket Wi-Fi in which you ’ re leap to a specific sphere, you can connect to the Internet with a SIM card where ever you are ! They are besides normally cheaper in price compared to other alternatives !

1) TrueMove H SIM Card

You can upload as many Instagram stories as you want now with the TrueMove H SIM Card, available on Trazy! This particular SIM circuit board is ideal for heavy internet users because it offers… Wait for it… a sock 30 GB of  4G data ! That ’ ll be more than enough to take care of all your internet needs during your travels in Thailand. That ’ s not all. You ’ ll besides have access to unlimited local calls which will decidedly make your travel much more hassle-free ! besides, with many people traveling to Thailand for month-long stays nowadays, looking to take a break from their feverish lifestyles, look no far as the 30-day TrueMove H SIM Card has you covered for long-run trips !

You really won’t be able to find a SIM card that offers better benefits than the TrueMove H SIM Card!

The 30-day TrueMove H SIM Card is available for purchase lone on Trazy and nowhere else!

So, bag yourself one of these 30-day SIM cards now if you’re planning to stay in Thailand for a while 🙂

Get Your 30-day TrueMove H SIM Card Available Exclusively on Trazy!

  • Recommended For: Heavy internet users / Need to make a lot of calls

2) DTAC SIM Card

If you ’ rhenium looking for a more balance out option, DTAC SIM Card is the one for you ! available for either 8 or 15 days, the DTAC SIM Card, though not angstrom a lot as 30 GB, is loaded with sufficient 4G data to last you throughout the period of your travels. What ’ s more, topped up with a basic credit of 20/100 bahts, you ’ ll be free to make calls or send SMS/MMS within that range. If you ’ re flying neat into Phuket, the DTAC SIM Card is highly recommended as it is available for pick-up at Phuket International Airport besides ! Get Your DTAC SIM Card Here!

  • Recommended For: Light/Moderate Internet users / Need to text & call

Comparison Chart

TrueMove H SIM Card DTAC SIM Card
Plan 8/15/30 Days 8 Days basic Credits : 20 bahts 15 Days basic Credits : 100 bahts
Data 30 GB 4.5 GB 6 GB
Call Time Unlimited 0.99 baht/min
SMS/MMS 2/3 bahts 3/5 bahts
Pick-up Location Suvarnabhumi Airport Don Muang International Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport Don Muang International Airport Phuket International Airport
Provider TrueMove H DTAC

>>Buy your TrueMove H SIM Card here!<< >>Buy your DTAC SIM Card here!<< *** Read more about getting a SIM Card in Thailand on our other web log !

What about a Pocket Wi-Fi?

The great thing about a pocket Wi-Fi is that it ’ sulfur very comfortable to use. It ’ second no unlike from the Wi-Fi that you use day by day, fair that it ’ sulfur portable ! besides, with a pocket Wi-Fi, you can connect to the Internet with other devices such as a laptop, other than your telephone which gives you a lot easier entree to the Internet ! Nonetheless, the sell sharpen of a pouch Wi-Fi is credibly the fact that it allows coincident connection of multiple devices, up to 5 devices to be precise, with access to inexhaustible data ! That ’ s why it ’ s a must-have detail for those traveling in groups as it is a much more cost-efficient choice. Get Your Pocket Wi-Fi for Thailand Here! * * * Read more about getting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Thailand on our other web log ! hope this brief guide to SIM cards and pocket Wi-Fi for Thailand was utilitarian 🙂 Get a SIM Card or Pocket Wi-Fi on-line immediately from Trazy and enjoy your hassle-free travels in Thailand ! identify more travel tips and fun activities for your trip to Thailand on, Asia’s #1 Travel Shop! [ Photo Credits ] Wi-Ho ! thailand 0 SHARES share Tweet

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