Another estimable food recommendation ? You know the drill. survive week, we came across this space called Dookki on sociable media, which is reasonably celebrated in Korea and decided to give it a try. curious about this celebrated korean rice patty release ? Jump into the foodventure train with us as we unveil their menu and monetary value charge, which includes our base opinions .

Little Intro of Dookki:

Before we begin, a fiddling brief presentation of Dookki, which literally means “ two meals ” in Korean. A sword grow and built in Korea, they have over 140 outlets across the globe. They ’ ve finally landed in Malaysia, with its beginning always store in IOI City Mall. so how and what does Dookki offer ? Simple, first meal is, indeed, tteokbokki ( korean rice cakes ). Offering six types of tteokbokki ( serious ? ! ) and seven types of sauces varying a different degree of spiciness, all vent flown from Korea. We ’ ve always thought there ’ second only one kind of korean rice cakes, but this station brought us to a whole newfangled level. p : Keep read to find out what ’ s the second meal.

A Mini Tour Inside Dookki:

Hold up, did we mention this is a tteokbokki snack bar ? Pay less than RM40 ( price list refer below ) for a 90-minute eat-all-you-can tteokbokki feast. If you think it ’ s entirely rice cakes, you ’ re incorrect. There ’ mho a counter of side ingredients where you could good grab a bowling ball and fill as many things as you want. It ’ s basically a hot pot but better. reminder : never ever thriftlessness food, you ’ ll be charged RM20 for unconsumed food .

The sauce counter, we couldn ’ t decide on which to go, so the reason staff customized them for us based on our desire level of spiciness .

We didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect this, but there ’ randomness besides a electrocute chicken zone ? ! not just fried wimp, but besides early savory fried good like fries, mandu ( fry korean dumplings ), kimari ( fried seaweed spring rolls ) and more ! We felt so korean in here, and given the price point, decidedly value for money .
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Taste Test:

We just can ’ thymine stop looking at our own pot of tteokbokki and be gallant of what we ’ ve built. The vibrant soup base delivered a punch of flavors, spicy-sweet with a trace of impressiveness from all the ingredients. The broth thickens overtime, which made it tied more enjoyable. Rice cakes on the other hired hand was in truth chewy and fun to savor with a crowd of friends. Noticed pisces cakes ? We added in to make it feel more of like an Oden experience .

We just love the inexhaustible refills of electrocute good, specially when paired with the tteokbokki soup. One can never go wrong with electrocute chicken, both flavors are nicely seasoned, one being original and another spicy-sweet. Fried with the perfective crunch while still retaining the succulence of the kernel, unlimited refills ? Beast mood on .

Moving on to the rest, kimari to us was unique. Glass attic wrapped in seafood, thinly battered and deep fried. The texture was identical matter to, damp on the at heart and crisp, faint on the outside. Those cunning orange balls were fried fresh potato balls, perfective for snacking, specially after the fry chicken and kimari, angelic and downy. Mandu, on the early hand was pretty decent and lackluster compared to the rest .

Reveal: The Second Meal

Remember we mentioned earlier Dookki means two meals in Korean ? While the first gear meal was tteokbookki, second base one had us best. After we were done with our tteokbokki pot, the waiter proceeded with the second meal. The effect aka leftover tteokbokki is then turned into our favorite korean food, kimchi fried rice right before our eyes !

merely imagine all the flavors that got absorbed into the electrocute rice, with added seaweed and cheese. Wouldn ’ thymine lie, we could visit Dookki again just for this “ second meal. ”

Verdict on Dookki KL:

You can tell how a lot we love this topographic point. Everything, from serve to food and even the know that we had was big. You get a distribute more than what you pay, entertainment, inexhaustible refills, commodity food and even a sense of control over here. Dookki ’ s better when you come in a bunch, so don ’ thymine forget to tag all your friends and have a banquet hera ! That ’ s all, buh bye !

Dookki Buffet Price:

Student- RM27.80 nett
Lunch- RM29.80 net
Adult- RM35.80 nett

* T & C apply *

Dookki KL

address : L1-12B, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Sepang, Malaysia
Operating Hour : 11:30 a.m.-10 post meridiem ( Daily )
More Info : hypertext transfer protocol : //
Tel : 03-8685 4439