That soft perfume aura of a person fills the mood and leaves everything around us much decent. many people think that aroma is restricted to areas of the body such as the neck, wrists and behind the ears, but a great home to apply the bouquet is besides the haircloth ! Did you know that ? ? A knickknack for anyone who already loves the aroma of Miss Dior and wants to keep the hair smelling all sidereal day is the Miss Dior Hair Mist. This hair aroma is rightfully acute. It maintains the novelty of the hair, and it is enriched with active agent ingredients. Its recipe literally wears the hair with a trail of sensuality .
The ingredients are fresh Bergamot, Egyptian jasmine, rose, indonesian patchouli, and white musk .

This aroma for the hair has an acute olfactory property that, besides promoting an incredible sense of freshness, besides has benefits of protective covering for the hair shafts. Miss Dior Hair Mist literally wears the hair finely but perceptibly, exuding the delicious aroma wherever you go.

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My Experience

At first, I was doubting, because I thought my hair would be dry, but it wasn ’ thymine ! !
The hair mist Miss Dior that was released around March 2015 has the lapp smell as the aroma and promises to create a “ protective layer ” against cigarette or food odors .
It is important to remember that not all perfumes are used in the hair’s-breadth. The common fragrances have in their formulas alcohol and other components that can dry out and attack the hair. Hair mists, perfumes are desirable for your hair. They don ’ thyroxine damage your strands and have active ingredients that moisturize, protect and soften. Its bouquet is durable, does not dry the threads, nor does it leave it buttery.

The aplomb thing about using a haircloth perfume is to be able to extend the duration of the bouquet since you are using several products with the lapp smell. therefore, the best is to combine it with soundbox odorize, to prevent the scent “ mix ” with different fragrances. If you prefer just a fragrant contact, soft for day to day, you can use the aroma alone on the hair’s-breadth, and still have their bearing noticed .

How To Apply?

It is dim-witted to apply. Just remember to apply it at a distance more or less than thirty centimeters. For those who will dash the hair, it is full to use after finishing all the work.

Did you like the idea of ​​perfuming the threads ? In addition to the Miss Dior Hair Mist, other celebrated perfumes besides have special versions to be used in the hair. One of them is the J ’ adore Hair Mist .
I love to use hair mist, and I want to try other fragrances excessively .
Have you tried some good hair perfume ? Tell me in the comments .