Detox Tea: Lose Weight And Detoxify The Body – With Tea? | Dennispoint Campground MD

Lose weight by drinking tea. It sounds almost too good to be true, and it has started a real trend. But what are detox teas? What do they actually do and what side effects can occur? We have summarized the things you should know.

What are detox teas for?

Basically, detox teas have a reputation for detoxifying and draining the body on the one hand, and aiding weight loss on the other. The deciding factor here is that the teas should stimulate metabolism. Therefore, manufacturers use different herbal mixtures as a base. These often contain mate, green tea, lemongrass, ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, goji berries, and nettle. The latter, in fact, supports the body’s natural organs of elimination with dandelion and mint and is one of the best-known draining teas. In combination, they help to some extent in natural detoxification. Consequently, you can also use these herbs if you make detox tea yourself. For example, you can use it as part of a complete detox program. If you prefer a tea without herbs, we recommend our cardamom honey tea.

Lose weight with detox tea, is it possible?

Perhaps you have ever asked yourself this: can you really lose weight with a detox tea? Apparently detox teas speed up metabolism and help with weight loss at the same time. However, these effects of detox tea have not yet been proven. Plus: Without a balanced diet, a detox tea cure will not lead to lasting weight loss. Although visually it may seem so due to the laxative effect of some strains. However, this is only because the body loses fluid and therefore the stomach shrinks a bit. Detox teas with a particularly intestinal stimulating effect often contain the senna plant. This brings with it ingredients that have a laxative effect as they irritate the intestines. Anyone who drinks detox teas containing senna in excess can even damage organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart, intestines, and muscles. Therefore, it is best not to drink these detox teas for more than two weeks. Basically, always base your daily intake on the manufacturer’s information on the package. You can also read here how you can detoxify your body through fasting.

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