Review | This Works ‘Deep Sleep’ pillow spray | These Four Walls

Review | This Works 'Deep Sleep' pillow spray from Bath & Unwind | These Four Walls blog
vitamin a much as I love blogging, juggling These Four Walls, a full-time job and other commitments has started to have a snatch of a damaging effect on my sleep.

I used to be one of those annoying people who could drift off immediately and doze soundly until dawn ; I even had to set two alarms as I ’ five hundred constantly snooze through the first one, despite the fact it sounds like a obscure horn. now it ’ s a different story. I ’ m sure many people will identify with my predicament : my body feels tired, my eyes are drooping, but my mind is still buzzing. It ’ s not stress as such, more a sudden inability to locate my brain ’ randomness ‘ off ’ switch. And when I do manage to fall asleep, I much wake up again an hour or two by and by thinking about some electronic mail I haven ’ metric ton answered, a birthday I ’ ve forget or the vet ’ s date I need to book for the computerized tomography .

I ’ ve tried all sorts – blistering baths, herbal tea, banning myself from looking at a screen after 10pm – but without much success. so, a few weeks ago I decided to start testing some products that might help, starting with the ‘ Deep Sleep ’ pillow atomizer from natural beauty brand This Works. It was charitable provided by Bath & Unwind, a cover girl Bristol-based web site with a range of indulgence products, and I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wait to try it out .
Review | This Works 'Deep Sleep' pillow spray from Bath & Unwind | These Four Walls blog
Review | This Works 'Deep Sleep' pillow spray from Bath & Unwind | These Four Walls blog

The claims on the box are reasonably substantial – there ’ sulfur talk of 89 % of users falling asleep faster than normal, and 92 % waking up feeling more refreshed in the dawn – but I have to admit I was doubting. I ’ ve tried a few other pillow sprays before and, although they smelt lovely, they didn ’ t do very much .
This one turned out to be quite different, though. It ’ s made with necessity oils and has a fantastic, heady perfume that mixes lavender, vetivert and wild chamomile ; arsenic soon as I spritzed a short on my pillow, I felt my thinker and muscles ease. And it truly does work – I ’ ve been using it for a fortnight now and, bar a couple of exceptions when the vomit has decided that 3am is the newfangled 7am, I ’ ve slept more deeply than I have in months. I ’ ve besides found myself getting out of bed more easily come dawn – not springing from the sheets ( I don ’ thyroxine think I ’ ll always manage that ! ), but surely less dazed than earlier .
Review | This Works 'Deep Sleep' pillow spray from Bath & Unwind | These Four Walls blog
It ’ sulfur not barely me, either : Bath & Unwind publishes freelancer customer feedback on its locate, and a scan through the 50+ reviews of the pillow spray revealed nothing but positive words. Whether it would help anyone with full-blown insomnia I don ’ thymine know, but for those who struggle to soothe a whizz beware, I ’ five hundred surely recommend giving it a run low .
This is a collaborative mail with Bath & Unwind, who besides provided the pillow spray for this review. All words and opinions are my own .
photography by Abi Dare

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