Day 19 | Hiking into Hot Springs, NC | Appalachian Trail 2021 | General contents related to hot springs north carolina most complete

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Hiking into Hot Springs, NC

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I hiked from the Roaring Fork Shelter in Hot Springs, NC. I stayed at the Appalachian Trail-er and dined at the Smokey Mountain Diner. March 13 Mile 257 – 274.6 Total 17.6 miles Subscribe so you don’t miss my future trail vlogs! Become a member of the channel to see additional videos every month – Follow me on Instagram for daily updates! @nahamsha.hiker MY 2021 IN GEAR LIST – MY SHOP – Subscribe to my channel! Contact –

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Day 19 | Hiking into Hot Springs, NC | Appalachian Trail 2021

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Day 19 | Hiking into Hot Springs, NC | Appalachian Trail 2021.

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37 thoughts on “Day 19 | Hiking into Hot Springs, NC | Appalachian Trail 2021 | General contents related to hot springs north carolina most complete”

  1. Look out for Hiker & Wanted Snake Brian Laundrie ($30000 reward announced for info leading to arrest). Previously lived on the AT for months.

  2. My 3 year old was watching with me this morning and he suddenly said, "Can we go hiking with her?!'' You're inspiring even the littlest of hikers! We love your content and I'm super excited to continue watching

  3. Slow night tonight at work. Was able to view your first 19 days. I love these vlogs.

  4. Just starting watching you again after last years bust. So excited to catch up! You are the only person I know who eats jalapeños on your pizza. Lol

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  6. Well deserved pizza 🍕
    You make me laugh 😂
    “ I did my 17 miles today”
    Are you watching other hikes??

  7. Congrats on waking up to 54 F. 👍. Any warmth must be welcome. 😊. The fog really is cool to see. I'm sure it is magical to walk through.

  8. Enjoying your adventure, thank you for sharing where you stayed in Hot Springs. I have seen it, but never have stayed there. I may look into it when I do a section hike there again. It wasn't there in 2010 when I did my thru hike. Hike on Trail sister.

  9. Nice vid. I’m doing New Found Gap to Hot Springs in May. Seeing parts of the trail is always helpful and the info about Hot Springs was timely.

  10. Nice to not start off frozen. I will be welcoming cool starts, since I won't hit Springer until May. I will be dealing with heat, bugs, very active bears, and a snake or two for sure.
    If you think of your thruhike as a series of section hikes, you won't find it so daunting (or, so I've been told, since I am a section hiker 😊).
    Nice pizza! 👍

  11. I think we should all sponsor you as u walk the AT. And I start a gofund me for whatever charity u choose !!!!! If I ever do it in in!!!!

  12. Unbelievable how many miles you do every day — what an athlete — fueled by diet Coke & smashed donuts!

  13. Back to where you left last year. Excited to start new territory!! You sure make 17 miles easy! Enjoy your stay in Hot Springs!!💚🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Sooo exciting for trails you are not familiar with! Sooo exciting! Keep up the positive got this..from one "survivor" to got this

  15. Just caught up on your videos you have covered some serous ground! better slow down or you be home before ice out! Lol!

  16. I have really been loving watching your videos! I am a section hiker who will be going from Pearisburg to the Shennies in June. You will probably be well past me by then! I did some artwork on the door at Angels Rest in Pearisburg. So, I’ve left my mark. That smile is amazing! You’re having so much fun! I miss the trail so much in the remaining 11 months of the year! Happy hiking!


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