In this post, we do a CZ 75 Compact Review .
You ’ re likely companion with the CZ 75 pistol. The CZ 75 is the second most copy pistol in the global. It follows the 1911, which is the most replicate pistol in the populace .
The CZ 75 was designed in the ’ 70s and Czechoslovakia by the caller CZ. CZ is known for making quality firearms .
The CZ 75, it ’ randomness credibly its most long-familiar design.

During that time period, the Czech Republic was under soviet dominance .
CZ 75c Left side
Despite that, the Czechs had a small more leeway in their firearms design than most of the other countries .
So they didn ’ thymine go with the standard Makarov pistols but alternatively decided to design their own firearms .
The CZ 75 is most omnipresent for its use with Spetsnaz commando. The CZ 75 Compact is just a inadequate and slightly smaller barrier than the CZ 75 .

Role-based off size

CZ 75 Compact would probably be considered for many, for a image miniature or home defense firearm .
The downside of the CZ 75 for a home refutation firearm is it does not have a fall rail. So it is not a artillery you can easily mount a lighter to. It can besides work well for concealed carry .
The handle size and overall size of the firearm is like to a Glock 19 .
One thing you might want to consider before deciding to carry this accelerator is it does weigh a draw more than like size guns .
This slant is an advantage when shoot, but it ’ s an indefinite disadvantage when carrying it .


The CZ 75 Compact has a 15 round magazine, and will besides hold some CZ 75 14-round magazines .
If you want the cartridge holder to fit perfectly bang with the fascinate, it ’ ll only hold 14 rounds. The most park CZ magazines have a floor plate that sticks out around an one-eighth of an inch .
This firearm will take any CZ 75 series mags .
You can well shoot 16, 17, 19 polish, and even the 20 attack plus CZ 75 magazines .

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CZ 75c Magwell
The magwell on the CZ 75 compact has no bevel to speak of any .
thus when you ’ rhenium reloading it, you have to get that reload perfect every time. If you don ’ thyroxine get it perfect, there ’ s no bevel to help you save a bungled recharge .


CZ 75c Grip 2
The ergonomics and the CZ 75c are credibly its most long-familiar impute .
This gunman is just incredibly comfortable to hold in the hand .
Their ergonomics are slightly based on the Browning Hi-Power, but in my impression, they ’ re slenderly improved over that artillery .
I say that as a massive Browning HI-Power sports fan .
You have obliterable grapple panels on the CZ 75c. So you can adjust the size or circumference of the fascinate, by going with dilutant or slurred grips .

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There are besides a large variety of aftermarket grips that you can vary the aggression on .
Most of these grips are made out of G-10 and you can get them with light or heavy aggressiveness. The side grips that semen on the CZ 75c are arduous credit card that has checkering on them .
They honestly work well enough and they ’ ra not slick .
They feel a fiddling bite slick on a far as the micro-texture. From the macro and overall point of view, they ’ re equitable aggressive enough to give you a good bobby pin on the gun .
CZ 75c Front Strap
The movement strap and backstrap on the firearm, do not have any check or texturing any .
They ’ re completely satiny, but the grips do a good adequate job of keeping the guns distillery in your hand. And the eat up on the frame of the firearm is besides slightly aggressive, like a very, actually like emery paper .
Something probably north of 2000 backbone .
But it ’ south aggressive enough that you don ’ t have to worry about the gunman going anywhere. I in truth like the texturing on the frame of this firearm .
CZ 75c Backstrap


CZ 75c Tang
There is a nice beavertail in the back of the CZ 75 bobby pin that truly molds well into the guy. Despite this artillery being a double-stack firearm, it feels like it ’ randomness much thinner than it in truth is .
I think CZ did an excellent job designing a grease-gun that will work well for both small and large-handed shooters .


CZ 75c Sight Picture
The factory sights on the CZ 75 are nothing special. It looks like the sights have not been updated since this gun was designed in the 1970s .
It ’ south just a basic three-dot sight that has a small rear notch and a very belittled front .
These sights aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate great by modern standards, but they are available. I find they have adequate accuracy when barely shoot and playing round at the range .
If I were to carry this artillery for concealed carry or use it for serious defensive use, then I would decidedly want to upgrade the sights .
CZ 75c Rear Sight Side


now a large downside of the CZ 75 series is that there aren ’ t a lot of aftermarket sight options. You can get aftermarket sights from the CZ Custom Shop or Dawson Precision .
But those are truly your only options on this grease-gun. There are more CZ view options for guns like the CZ P-10C and P-07, which are more modern .

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Dawson Precision does have enough sight options that will probably keep most people happy .
If you want character optics, blacked-out target sights, or night sights then they have you covered .
But if you want something like Trijicon HDs or AmeriGlo Glock sights that have that very bright orange or scandalmongering front while however having night batch capability, then the CZ 75, probably international relations and security network ’ thyroxine going to be the gun for you .

Red dot options

Mounting a bolshevik scatter to the CZ 75 Compact is not going to be easy, and the argue for this is the slide is highly thin .
That means to mount most bolshevik dots, you ’ re going to have to mill a custom arranger plate that will extend the width of the mounting surface on the gun .
nowadays, new red dots, like the brand new Trijicon RMRcc and the HOLOSUN 507K series are much sparse and can credibly be directly mounted to this firearm .
There are shops such as Cajun Gun Works, CZ Custom Shop, and Primary Machine that will mount loss dots to this pistol. And I forgot to mention Fire For Effect LLC. metric ton
hey ’ ll besides do a great job mount, a crimson acid to your CZ 75 Compact .



CZ 75c Safety off
The CZ 75 Compact has a thumb safety on it .
The beat safety is not on the left-handed english of the accelerator so a dextrorotary taw can activate it and deactivate it using their chief hand hitchhike .
The safety itself is well-positioned like to a 1911 vogue guard and it ’ randomness slowly and positive to manipulate. You don ’ triiodothyronine feel like the condom is going to unwittingly be pushed off, but at the same meter, it ’ s not hard to press it up or down at all .
CZ 75c Safety Engaged
When you ’ re shooting the gun, you can easily place your thumb on top of that safety and you use it to apply some down pressure on the firearm .
You can run this grease-gun in two unlike configurations, american samoa far as conditions when carrying. You can run this gunman cocked and locked with the hammer back and the base hit engaged, or you can manually decock the hammer and let it ride at half-cock with the guard off .
The safety will not go on when the artillery is on half-cock .

Mag release

CZ 75c Magazine Release
The magazine release on the CZ 75 Compact is not on the left side of the firearm so a right-handed gunman can depress it with his firing hand hitchhike .
I have to break my handle to drop the magazine on the CZ 75 Compact using the standard grips. If I had thinner grips, I could credibly drop the magazine without breaking my grip .
I have medium to boastfully size hands, so most people will likely have to break the handle to drop the cartridge holder on this firearm .

CZ 75 Compact Slide stop Review

The slide intercept on the CZ 75 Compact besides functions as a put-down pin .
The slide stop sits a fiddling far forward for most people to reach with their hitchhike, myself included. And the safety besides slenderly blocks it a well .
so for most people, you ’ re entirely going to be able to access the slither stop using their left support ovolo.

CZ 75c Slide Stop Rear
many call this the Vickers method acting of reloading and I find it works absolutely well for this gun .
That method acting was developed around the 1911 and considering this gun is an older firearm design itself. It seems more allow to use a slightly older proficiency when manipulating this firearm .

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Overall Ergonomics

overall, the ergonomics on the CZ 75 are excellent. The grapple feels fantastic in the hand .
You have adjustments with the replaceable grips and there ’ s in truth no downside on this gun when it comes to the inning .
The biggest knocks on this artillery are the slide .
CZ 75c with Magazine
The skid on the CZ 75 series is very constrict and that minute chute makes it hard to manipulate the firearm. The slide is not lone narrow, but it ’ s besides very short .
many will say the inadequate is ascribable to the broken hold bloc on the CZ 75 series, when in fact that is an incorrect assumption. The give birth axis on the CZ 75 series international relations and security network ’ t super high, but it is not low either .
The bore axis is measured from the clear of the vane of your handwriting to the center of the have a bun in the oven, and on the CZ 75, the center of the control panel actually sits fairly senior high school on the accelerator, much higher than say a gunman like a Glock 19 .
What the CZ 75 is singular in that it uses inner frame rails to hold the slide in place .
These inning rails mean that the slide doesn ’ triiodothyronine have ampere much exposed area on the outside of the gunman, therefore it ’ second hard to manipulate. This is my biggest complaint of the CZ 75 series .

CZ 75 Compact Trigger Review

CZ 75c Trigger DA
The gun trigger on the CZ 75 serial is actually a in truth excellent gun trigger .
We ’ ll melt it through as if you ’ ra using it in the bivalent action, single carry through method acting as that will cover both the double-action and single-action gun trigger .
From the double-action with the trip partially cocked, you ’ re going to feel slight take-up .
then once that take-up you ’ re going to feel a very fluent but intemperate, double-action trip perpetrate that is barely very reproducible until the gun trigger breaks .
CZ 75c Trigger SA
now from the reset, you ’ re going to feel a very positive click and a slender bounce outbound motion as the firearm resets .
From there, you ’ re going to have some slop in the trigger that will go back slenderly until you hit a wall. And from there, you ’ ll have a roll break that is a little sting longer on the CZ 75 .
You can feel a little bite of crawl in that rolling break .
So the single-action trigger on the CZ 75 Compact international relations and security network ’ thyroxine excellent, but it ’ randomness hush a estimable trip. There are lots of aftermarket manufacturers that can fix it for you .

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The aftermarket for the CZ 75 Compact is going to be by and large focused on gun trigger parts and the grips .
You ’ re not going to find many sight options as we covered earlier and there are sufficient trip options. CZ Custom Shop, Cajun Gun Works, and a couple of other companies all offer trigger enhancement parts for the CZ 75 series .
Lok Grips makes a lot of grips for the CZ 75 Compact, adenine well as a couple of other G-10 grapple manufacturers and enough of wood and carbon fiber, et cetera, options on the market .

Maintenance CZ 75 Compact Review

CZ 75c Fieldstrip
The CZ 75 Compact put-down is a little bit old school and not completely to my like .
It ’ s a short snatch harder to take this accelerator apart than say something like a Glock or a SIG P320 but it ’ mho still a relatively bare accelerator to take apart .
You ’ ll want to remove the cartridge holder from the firearm, pull the chute back to ensure that the gun is unloaded .
once you ’ re certain that the artillery is unloaded, you ’ ll attend at the rear left english of the firearm and you ’ ll poster there ’ s a little index crisscross on the conclusion of the swoop .
That index bell ringer, when you pull it back, we ’ ll match it to an index crisscross on the end of the ensnare .

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once those two are in concert, you can then push your takedown pin out from the right side of the artillery. It will help to have a pin or a punch to do that .
once that takedown fall is out, you can slide your slide forward and then take out your backfire form forum and your barrel, clean and lubricate your firearm, and then reassemble .
It ’ randomness not a easy as a Glock to if that ’ s what you ’ re looking for you ’ ll want to dock points in the CZ 75 Compact Review .


The specification on the CZ 75 Compact are going to come down to impression .
In my public opinion, the measurement from the bottom of the frame to the top of the slide is besides modest at the movement of the firearm to make this a sincerely elegant-looking gun .
There are decidedly some features on it, such as the all-around human body on the bobby pin that begins to make the firearm spirit elegant, but the nose of the gun barely looks actually modest and disproportionate .
If it weren ’ triiodothyronine for that, I ’ vitamin d say this is an awesome-looking firearm, but I ’ megabyte going to have to dock it some points for that .
CZ 75c Right Front

CZ 75 Compact Review Shooting

Shooting the CZ 75 Compact is where you in truth realize how amazing this gun actually is .
The heavier weight unit truly comes into its own, and the short-change slide besides plays a large character. Right off the bat, I ’ ll say that I ’ ve handled this gun to multiple people at the range, and they ’ ve gone out and ordered one the future sidereal day after shooting it .
The light slide cycles fairly cursorily, and it doesn ’ t move a fortune right to left, so the artillery merely traps very good .
In fact, I don ’ t think I ’ ve ever shot a accelerator that fair shoots as quickly and accurately as this firearm. The double-action gun trigger is very polish, and even though it ’ sulfur intemperate, it ’ mho identical slowly to use. And the single-action trip international relations and security network ’ t bad at all either .
The ergonomics are equitable excellent and this accelerator is highly soft shoot .
It feels more like you ’ re shooting a twenty-two than a 9mm. If it weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for its burden, I would have a hard time not making this firearm my concealed carry firearm .
It just shoots therefore well .
The entirely reason I don ’ metric ton carry it is the slant. I have to say, if I was to have this gunman milled for a HOLOSON 507K, or an RMRcc, then the CZ 75 Compact might become one of my favored guns to shoot, period .

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And I have a decent-sized collection .
The CZ 75 is one of those standout firearms that unfortunately due to the times, don ’ t make sense for a draw of people for conceal carry considering the burden, but it merely shoots amazing .
If you ’ rhenium looking for a gun that is playfulness to take to the range and won ’ thymine blow the savings bank, then you ’ re going to be distressed to find a better grease-gun than the CZ 75 Compact .
I hope you ’ ve enjoyed our CZ 75 Compact Review. Let us know what you think about the CZ 75c below .

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