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How to properly chop chives

Cut scallions into small rings for salads, a savory dressing, or sautéed vegetables.

  1. Before you start chopping, you need to remove the outer leaves of the spring onion. These are usually a bit drier and don’t taste as good anymore. To do this, cut the leaf lengthwise, and then tear it off the plant.
  2. Even at the top end, the leaves are sometimes a bit wilted. Cut the already dry and brown leaves.
  3. Now wash the chives under cold running water and remove any dirt and grit. Dirt is found mainly in the lower tubers. Then shake the onions to dry them.
  4. Now it’s time to chop the spring onions. It is best to use a sharp kitchen knife for this.
  5. If you want skinny sticks instead of rings, cut the whole spring onion in half, then cut to desired length and width.

Tips for cooking with chives

Chives are a popular vegetable. It enhances the flavor of many dishes. There are a few tricks so you can savor the particularly crispy onion.

  • When buying, make sure the chives are very green and of a certain firmness. If it’s already in the crisper, you’d better leave it alone. Vegetables that no longer have flavor are good.
  • Blend the onion in the pan or saucepan, being careful not to expose the onion to the heat for too long. This could cause it to lose its fresh scent.
  • To preserve spring onions longer, you can wrap the onions in a damp cloth and store them in the fridge.
  • You can also store the chives in the freezer to add to a salad later. Clean and chop the onion beforehand, then place the onion pieces in a freezer box.

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