Cuisine De Garden is a celebrated restaurant in Chiang Mai and they have since brought their nature Inspired Cuisine over to Bangkok. In 2019, they received a plate from Michelin Guide !
Staying true to their theme of “ Nature Inspired ”, you get to experience nature even in the department of the interior of their nicely decorated restaurant located at Ekkamai Soi 2. Despite being near the busy Sukhumvit, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel the induce of Bangkok in their restaurant .

Chef Leelawat Mankongtiphan ( Nan ) uses french cooking techniques to combine with Thai wisdom and adds a dash of modern gastronomy to create his own signature. The food from Cusine De Garden sourced from choice ingredients from the Royal Project farms .
We tried the 10 Course Tasting Menu at 1950 baht/person. Follow us as we bring you on a journey of Nature Inspired Cuisine .
Of course, for wine lovers, you can go for the wine pairing with an addition of 1300 baht .
Fallen Leaf – House Made Brioche with Porcini Cream Cheese .
#1 – Rice Field – Beef Tartare with Riceberry Crumble & Local Vegetables with Grilled Snakehead Fish with Tamarind Sauce & Tamarind Leaf
#2 – Koi Pond – Kombu Cured Prawn with Chive Pesto & Pickled Red Long Bean. The prawns were from Surat Thani and this was easily the star of the meal !
#3 – Campfire – Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Dried Mountain Kale, Fermented Gooseberry .

#4 – Highland Caviar – Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallop with Finger Lime, Ikura & Miso Lemon Sabayon. Another star of the meal with the bracing Hokkaido Scallop !
#5 – Crabpuccino – Smoked Corn Chowder with Blue Swimmer Crab & Smoked Corn Wafer. Comforting corn soup with wafers for that extra crunch !
#6 – Nest – Pulled Chicken with Onsen Egg, Crispy Rice Vermicelli & Truffle Sense. This is Cuisine De Garden ’ south signature token and as you have seen with many of their items, some involve you to do something such as this, cracking the onsen egg open and pouring onto your plate .
#7 – Garden – Pan Seared Smoked Halibut with Burnt Eggplant & Local Vegetables or
Charcoal Grilled Iwate Beef with Burnt Eggplant & Local Vegetables. We personally prefer the Halibut to the gripe .
#8 – Farm – Goat Milk Panna Cotta with Macadamia Nut & Honey. We initially wondered if there will be any firm “ capricorn smack ” to this smasher but thankfully there wasn ’ thymine any and the overall flavours and textures worked well for this cup of tea .
#9 – Cactus – Canele with Pandan Powder & Creme Anglaise. Delicious canele and coated with pandan powderize. Brilliant.

#10 – Stone – House Made Chocolate with Seasonal Fruit Filled. Can you find the stone ?
overall, we felt that the food and price point makes a very good entry to fine din in the ultra-competitive Bangkok fine-dining scene. If you haven ’ t tried fine dine and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sympathize why the premium price for ticket din, Cuisine De Garden is a adept place for you to start with because for the price of 1950++ THB, you get truly commodity ingredients and flavours .