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My Skin Feels Soft, Silky, Hydrated, Refreshed, & Healthy!!!

I absolutely LOVE this intersection ! ! ! I have been using Clinique beauty and skin care products for over fifteen years ! ! ! I was a regular user of their Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator merchandise until I heard about their exciting latest development of their Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator ! ! I thought I was impressed at 72 hours, but this new product, not only stays on and works longer – which do n’t get me wrong, is a huge win, but it besides feels softer and lighter on my skin – decidedly the add extra unavowed ingredient – aloe vera ! ! I love how aristocratic this moisturizer feels going on. It is extremely soft, light, and airy ! ! My skin still feels breathable after applying, not heavy and weighted down like some other sword moisturizers have made me feel in the past. Most importantly, this moisturizer is arrant, clean, and genuine – NOT full of coarse chemicals ! ! This is HIGE for me ! ! ! I am presently going through aggressive acne treatments, including a vitamin a1 rx, ( under a dermatologist ‘s caution, of course ! ! ) and it is highly intemperate to find a moisturizer that is in truth assuasive and allow for my newly sensitive clamber as anything with perfume or filthy chemicals causes my face to immediately start bite, turn red, and flush peel off ! ! thankfully, Clinique ‘s Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator came to the rescue ! ! ! This product has sincerely helped in my skin care recovery travel and will continue to be my daily go-to merchandise ! ! ! It has made my clamber soft, drum sander, and healthier ! ! I feel freshen and rejuvenated after applying a thin layer – as a little goes a long means. many days ( particularly with the pandemic ) I feel confident adequate to fair wear this moisturizer out of the house ( sans makeup ). My hide looks silky, hydrated, and refreshed ! ! I ‘ve already had a few friends mention that my I look more relax, like I merely got back from vacation lol ! ! so, it decidedly seems this intersection is not lone working for me, but it feels thoroughly, and it looks dear on me ! ! ! I would absolutely recommend this fantastic merchandise, Clinique ‘s Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator to anyone interested in a long persistent, lightweight, bedewed, gel moisturizer that is entire of hydration, safe for sensitive skin, suitable for all clamber types, and does NOT contain perfume, aroma, parabens, or phthalates ! !

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Good for combo or oily skin

In my opinion, this merchandise would be amazing for people with combination or greasy skin types due to the gel cream texture. It glided smoothly over the clamber and gave a nice light level of hydration without breaking out my bark. Compared to other products I have tried, I feel that this is reasonably of a “ basic ” moisturizer that helps to add a level of hydration rear to the hide and has some decent aloe bio-ferment and hyaluronic acid. however, on my exsiccate and dry bark character – this product did not make the baseball swing. I used it at night and it added a decent hydration and sealed in my skin care layer underneath, but it was not as hydrating enough as I would have liked. In the dawn, my skin has absorbed all of the merchandise and felt dry. I would recommend this merchandise alone for those with combination and greasy skin type, and for a younger audience. personally for me, I would not purchase this product as it is not what I am looking for in a rule. I feel it is not rich people and cream adequate for my skin.

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My All Time Favorite Skincare Product!!

5 Cassie171 from Bluffton, SC I am a adolescent that deals with moderate to dry facial skin, and when one tell you this product makes my confront superintendent soft and smooth ; iodine mean it ! This product besides helps with my few outbreaks. I use it after iodine wash my face once in the morning and once at night. THE BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCT ! !

Phenomenal Lightweight Moisturizer

5 Ashley from TN I ‘ve been using this merchandise for a few weeks and it is so humidify and idle. It ‘s not greasy at all. I use it at night, and use a sunscreen moisturizer in the morning .

My Favorite Lightweight moisturizer

5 Rina from AZ As the claim says, this is my favorite whippersnapper moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin well and is precisely the perfective allude of moisturizer. however, if you have in truth dry skin and/or eczema like me you will need another product for dry spots or for when your skin is more dry in general. however this moisturizer is great for a base layer or everyday use particularly in the summer !

I will definitely but this product again

5 nancy from Scottsdale, AZ I love this product. It moisturizes beautifully

Great feeling

5 b from Mx My skin feels and looks great

Do NOT buy this garbage

1 patty from Iowa This is a garbage moisturizer. It is silicone that sits on your expression that provides zero moisture. I very thought since it had so many good reviews that it would be amazing but it is the worst matter I ‘ve ever put on my face. My face felt dry after application and my constitution creased therefore bad. I normally use Youth To The People Adaptogen moisturizer and it leaves my front feeling then moisturized and bedewed. I was out of my normal moisturizer and while waiting for my next cargo I decided to get a minor jar of this. Worst mistake always and I wish I could get my money back. I will always stick with Youth To The People products because they actually bring and do n’t rely on advertise campaigns to sell products. Stay away from this product at all costs .

Not for Dry Patches

2 MariG1991 from Arkansas This intersection is for normal & or buttery skin only, if you have any dry bizarre patches this will cause annoyance. I used this for about a workweek and started noticing that my grimace was a little antsy and seeing that the dry patches on my buttock where becoming dry and my normal skin care everyday products like the BHA that I ‘ve used for years was burning my hide and induce red patches I knew something was off. I immediately washed it off and put on my beloved Great Barrier Relief Serum from KraveBeauty and this helped enormously. I will besides add that I do have more greasy bark and this year my clamber is drying out more than usual around the boldness and it could be due to winter and me hitting my 30s this year ( fun ) lol .


1 roentgen from Texas I do not recommend this. I started using it around 2/17/22 and 5 days belated my hide has a major reaction. Looks like a hundred under the skin red & whiten bumps. by and large around mouth & yack. Some on cheeks and eyes. I believe contagion. I am not acne prone. I besides do not normally react or struggle with acne or blemishes .

This has become a staple in my skin routine.

5 KTS from Aurora, CO I use this as my beginning humidify footfall morning & night. Light weight with great hydration .

Love it

5 Dannie from Ohio After trying other boldness moisturizer I keep coming back. It works great !

Clinique moisture surge

5 Dee from Manahawkin, NJ Was recommended by a ally and I love it

Best product icevfound!

5 Lynn14 from Greene ME Advice aged I ‘ve tried thus many bark wish regimens but never stuck with one. Most were so oily they made me break out after repeated habit. I got moisture surge as a sample distribution and fell in love with it. With no petroleum it feels refreshing and light on your peel. And my hide looks fantastic. People have actually commented on it. And I ‘ve used this product every dawn and night for months now. ! I sincerely recommend this product !

Okay so far

3 brit from Maryland I ‘ve been using this for 2 days and I noticed it leaves a morsel of a remainder on my peel. Kind of gluey and the remainder balls up when I rub my confront. I actually want to keep using it for longer, just to see if anything changes. Their Dramatically Different lotion has worked well for me. even under makeup .

Love it!

5 Pamtheshopper from Fairborn This skim goes on smoothly and absorb into my skin. Best of all, I ‘m not allergic to it like many other brands .


5 A W from Illinois I love love love this product. in the first place I was looking for a moisturizer that was not expensive but an employee convinced me to try this and I was hesitant because of the price. Overall it lasts forever so monetary value in the farseeing run is no real issue and it leaves such a nice, lightweight and not greasy Finish on the bark that lasts all day ! I will keep repurchasing this forever .

Best moisturizer for dry combination!

5 Liz from Texas A short goes a long means ! so do n’t put besides much on your face if you have oily skin. My fav skin care is Clinique wash 2, toner 2 & this moisturizer😉 use the 72-hr at night .

Beautiful product

5 Purpleflower99 from MI I love this moisturizer ! The choice is beyond exceptional and makes my skin happy and healthy ! It ‘s one of my favorite Clinique products .

Too Greasy

3 PonyJones from Lexington, KY I have been on the hunt for a newly moisturizer for months immediately. My clamber has been very dry but normally it is buttery. I bought this because I have used other Clinique products in the past. however, for my skin this one is excessively buttery. I do n’t like the way it feels on my front and it makes me look very glistening. If you have greasy skin I do not recommend this one. The smell is great and the price is n’t bad .

very moisturizing

5 annaebi from georgia this moisturizer is my favored one ! it lasts all the day and plus it is big floor for makeup .

I love this moisturizer

5 Margaret from Virginia Beach Moisturizes skin thus foundation goes on smoothly .

feels nice.. but

3 smz from Riverside, ca it makes my makeup freestanding. I normally use winky lux face moisturizer which melts into my bark. but I felt like I needed a Lil more moisture. I gave this one a shoot again ( I used this before it changed to the 100h ) feels awesome on my skin. but when I applied my undereye makeup and powder it started separating about immediately. That ‘s one of the worst things for me. I ‘ll probably use this at night but decidedly not for under constitution .

New favorite moisturizer

5 bretagne nicole from North Carolina It ‘s been thus heavily to find a moisturizer that I feel actually works and that I can besides put makeup on top of without it doing something weird ( Getting cakey, moving product around, pilling as makeups blended ) this one is great ! My skin looks so goodly, plump and glowy without looking greasy. Will def. be buying the larger jar

The Best!

5 Annie from CA I am 29 and have used this product since center school. I ‘ve tried other things but always come back. I have highly sensitive bark and it is the only moisturizer I ‘ve found that moisturizes well without breaking me out. It absorb cursorily and wears absolutely under my ( flush Better ) foundation .


5 KitKat78 from CA I have extremely dry skin during winter months and this has been my saving deck ! nothing has worked until I bought this. I used the examiner on my hand in the store and saw immediate smooth and hydration. My face has not had one dry patch since using this. I bought the software with the eye surge and nightlong mask. I have not tried the dissemble yet but can only imagine it will be good as capital. If you have aging or dry skin this is a must !

Really good moisturizer

4 MeganB from Ohio I truly love this stuff. It ‘s very hydrate and absorb easy. There ‘s no thick or greasy remainder left and layers well under makeup. I only dropped one star because it does n’t work well on winter bizarre skin. I did have to use a heavier moisturizer to repair from winter price before I could start using this one but it ‘s capital for everything else. For casual practice it ‘s fantastic, if you ‘re going through a. roughly winter temporary hookup phase of start with something heavier and when you ‘ve fixed that get down with this to keep up the moisture