Clean and Peel The Rhubarb – That’s How It Works | Dennispoint Campground MD

How to Prepare Rhubarb for Cooking or Baking

Rhubarb is quick to clean and peel. Unlike young rhubarb, you still need to peel older rhubarb. The thicker stems contain more unhealthy oxalic acid.

  • If you have particularly thick rhubarb stalks, it’s best to use a vegetable peeler to peel them. The young, thin stalks of rhubarb peel easily with a kitchen knife.
  • Before you start peeling, remove the leaves from the sticks.
  • Then wash the sticks under running water and place them on a cloth to dry.
  • Then cut off the top and bottom of each rhubarb stalk.
  • Then remove the skin from the sticks in strips with a knife or vegetable peeler.

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