If Chom is very busy ( as it normally is ), you will be asked to wait outside in the cover outdoor seating sphere where there are fans to help keep you cool. The wait can be up to an hour if you are planning to eat, which is why I recommend barely getting a drink or two .

What kind of food do they have at Chom Cafe Chiang Mai ?


thus although we did not order any of the food off the menu, the food we saw other people eating looked incredible. Plates were popping with color, portions were boastfully and people were eating and not talking – always a good sign ! The food prices are on the higher end for Thai food probably because the restaurant can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold that many patrons at once so they need to make cash flow some how. here are some photos of photos of the food ( a bit of a chess I know, but the food actually does look like the menu depicts it ! )Salmon steak Chom Cafe Chiang Mai Chom also serves western food, some at reasonable prices. Salmon steak is 290 baht, beef steak is 420 baht, french fries were 100 baht and spaghetti is 150 baht. Thai dishes like slog kra prisoner of war go for 95 baht, prawns are 300 baht, and fried vegetables are 140 baht.

Spaghetti Chom Cafe Chiang Mai


The cafe serves a dainty excerpt of drinks from coffees, smoothies, teas, imported beers and nice wines. Pop goes for 25 baht and smoothies start at 95 baht. local beers start at 95 baht while imported German, American, Mexican and Belgium beers monetary value between 16o – 280 baht. wine by the glass is 290 baht. Wines are imported from Chile and Argentina.smoothie Chom Cafe Chiang Mai


There is indoor seating at both the restaurant and cafe, but there aren ’ t many tables or much space, so we were pleasantly surprised when the staff offered us a high chair for our son. Chom is family friendly !

Chom restaurant Chiang Mai There are besides two outdoor tables. Sit picnic workbench stylus out back with a perfect view of the rainforest garden, or out front of the restaurant. Sitting indoors is decent because they have floor to ceiling window-doors so that everyone has a view of the garden .picnic table seating Chiang Mai

When is the best time to go to Chom Cafe Chiang Mai ?

As I mentioned it gets identical busy here. It’s become one of the most popular nature cafes in Chiang Mai. Your best bet is to go in off hours like we did. lunch and dinner are bound to be busy, as are weekends and populace holidays, so we decided to go late good afternoon. I ’ d say it wasn ’ thyroxine that busy ; the restaurant was reasonably full when we arrived and there were about 20 people walking around the rainforest garden. however there was still batch of space to explore and take nice photograph without getting in other people ’ second space .Chom Cafe and Restaurant rainforest waterfall 1

How to get to Chom Cafe and Restaurant ?

You can get here promptly and cheaply using Grab or you could take a taxi.

To drive here yourself there are a couple of options. Chom Cafe and Restaurant is located on the beginning resound road ( the 3029 ) between Hang Dong Road ( the 108 ) and Canal Road ( the 121 ), making it accessible from either road. Have a look at the map to see what makes sense for you !Chom Cafe and Restaurant sign When you get close, dull down as the parking batch is before the cafe itself, or if you ’ re golden, there may be parking on the street All park is dislodge !