What quiz mood does the MOB1 have ? There are three test modes on the MOB1 ; Functional, DSC and AIS/GPS .
The Functional test should be carried out once a month and will display the length of time the battery has been used for. It will besides apply a load to the battery to test that the barrage is not faulty or has been discharged. It carries out other functional tests on the electronic circuitry. It does not test the GPS or make test transmissions .
The DSC test should be carried out no more than two times a year. This test sends a single DSC transmittance to the MMSI programmed into the MOB1, which will be displayed on the vessels DSC radio receiver. It does not send a Distress or Distres Relay call and the call does not contain the side.

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The AIS test should be carried out no more than three times a year. This screen activates the GPS telephone receiver and after the position is determine it makes an AIS infection, which will display on a suitable AIS telephone receiver or chartplotter. The experience AIS message will show the place determined by the MOB1 GPS recipient. There is besides a transmission of the AIS text message containing the words “ MOB TEST ”. eminence that this test must be done with the MOB1 in full opinion of the sky. Without a valid place, the MOB1 will not transmit any AIS messages .
The limitation on the numeral of tests a class is to ensure that the battery will still have its full functional life at the termination date of the battery .
Why does my MOB1 display bolshevik flashes if I try to programme the MMSI count ? If the unit fails to programme, showing the flash red LED on completion, please try again. Turn the MOB1 on in programming mode again and rehear. There is no indigence to exit the program screen on the program. If the programming page is showing, plainly press F10 again to commence the program sequence again. eminence that the red flash may tecke several seconds to start after the on screen succession has finished .
If you are having problems programming your MOB1, please check the succeed guidance .
1 ) Make sure that your screen luminosity is set to maximum, using the controls on the monitor or device .
2 ) see that you have commenced program within 50 seconds of putting the MOB1 into programming modality. bankruptcy to do this will cause the MOB1 to have turned off before communication starts. note that once programming has commenced ( The white box is flashing ) the MOB1 should stay on until the program sequence is completed. ideally the MOB1 should be put into programming manner equitable before placing the MOB1 in front of the white square .
3 ) guarantee that the MOB1 is placed over the white square with the arctic programming adapter hard touching the screen and with the aperture in the rubber close to the center of the white box .
4 ) Avoid programming the MOB1 in bright ambient light conditions. If necessary point the screen away from direct or bright sources of light such as sun through a window. ( In extreme point circumstances, particularly with older screens that have lost their brightness, position a chummy fabric over the screen and MOB1 to block out the ambient light. )
5 ) The MOB1 configuration software requires accurate time, which may be disrupted by early applications running at the lapp time, particularly on slower computers. If you even encounter problems, try shutting down all un-necessary applications, including anti-virus software .
6 ) On laptops, the F10 key will require using in junction with the Function ( labelled Func or Fn ) to start the whiten box flashing blacken and white to send the datum to the MOB1. Most keyboards will colour the F keys in the same color as the Function key to identify this .
7 ) The MOB1 MMSI programming software is only available for Windows PCs. For users of other operating systems and chic phones and tablets there is an on-line application available. This can be accessed using the button on the installers web page. note that it can only be used on-line .
Which DSC radios are compatible with the MOB1 ? Ocean Signal recommends using one of the radios from the number below with the rescueME MOB1. The come course D DSC radios have been tested in cooperation with the manufacturer and confirmed to receive the Individual Distress Relay call .
Current models ; M91, M323, M423, M506
Older models ; M411, M421, M505, M603
Simrad : RS90
standard Horizon : The factory has confirmed the follow models are compatible :
V4.xx ( GX5500S entirely ) ,

V5.xx (ALL)
V4.xx (GX2150/GX2000 only)
V1.xx (GX2200 only)

V4.xx (ALL)
V2.xx (ALL)

V2.xx (ALL)
V1.xx (ALL)

V1.xx (ALL)

class A DSC radios have always been able to receive this call and all models are believed to be compatible .
This number is not exhaustive and will be added to as more compatible models are confirmed .
Ocean Signal welcomes enquiries from early manufacturers wishing to have their radios listed here .
What DSC functions are allowed in my country ? The DSC functionality of the MOB1 is limited by regulations in each nation. The list below indicates which functions you may expect .
AIS entirely : Canada, Denmark, Latvia
AIS + DSC Individual Distress Relay shout plus group call sent after 30minutes : united states army
AIS + DSC Individual Distress Relay call only : France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
AIS + DSC Individual Distress Relay, All Ships Distress Alert ( manual of arms initiation only ) : All other european countries
AIS + DSC Individual Distress Relay, All Ships Distress Alert, sent once on MOB1 activation and on manual initiation : lie of the World .

How to programme DSC MMSI issue into the MOB1 A video showing the program sequence for the MOB1 can be found at this link .. Remember to set the expose brightness to wide before starting the sequence.
notice that the quiz key is being pressed directly and then the condom adapter fitted when the MOB is cook to programme .
Can I cange the DSC MMSI count is I move to a unlike vessel ? Yes, it is possible to reprogram the MMSI number used to call your DSC radio as many times as you like using the normal applications. There is no need to delete the old total first. The fresh numeral will plainly overwrite the old MMSI number.
Each time you programme the MOB1 it will use a belittled sum of the battery capacity and reduce the operate life by a few minutes each time .
Why does the display MMSI not change when I enter my DSC MMSI count ? All AIS and DSC MOBs are pre programmed at the clock time of fabricate with the self identification MMSI total. In the case of the rescueME MOB1, or the M100, this number will constantly start 97260—-. The 972 identities the device as an MOB device and the 60 identifies the device as manufactured by Ocean Signal .
It is not potential for the user to change this number, which is a necessity of the relevant approval standards .
The DSC MMSI total programmed in by the exploiter is the number the MOB1 will send the straiten calls to. compatible radios will still show the ‘ from ’ MMSI phone number as the 972 number printed on the rear of the MOB1. Likewise the aim displayed on an AIS plotter will besides show with the target address as the 972 number.

What is the black cord supplied for ? The provide length of cord is supplied as a precaution against accidental loss. The cord ( lanyard ) should be used to tether the MOB1 to a fixed point on the lifejacket that will not inhibit ostentation or detach/untie if the MOB1 is by chance removed from its bracket. The MOB1 fixation point for the cord is located on the exceed of the unit .

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