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What are the best city center hotels in Chanthaburi?

Our Booked.net travel data based on 29 visitors ‘ reviews show the top places in Chanthaburi city center. One of the best hotels in Chanthaburi city center is Chanthaburi Center rated 7.0/10 from 16US $ per night. Kasemsarn Hotel with rat 8.2/10 and Eco Inn Lite rated 8.0/10 are other darling hotels in the sphere. To check more central hotels click here .

What are the best budget hotels in Chanthaburi?

There are more than 6 top budget properties in Chanthaburi. green Terrace Resort with rat 8.2/10 is big for your stay, as it offers an outdoor swim pool, bar and an outdoor pool along with concierge military service and 24 hour front desk aid on site. besides Baanlugchange Hotel is a thoroughly choice with rat 8.0/10 at the monetary value of 16US $ per night. To check more cheap hotels click hera .

What are the top boutique hotels in Chanthaburi?

More than 5 reviews of our visitors may help to find the best Chanthaburi boutique hotel. Offering dry cleaning/laundry, board service and housework, Kasemsarn Hotel rated 8.2/10 is a mod Chanthaburi hotel with prices from 22US $ per night. It is located 2.1 miles from Chanthaburi Provincial Rama 9 Commemoration Public Park. To see more boutique hotels click here.

What are the best romantic hotels in Chanthaburi?

According to Booked.net locomotion data, there are 75 deals for couples. Check New Travel Lodge Hotel rated 6.8/10 with a golf path, concierge service and a Jacuzzi. It ’ s set 0.8 miles from Cave Temple and costs about 39US $ per night. early crown options are Riverawan Hotel, Rimnaam Klangchan Hotel and Eco Inn Lite. For more romantic deals go here .

What are the top family-friendly Chanthaburi properties?

According to 50 visitors ‘ reviews, there are 3 family deals to consider. Blue Rabbit Hotel ( evaluation : 7.6/10 ) : a family-hotel with an outdoor swim pool, shopping service and restaurant for 41US $ per night. You besides can book Maneechan Resort – Sha Extra Plus ( rating : 8.2/10 ) for about 68US $ per night. This kid-friendly property offers a gymnasium, a limited menu and a Jacuzzi on site. To see more family accommodations click here .

Which Chanthaburi hotels close to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception are the best?

There are 7 deals to choose from. Select a hotel close to Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, such as Hop Inn, situated a 15-minute walk away. Featuring housekeeping service, 24-hour reception and a unblock parking draw, this property offers rooms from 19US $ per night. See more democratic accommodations here .

What are the best accommodations to stay in Chanthaburi featuring outdoor pools?

According to 57 reviews, there are 11 hotels featuring outdoor pools in Chanthaburi. You may besides like Blue Rabbit Hotel rated 7.6/10. This property will cost you 41US $ per night .

What are the top pet-friendly hotels in Chanthaburi?

Enjoy traveling with your furred buddy at one of 8 pet-friendly properties on Booked.net. See more pet-friendly hotels here.

What are the best hotels in Chanthaburi?

We recommend The Peak Hotel ( rat : 7.2/10 ) featuring an outdoor swimming pool, a especial menu and a Jacuzzi, along with room services and 24-hour reception. It costs 48US $ per night. As an alternate, check Rimnaam Klangchan Hotel rated 8.6/10 with crib, a commercial enterprise center field and a gymnasium on site .

What are the top luxury properties in Chanthaburi?

If you ‘re looking for a perfect place, enjoy staying at one of 5 epicurean hotels offered on Booked.net. Another courteous choice is Rimnaam Klangchan Hotel, a 4-star hotel featuring cribbage, a occupation center and a gymnasium, ampere well as dry cleaning/laundry, porter service and dry clean on site. It costs 77US $ per night .

Which spa hotels in Chanthaburi would you recommend?

You may ledger Chanpraya Resort, a courteous watering place hotel featuring a seasonal worker outdoor pool, shopping service and a play sphere. It costs 72US $ per nox .

How much do hotels in Chanthaburi cost?

According to Booked.net travel data, the modal prices for Chanthaburi hotels are :
A 3-star hotel room costs about 48US $ per night. Check The Peak Hotel ( rat : 7.2/10 ).
A 4-star hotel room costs 77US $ per night. You may book Rimnaam Klangchan Hotel with crib, a business center and a gymnasium.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in Chanthaburi for tonight?

According to Booked.net travel data, the average Chanthaburi prices for tonight are :
For a perfect hotel like Kp Grand Hotel ( rating : 8.2/10 ) you may pay about 11US $ per nox .

What are the most popular resorts in Chanthaburi?

To stay at the crown Chanthaburi recourse, check 21 properties on Booked.net. alternatively, Baan Rim Ao is rated as one of the best resorts in Chanthaburi, offering an outdoor swim pool, shopping avail and canoe. It costs 53US $ per night. Check other bang-up resorts such as New Travel Lodge Hotel and The Cube Resort. Go here to see more big options .

What are the most favored hotels close to Nampu Market Chantaburi?

On Booked.net you will find 3 capital accommodations cheeseparing to Nampu Market Chantaburi in Chanthaburi. For case, book New Travel Lodge Hotel ( rate : 6.8/10 ) for 23US $ per night. It ‘s set 10 minutes ‘ walk from the city center and features housekeeping, concierge service and laundry facilities on locate .