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A Mistake Turned Holy Grail

I purchased this originally thinking it was a facial moisturizer. When I realized that was n’t the case, I was worried to put it on my face because I have oily, acne prone skin and did n’t want to exacerbate the condition. however, I applied it anyhow and was pleasantly surprise how much my skin improved. My skin has become less textured, my breakouts have decreased, and the inflammation has significantly subsided. I besides find that my skin is less buttery than it was when I was using a mousse moisturizer marketed for oily skin. This Cerave container is besides very large when used lone on the expression, so I suspect I ‘ll have this for over 6 months when used once a day. I have used dozens of facial moisturizers over the years ( gel, lotion, acne-fighting, dense cream, etc. ) and this was has beat them all, including my former high-end korean brand. I will decidedly repurchase this when I run out. **Small hypnotism : I recommend you purchase the Moisturizing Cream that comes with the pump. I find half a pump to be more than enough for my hale boldness. The pump stops me from unintentionally using besides much intersection, plus it ‘s more hygienic this room .

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New Formula is watered down

I used to actually be a fan of this sword, but ever since L’Oreal bought their company, they water system down their hero product. I have old jars that number all the good ingredient like their ceramides, cholesterol, and hyaluronic acid above petrolatum. immediately, they ‘re listed below potassium phosphate, which is just an ingredient to adjust ph, indeed basically there ‘s future to none of the good stuff now for the same price. now the hyaluronic acid is so low that it does n’t even do anything, it ‘s merely there for their selling. Such a disappoint change, DO NOT BUY.

Reviewed by 17404 customers

I would buy again and again

5 sweet pea from Peoria arizona Greatest for dry skin specially in Arizona

Made my skin SUPER dry

1 bee : ) from New york I love the cerave cleansers but the sun protection factor does n’t work for me at all. I used it for about a workweek and it made my skin sooo dry it was about peeling. I do n’t recommend .

I would buy this product again.

5 Jen from Weatherford, Tx I love this moisturizer. I use it doubly a day. It leaves my confront feel hydrated and protected

Buying this product again and again

5 ali from Pasadena, TX I have sensitive hide due to allergies that cause eczema on my eyelid. I always feel nervous trying modern products but THIS ! Honestly it did n’t burn when put on and it keeps my face therefore balmy and moisturized during the day. It does n’t feel heavy at all !

The worst

1 Ash from Texas Super patchy, peels, separates makeup .

LOVE Cerave

5 Laura from Atlanta, GA I worked for a dermatologist for 8 years, so I ‘ve tried a lot of lotions and creams. Cerave is the best. I immediately work as an RN, 13 hour shifts 3 days in a row. The antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer that I must apply hundreds of times those days actually trashes my hands, peeling and splitting are common. Cerave soothes and restores my skin on my days off .

Breaks down/flaky

2 NADI from Chicago Every fourth dimension I put this on it breaks depressed and it becomes flaky. It happens no matter what I use under it ( normally vitamin C serum and Niacinamide ). I have even used it on it ‘s own and it breaks down. I thought it was cause I was rubbing it into my skin for besides long but even with not much rubbing it happens .

Best lotion for dry skin

5 LisalouVA from Fredericksburg VA This is the best lotion for dry hide. No wonder. And I ‘ve used them all. I first decided to try Cera Ve after watching one of those world type shows featuring a dermatologist. I noticed she prescribed this lotion to folks with extreme clamber issues such as eczema and psoriasis. ( The usher tried to blur out the merchandise but I recognized it as Cera Ve ). I have used this nightly after showering since Christmas Day. And I have noticed a fantastic remainder in the condition of my skin. I actually noticed a deviation immediately. I ‘m in my late 40s and the texture and appearance of my skin has changed over the years. This lotion has decidedly turned back the clock. My conserve noticed which in itself says a draw ! Yes, it ‘s a bite costly but I stock certificate up if I find it on sale and use coupons if I can find them. And it ‘s so fat you do n’t have to use much. worth every penny. I use the cream versus the lotion, but that may change when the upwind warms. The cream may be besides rich in the summer. Either way, I will continue to use this daily. The remainder very is quite dramatic .

Winter skin loves this!

5 daisy from MI A fiddling goes a long way with this lotion. It ‘s not greasy and souse correct into the skin leaving legato and hydrous skin. Will continue to repurchase .

Great for sensitive skin

5 Katie from Texas My toddler had eczema and this lotion helps her a batch. It ‘s midst and moisturizing without being awkward .

Burns to use

3 Stacy35 from AZ I ‘ve been using this for respective weeks immediately and it ‘s very humidify. My only issue is that it actually burns every time I use it so it must be one of the ingredients in there .

I always come back

5 SE Teachers Rock from NE now, with the heart it ‘s flush better !

product is great but $6 cheaper everywhere else

5 alaska from Indianapolis, IN This is a great lotion – easy enough for day use however still moisturizing. The sunscreen aspect goes actually well onto my clamber. I precisely do n’t understand why it is $ 6 more expensive at Ulta ? I just bought a new box of the AM and PM and will return both and purchase this lotion somewhere else – saving $ 12 .


1 jennet from Indy severe to blend out I have to try so heavily and besides I got two cystic pimples two days into using this : ( I ‘m sad

Use this lotion every morning under my make up.

5 AR lady from Jonesboro AR Glad it has sunscreen ! manipulation this every dawn. Love Cerave !

Ingredient Breakdown:

2 Kai from USA I see a lot of people talking about it causing or worsening bumps or causing worsening breakouts. This rule ( specifically the ingredients petrolatum and phytosphingosine ) can worsen fungal acne. This formula besides contains cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol, which can be comedogenic ( causing breakouts ). Phenoxyethanol is an establish allergen, adenine well. besides, methylparaben and propylparaben are both some of the most common parabens and are probably allergenic. Basically, some people will and some people wo n’t react to these products. It ‘s good to keep a list of what ingredients you have reacted to thus your dermatologist ( or yourself ) can better determine what products will work for you. If you got little bumps, look into fungal acne to see if you have it. I use the Skin Bliss app, which breaks down ingredients, and it says this intersection is most probably inadequate for acne, blemishes, and sensitive skin with an overall acceptably timbre score. It is bang-up for very dry skin, though .

Cerve it up!

5 Quakanene from East Lansing, MI Great for purse, gymnasium bag or car. Obsorbs well ! Super moisturizing without greasy touch ! ! ! Luv the brand/products

Love this product

5 Dry skin Jane from USA I purchased this years ago and keep buy more as the jars empty. not merely moisturizes my skin ( dry climmate at times ) but works in humidity a well. My go to for years

Great for aging crepey skin

5 JaneI from Athens, Ga I use this on my body after showering .

best ever!

5 ellie from pennsylvania compact and nourish for the bark but still dries down and is comfortable for day or night time. did NOT break my acne prone skin out 🙌🏼 i have skin and very loved this, for people with DRY DRY clamber, one ‘d say pair this with ur fav product to “ slug ” with

Just no

1 Hannah from Pgh I do not like this at all. It does n’t sink into the bark like I want a moisturizer to. It barely does n’t feel good At all. Would not buy this again

I will always use this product.

5 Pinki from Manahawkin, NJ I have in truth unplayful winter skin this year. so my doctor suggested this specially for leg & feet. It is like a miracle .

NOT paraben free as claims

2 AC from California Am I missing something here or is methylparaben and polyparaben no farseeing considered parabens ? This product claims to contain no parabens yet the ingredients list the above mentioned parabens .

Not worth it

1 volt from Washington DC This gives a atrocious white shed and does not blend in well at all. It besides broke me out when using it. truly wondering how it has 4 1/2 stars ? ? ?

Good if applied correctly

5 Mayra from Las Vegas, NV I used to have a trouble with this merchandise pilling when I applied over other serums. however, I found that by patting it on rather of rubbing it in, that it prevents pilling. overall pretty adept. It does n’t cause a white cast on my skin, but I have like a metier skin tone. besides does n’t feel oily which I like .