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Vegetable juices are in fashion: Juice-based cures are being promoted, especially when it comes to the term “detox”. Celery juice is said to not only have a detoxifying effect, but also healing effects. We clarify what is true.

What Celery Juice Can Really Do

There is no doubt that celery is healthy. Like any vegetable, the tubers or stems contribute to a balanced diet and many times a fresh celery salad can be on the menu. Celery juice, which is made from celery, is also popular. It can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with fruit like a kale smoothie. Celery juice is often hailed on social media as a miracle cure that is believed to relieve many ailments and heal health problems. According to nutrition experts, these promises are completely unfounded. If you have an appetite for celery juice, there’s nothing wrong with having a glass. Also as part of a juice cure. However, it is not a panacea.

The Fresher the Better: Nutrients in Celery Juice

Raw celery is rich in vitamin K and provides potassium and chloride. If you want to lose weight with celery, the juice can help you as it contains fewer calories than fruit juice, that is, only 17 per 100 g. Store-bought celery juice can be found on the shelf along with other vegetable juices like beet juice or tomato juice.

These products are preserved by heating and can be kept for several months. Freshly squeezed juice can also be found in the refrigerated counters of some supermarkets and organic markets. You should drink it as soon as possible because nutrient losses occur with each passing day. You can also juice raw vegetables from celery yourself; A slow juicer is recommended, for example, as a juicer. Store opened fresh juices in the refrigerator.

How to make celery juice yourself

For the celery juice, wash and cut the stalks, grate them and place them in a juicer. You can also mix the vegetables with a little water in the blender and then pass the dough through a cloth. You can use the leaves when preparing celery. However, they intensify the slightly bitter taste of vegetables. For a delicious celery smoothie recipe, fruits such as apples, pineapples, pears, and oranges are recommended, along with the freshest possible perennials. Mint, ginger, and herbs round out the flavor as desired.

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