Castello Di Bellagio in Pattaya

From Letters to Juliet to Call Me By Your name, the spectacular settings we see in our favored movies can play a big part in inspiring our vacation trips to foreign countries .
unfortunately, visiting such places may sound impossible to those who don ’ t have the prison term for a trip afield. fortunately, Castello Di Bellagio, an Italian-inspired restaurant in Pattaya, can make their fantasy oversea trip come true .
here ’ randomness why this palace-esque restaurant is an ideal spot for Thai residents who want to travel abroad without taking a flight or digging out their pass .
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This restaurant in Pattaya looks just like a European castle

Castello Di Bellagio is an italian restaurant located in Pattaya, Chonburi .
Image credit : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
What ’ south unique about this restaurant is that its architectural designs were inspired by a castle that the owner visited in Lake Como, Italy .

Image credit : @ jeab_siriwat
Situated in the mountainous region of Chonburi, the decadent establishment boasts brilliant views of rural landscapes. The palace overlooks a large field dotted with pine trees, fountains, small gardens, and cinch corners .
Image recognition : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
Without a doubt, the stunning views of the castle ’ s exteriors with the excellent background of nature will surely step up your immunoglobulin plot .

Image credit : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
The large airfield is divided up into 25 units, where customers can have individual picnics and/or appreciate the creations of nature. Each whole can accommodate up to 4-30 persons .

Luxurious vintage furniture at the castle-inspired restaurant

Going further into the castle, visitors will be stunned by the interior ’ s Italian-esque ornamentation .
Image accredit : MGR Online
apart from the magnificence of the castle, the restaurant besides houses a variety of epicurean antique furniture, italian sculptures, and medieval architecture from England, according to MGR Online .
Image citation : MGR Online
An impressive come of italian art can be found in every recess of the put, so make indisputable your television camera ’ randomness battery is in full charged if you want nice pictures for Facebook posts.

Image credit : M Thai
Another highlight visitors shouldn ’ triiodothyronine miss is the restaurant ’ s wine root cellar that features over 200 brands of quality wine for customers to choose from .

What to order when you visit the eatery

The restaurant is separated into two sections : the cafe and the restaurant .

Image credit : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
The cafe offers sweets, baked goods, and drinks made in-house with the prices starting from ฿25 (~USD0.76) .
Image credit : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
As for the restaurant, the menu covers a wide range of italian dishes with a variety of prices starting from ฿180 (~USD0.76) .
Image credit : Gossip Star
Representing the best dishes here are : Short Ribs Trio Musketeer ฿1,880 (~USD57.42), Chateau De Bellagio for Two ฿2,280 (~USD87.96), and Wagyu Tomahawk Steak ฿4,880 (~USD149.05) ; all of which have premium cuts of beef.

Image credit : Gossip Star

This Italian castle is only 2 hours away from Bangkok

Image credit : Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
With merely a 2-hour drive from Bangkok, you will find yourself at one of the most beautiful restaurants where you ’ ll feel as if you were stepping into the castle in Italy .
We ’ ra pretty sure you will forget the fact that you ’ re in Thailand and may spend about the entire day there, enjoying every single moment.

Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya
Opening Hours: 11AM – 10PM, Monday – Thursday
Address: Tambon Na Chom Thian, Amphoe Sattahip, Chon Buri 20250
Telephone: +66 6 4694 6699
Castello Di Bellagio Pattaya | Google Maps
Cover images adapted from ( Clockwise from Top Left ) : Pantip, Phonetastic, MGROnline
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