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Tofu is a perennial favorite in vegan and vegetarian diets and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Wondering if tofu can also be eaten raw and cold? We will tell you!

What is tofu?

Tofu is a type of curd made from soybeans. The name comes from Asia, where the first part of the word means “bean” and the second is “fermentation”. Tofu has been a staple here for centuries.

Note: With us you will find more detailed information about the actual composition of tofu and what types of tofu exist!

Tofu is rich in protein and is therefore widely used as a meat substitute, especially among vegetarians and vegans. You can buy it in 3 variants:

  • fresh tofu: available in the form of natural hard tofu or soft and particularly tender silken tofu.
  • Processed tofu: you can get smoked tofu, already marinated or fried.
  • Frozen tofu: also called thousand-layer tofu. Ice crystals create bubbles and holes. Before further processing, it must be thawed and squeezed. You are more likely to find this in Asian supermarkets.

How does tofu taste?

Natural high-protein tofu has a fairly neutral taste. Therefore, it can be perfectly used for both sweet and savory dishes. Pure and without ingredients, on the other hand, it has a mild taste. Therefore, good preparation is particularly important. You can boil, grill, roast or steam, but also eat the tofu raw and cold without hesitation.

Note: The term “raw” is actually incorrect because tofu is made from heated soymilk. In this case, “eat raw” simply means that you use it without heating it, that is, cold.

What tofu is best eaten raw?

In principle, any tofu can be eaten cold and raw. Depending on the use, some varieties are more suitable than others. They are distinguished by their different moisture content. The more water the tofu contains, the more tender it is. If you want it quick and uncooked, the following tofu variations are especially good if you want to eat raw tofu:

Eat natural raw tofu

Pure tofu without further processing can be used in different ways. It is pressed into small blocks and is cut resistant. It only tastes good raw up to a certain point, so you need to prepare it with strong spices. The best way to flavor soft natural tofu is to marinate it. That is how:

  1. Drain liquid from tofu.
  2. Wrap the tofu in a paper towel.
  3. place between 2 plates and weigh them to press the tofu
  4. Then cut the tofu into cubes, strips or slices
  5. Place in the marinade for at least half an hour or better overnight.

You can also use plain high-protein tofu for a smoothie. Add it to the blender with the other ingredients and create a rich and creamy smoothie.

Tip: You can even make vegan feta with plain tofu! Just put it in oil, herbs and spices.

eating raw smoked tofu

Smoked tofu is firm and does not fall apart easily. Plus, it already has a delicious smoky flavor. How to use raw smoked tofu:

  • mixed with other spreadable ingredients
  • diced in salads and soups
  • sliced ​​in bread

Eating raw silken tofu

Silken tofu is super creamy and breaks down easily. Due to its high water content, it resembles solid yogurt or cottage cheese. The best way to eat raw silken tofu:

  • puree for salad dressings, dressings and sauces
  • as a substitute for cream and crème fraîche in sweet and savory dishes
  • drizzled with soy sauce as an asian starter

Tip: You can also use silken tofu as an egg substitute. This is how 75g of silken tofu puree replaces 1 egg when cooking.

If you don’t like raw tofu, you can bread the tofu in crispy breadcrumbs or marinate the tofu Asian-style.

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