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Instant Pots can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks and some people find it useful for boiling water on the go as well. If you have this device handy, there are a few tips to consider before you try to boil water inside the pot.

You can boil water in an Instant Pot using the sauté function. Fill the Instant Pot with 1-2 cups of water, then place the lid on top of the pot and close the valve. The water should reach boiling point after 3 minutes. If not, set the Instant Pot to high and let it run for 3-5 minutes. It works best for large amounts of water.

If you have never boiled water with this device before, you will want to use specific functions on the pot to heat water. Depending on how hard you’re trying to boil, you may want to leave the lid open or closed during the process.

Is it safe to boil water in an Instant Pot?

Users should follow a few steps before attempting to boil water in their Instant Pot. First of all, the device should not be used to boil large quantities of water.

If you need a large volume of boiled water, you should consider another method.

Instant Pots can safely boil a few cups of water at a time. Anything more than that and you risk the device overflowing and burning while trying to maneuver the device.

As with any kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot can get incredibly hot. You must be careful every time you use it to protect yourself from burns, either by hot water or steam.

When boiling water, always be careful not to splash. Even a small splash of boiling water can cause a burn and is one of the most common kitchen injuries. If you’ve been a home cook for any length of time, you know the pain of a burn.

In general, boiling water in a pan is just as safe as boiling water on the stove. You have a similar risk of splashing hot water on yourself if you’re not careful. Once you’re done using the Instant Pot, remember to unplug it when not in use.

How to boil water in an instant pot

If you’ve never boiled water with your Instant Pot before, you may want to check out a step-by-step guide to complete the process.

The device was not originally designed to boil water, but after a video went viral on the internet, many people saw the pot’s potential to become a tool for heating water.

When you’re just trying to boil a small amount of water, the process is pretty simple. You can leave the lid open and simply activate the sauté function. Let the water come up to temperature for a few minutes and come to a boil.

What happens if you try to boil more water? You can boil 1-2 cups without a lid without any problem. If you want to boil more than that, the high pressure setting works best.

  1. Pour the desired amount of water into the inner pot.
  2. Set the correct function (sauté or high pressure) according to the quantity.
  3. Give the Instant Pot several minutes to boil the water.
  4. Turn off the pan and use the boiling water before it cools down.

Note that if you put the lid on the pan, you will need to lock the valve in place. If you’re using the saute setting, feel free to leave the lid open and don’t worry about this step.

How long does it take to boil water in an Instant Pot?

The answer to how long it will take to boil water with an Instant Pot may vary depending on how much water you’re trying to boil. Naturally, the more water you use, the longer it will take to reach the correct temperature.

For a few cups of water, you can expect boiling water in minutes using the device’s sauté function. When using the high power setting to boil a large amount of water, it should always reach high temperature in about 5 minutes.

In general, boiling water occurs very quickly when using the Instant Pot. Many people like to take advantage of this feature to make an easy bowl of oatmeal in the morning that you have virtually no cleanup to worry about.

On average, you should expect the water to boil faster than if you were using the stovetop method. Sometimes using a microwave is even quicker, but you will need to be very careful to remove the hot container from the microwave.

The Instant Pot represents a good compromise between waiting for the water to boil on the stove and being able to boil efficiently enough compared to the microwave. You rarely feel like boiling multiple cups of water at once in the microwave, because it becomes too unwieldy.

How much water can you boil in an Instant Pot?

When you boil water in your Instant Pot, you want to make sure you use at least one cup of liquid. If you want to heat more, make sure you don’t overfill the inner pot.

There should be a fill line indicating where the boundary is. If you pour too much water past this line, you risk overflowing the pot and causing damage. Too much water and the Instant Pot won’t be able to boil it properly without working too hard.

Depending on the size of your pan, you can boil more or less. The 8-quart variety is the largest Instant Pot on the market right now, so it’s also the most water you could boil at one time.

Filling your Instant Pot to full capacity will result in a longer wait time for the water to boil. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to get a quick result, as you may end up being quicker by using the pot for a larger amount.

What program should you use to boil water in an Instant Pot?

There are several different options for users when it comes to setting your Instant Pot to boil water. The quickest method is to put it on “sauté” and give it a few moments to heat the water to a boiling temperature.

You can also use the high pressure setting, which requires the use of the cap. You can boil more water at a time using this setting.

If you want to keep a continuous boil, just leave the setting selected. If you plan to use the water right away, you can turn it off as soon as it boils.

Can you boil water in an instant pot without a lid?

If you are only boiling a small amount of water with your appliance’s sauté function, you do not need to put the lid on.

If you are using a different setting to boil more water, putting the lid on can help the water boil faster because it retains the heat inside.

It is true that you can boil water without a lid, but you will have to wait longer. If you are not in a hurry, you can leave the lid closed. If you are trying to get dinner on the table quickly, choosing to put the lid on is the best option.

When you go to remove the lid, be careful not to burn yourself. This can be one of the most dangerous aspects of using your pot to boil water if you don’t handle it carefully. The lid will be very hot once the water boils.

What other appliances can be used to boil water?

If you don’t have access to an Instant Pot, you’re in luck because there are plenty of other options for boiling water. The most popular is to use the stove with a pot filled with water.

Instant Pots have been around for a relatively short time, which means people have a wide range of other options for boiling water.

In fact, the Instant Pot isn’t always the ideal method when you want to boil a large batch or when you just want to make a cup of tea in the morning.

Type of device How long does it take to boil? (Medium)
cook 10 minutes
Electric kettle 2-4 minutes
instant pot 5 minutes
Microwave 2 minutes

Boiling water on the stove is one of the most common methods. You can easily boil a large quantity, as long as you have a pot that holds enough water. When you want to make pasta, this is the best way to do it because you can boil salted water and add the pasta directly to the pot.

When you’re looking to make a cup of tea or a ready-to-eat meal that just needs hot water, an electric kettle works wonders.

You can simply flip the switch and let the water boil for a few moments before pouring the water directly into your cup or container. As a bonus, the teapots are a low consumption way to boil water.

The Instant Pot doesn’t boil as much water as a pan on the stove and isn’t as convenient as a kettle, but it definitely comes in handy if all the burners are full.

When you’re busy creating a delicious recipe, you may need an extra hand to boil some water on the side.

Using the microwave is the fastest way to boil water, but you must be careful when removing the boiling water from the appliance! If you don’t have an electric kettle, microwaves work great for boiling water for coffee or tea.

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