Can Dogs Eat Corn Chips? (The Risks!)

Although dogs can eat and digest corn chips, it’s not recommended.

Corn chips contain a number of ingredients that are either harmful or potentially harmful.

Potato chips, on the other hand, are pretty much fine to feed your dog in moderation.

Why are corn chips bad for dogs?

Corn contains starch and doesn’t offer any real nutrition to a dog that would derive from it. In fact, some dogs have a hard time digesting corn at all.

Corn chips are also among the products which contain potentially harmful ingredients like BHT, BHA, propyl gallate, and other preservative agents which are known to cause cancer in humans.

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The main ingredient in corn is starch, which is not something dogs need in their diet. Dogs are carnivores, which means they need meat proteins to survive.

Corn chips can contain trace amounts of BHA, propyl gallate, and other potentially harmful ingredients. These chemicals cause cancer in humans and therefore it is very probable that they will cause cancer in dogs as well.

Most corn chips have artificial sweeteners added to them which are harmful to dogs and can cause hyperactivity, insulin resistance, irregular periods in females, obesity, and digestive problems.

The primary ingredient in corn chips is corn, which is harmful to a dog’s health because it doesn’t offer any real nutrition that they need.

Corn contains starch which dogs cannot digest very well. Corn also has potentially harmful ingredients which have been proven to cause cancer in human beings.

Onions, garlic, and chives can be ingested in small amounts without any consequences, but if they are fed regularly they will cause anemia and loss of red blood cells. They can also lead to stomach problems after being digested and lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

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Corn chips contain many potentially harmful ingredients which can be harmful to dogs. Potential health problems caused by corn chips include:

  • Digestive problems
  • Cancer (BHT, BHA and propyl Gallate)
  • Hyperactivity, insulin resistance and irregular periods in females
  • Obesity

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are toxic for dogs and can cause cancer.

The best way to treat your dog is with real food; meat and vegetables that are similar to the kind of diet dogs would eat in nature. Corn chips are high in fat content, which can lead to pancreatitis, and are made from processed ingredients that have no nutritional value for a dog’s dietary needs.

How do I eliminate corn chips from my dog’s diet?

In order to eliminate corn chips from your dog’s diet, you’ll need to substitute them with another food.

You’re going to want to choose a high-protein, grain-free food that is specifically designed for dogs. It should be free of artificial ingredients and preservatives; it’s also recommended that you try to choose a food that is free of meat by-products.

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If your dog is used to eating corn chips, switching them over to a new diet can be very difficult and take some time. It’s best if you start changing their diet slowly so they have a period where they are getting both old food and new food.

It’s recommended that you mix the old food and the new food together in a fifty-fifty ratio. Once your dog has adjusted to the change, you can decrease the amount of old food while increasing the amount of new food until it is completely replaced.

Can dogs eat homemade corn chips?

If you are trying to find a way for your dog to earn their treats and still maintain a healthy diet, there are some ways that you can still make homemade corn chips without breaking the bank at the store.

As long as you avoid certain ingredients in recipes that aren’t good for dogs, you’ll be able to make some homemade corn chips that your dog will enjoy.

Make sure that you read the recipe carefully and avoid any ingredients like onion powder or garlic salt; other than that, it’s important to only use non-fatty meats as well as vegetables when cooking homemade treats for your dog.

If you decide to give your dog some homemade corn chips, it’s important that you only give them a small, occasional treat. Homemade snacks can be satisfying and good for their teeth but they should never become a replacement for real food that will keep your dog healthy.

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