Rating : 3.5 out of 5. I ’ m still to review Bvlgari ’ s ode to ylang ylang, Goldea, adenine well as its rose-centric flanker back, Rose Goldea – both of which, even if not swoon-worthy, I find quite pleasant. so, what ’ mho my business reviewing the flanker-of-a-flanker Rose Goldea Blossom Delight¹ ? Well… I guess I precisely very liked what I ’ ve found as I sniffed it at the department storehouse the other day, and thought it would be worth sharing .
colleague fans of “ pink fragrances ” – here ’ s a lovely new one to check out !


Released in 2019, Rose Goldea Blossom Delight was created by the lapp perfumer as its predecessors, Alberto Morillas. To briefly compare the three, Rose Goldea wholly changes its main floral in sexual intercourse to Goldea ( rose rather of ylang ylang ), but maintains the master ’ s characteristic warm, “ solar ” impression. On its act, Blossom Delight keeps the rose of Rose Goldea, while scrapping its warmth in prefer of a breezy feel. So… it distillery has potent similarities with its “ mum ”, but no resemblance to its… grandma ? Flankers of flankers are confusing, but I guess there ’ mho inactive some continuity between the scents in this case, so… very well.

Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is a straightforward, analogue aroma. The independent star topology is rose, which, as I ’ ve mentioned, is very like to the one in Rose Goldea : pink-coloured, delicate but not faint, blurry-clean enough not to evoke an actual garden, but besides not saponaceous – shampoo-ey, maybe… yet, I find it polished adequate for Blossom Delight to get away with it without falling into Garnier Fructis territory² .
This slight shampoo-ey vibration credibly comes from a watery balmy eminence which I beginning thought was litchi – but, turns out, it ’ mho papaya. I think that fruit tend to be overplayed in modern perfumery, much overshadowing the other accords, but I truly like how the papaya complements the florals in this bouquet. It adds a nectary, round and fresh dimention to the rose without stealing the spotlight .
And, back to the rose… it is besides adorned with a handfull of muguet/ lily of the valley, which, along with violet and rose leaf notes, make this a bracing, aeriform musical composition, with a insidious green facet. last but not least, the base besides sings in harmony with the pink main floral. It actually has rose excessively, along with a diaphanous, clean flannel musk and a hint of amber – for a subtle glossy finish to the shower of pink petals .

Notes: ( Top ) violet leaf, jasmine, papaya ; ( Heart ) rose, rose leaf, lily of the valley ; ( Base ) Bulgarian rose, amber, white musk .
Colour Impression: Soft Pink .
Evokes: a smiling ballerina in a pink tutu ; a late morning garden party .
Similar to: Dior Forever and Ever Dior ; Bvlgari Rose Goldea ; Chloé Chloé “ Signature ” ( EdP ) ; Lalique Rêve five hundred ’ Infini ; Dior Joy ; Lancôme Idôle .


The “ rose + blue yield + cold floral + amber ” structure is probably why Blossom Delight reminds me a lot of Chloé ’ s classic Eau de Parfum – entirely, this feels lighter. The mix of “ rose + clean jasmine/freesia + fruit + laundry musk ” besides conjures up quite a bunch of fragrances to me, like Dior Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre, Lancôme Trésor in Love, Dior Joy, Lalique Rêve five hundred ’ Infini, Dior Forever and Ever Dior and Lancôme Idôle… to name a few .
sol, Blossom Delight international relations and security network ’ thyroxine innovative, and I ’ vitamin d confidently call it a very typical “ pink ” soft fruity-floral. however, I find it a particularly well-made, all-around and pleasant one. In fact, I ’ vitamin d pluck it over many of the similar scents on the list above³. The florals and fruit feel nicely balanced, the notes aren ’ t excessively thin, or sweet, or chemical-feeling, and the blend is simple, yet smooth and layered .
Summing up, this is a polished, romantic and light rose, made angstrom pretty as it can be. For bluff statement-style notes and intricate accords you should credibly look elsewhere, but if you want a delicate, fresh, cleanse, dim-witted and sympathetic rose… Rose Goldea Blossom Delight is pretty high on my suggestion list !
1 This list for some reason makes me think this flanker will be ephemeral. I don ’ t know why, it just… feels that direction. I hope I ’ meter wrong, by the means, as I do like this aroma .
2 Think pretty “ Chanel Chance Eau Tendre ” shampoo-ey preferably than flat “ Versace Pour Elle Dylan Blue ” shampoo-ey .
3 For another example, Chloé Chloé L ’ Eau follows the same general structure, with awful results !

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