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BTS the “Florist” | Tamil Dubbed | BTS Run Ep. 99
BTS the “Florist” | Tamil Dubbed | BTS Run Ep. 99

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BTS the “Florist” | Tamil Dubbed | BTS Run Ep. 99.

tamil song blog.

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  2. Akka semma fun athuvum jin oodathu😂😂😂and jiminshii odathu semaya irrunthuchu i love that love you bts and love you akka 😊😊

  3. That….
    hobi : paththu Rm adhu fulla glassu nee vera odekkira caseu…
    Suga : hoseok nu peru vechikuttu ozone layer la oatta vilura varaikkum pesuran…

  4. Sollrathuku words ye illa…. Semmaya irunthuchu…… Rommva enjoy pannunen……

    Suga serikirathu semmaya pannirukinga..

  5. So cute and lovely flowers for BTS members forever in my heart and brain…..
    Love you so much….

  6. Hlo da editing vera level dubbing super ra pannringa I luv it awesome 💜 Saranghaeeee 💜

  7. 😂✌jimin👉Avar dress ha paru hair style ha paru mothathula avaru super ஸ்டார் 😁✌


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