Rock lobster and ajah.
This workweek the Dining Out Team feed at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, to give it the full title. Since the Royal Cliff has 11 restaurants, it becomes necessity to department of state clearly which one we were dining in, and ours was the Breezeo – Be Yourself Dining, a restaurant where you can literally get your feet wet in the waters of the Bay of Siam if you wish. We were happy enough merely looking at the water system three meters aside .
Breezeo has a unique atmosphere, very casual and laid back, but retaining the Royal Cliff ’ sulfur high standards of service ( and food, we found late ). Chairs are wicker and tables like. Along one wall is the unfold kitchen, the province of Slava, the unseasoned ukrainian chef whose enthusiasm for his food is catching. ( And there is no Borsht on the menu. )
Chef Slava and a rather large lobster.
Finding Breezeo in the complex of the Royal Cliff is actually not easy, but here is the easy method ( and the longer method if you like a walk before dinner ). After walking into the anteroom, carry on through and out towards the large liquid pool. Look for the sign for Breezeo and the accompaniment elevator, and go down to the lower floor. Exit the elevator and you are there !

now here is the exercise way – from the lobby turn left and walk along beside the Maharani restaurant ( big indian food, by the direction ) and then follow the stairs down and down and down until you are on a walk beside the water system. Keep walk and you will come across Breezeo. On second thoughts take the elevator !

Take your time to peruse the menu. There are, for example, wines from 16 countries ranging in price from around B. 1,400 to sky ’ s the limit. We decided on a Riddle Brut Reserve, well quaffable white from Australia and alone B. 1,400. It was absolutely adequate for the evening. The western Cape reds were besides similarly priced ( B. 1,500-1,600 ) .
As Breezeo is an ideal venue to sit rear and relax, tapa fit well ( B. 150-280 ). Sandwiches and burgers are B. 150-289. Chef Slava said they were producing “ New World ” snacks such as a Thai relish ( ajah ) taken with barbecued shrimp. King lobster was B. 240 for 100 gram, ashen snapper was B. 800 for the wholly fish, and pomfret was B. 120 per 100 gram. other seafood included blue cancer, mackerel and squid and tiger prawns at B. 220 for 100 gigabyte.

Breezeo is known for its grills and we indulged with mussels with barbecued cheese, a white common snapping turtle and a grill rock ‘n’ roll lobster in a garlic mayonnaise plus lamb chops. These dishes are cooked for you on the spot and were in truth excellent. Grills roll between B. 310-330 .
Grilled mussels topped with cheese.
It was a most enjoyable even. The Royal Cliff has managed to give Breezeo its own character, and when combined with good food makes Breezeo another venue worth exploring. The price is very centrist and we can recommend Breezeo to you. Do attempt .
Breezeo – Be yourself Dining, 353 Pratamnak Road, Pattaya, tel. 038 250 421, Open seven days 11 ante meridiem cashbox midnight.