BREDA is a Dallas-based watchmaker that ’ s shaking up the earth of watches with its refreshingly across-the-board approach. While the purpose of the burgeoning post ’ sulfur watches is anchored in the theme of self-expression, the specific styles make character to the duration and breadth of watch design. From classic styles like Virgil or Visser that boast stainless steel steel bracelets and square faces to the colored newly arrival Play which makes consumption of a recycle thermoplastic polyurethane isthmus, BREDA covers all angles of mod watch culture. While many contemporary watchmakers specialize in classical or modern design, BREDA does both. This does, however, add to the difficulty of choosing your following timepiece. Do you honor the classics with a amber, silver, or leather vigil, or do you opt for something that breaks new earth ? To make things easier, we ’ ve put together a vogue usher to ensure your newly BREDA wristwatch matches your style .

Explore the diverse compass of watches by BREDA .


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breda-1-2breda-1-2 BREDAbreda-1breda-1 BREDA As the name suggests, this retro-style timepiece is inspired by the shape of artist Carel Nicolaas Visser whose exploit explored the relationship of boldface shapes in distance. Visser ’ s goldplate stainless steel five-link watchband goes beyond vogue and juncture, fitting as comfortably with streetwear as tailoring. A 35mm square front boasts a strike brushed gold dial to complete the classic style .


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breda-2-2breda-2-2 BREDAbreda-2breda-2 BREDA Jane is one of the more elegant watches we ’ ve seen in years. Its slender 23mm egg-shaped case is characterized by a natural mother of pearl dial which compliments the stainless steel steel watchband fastening with a jewelry clasp. completely unimposing, Jane is full of repose confidence .


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breda-3-2breda-3-2 BREDA

breda-3breda-3 BREDA A vintage favored, Virgil features a slender 26mm goldplate orthogonal sheath which frames a brush gold dial punctuated by black increments. While it ’ s rare to find orthogonal watches nowadays, Virgil shows that this dateless style still deserves a smudge in your accessary rotation as a elegant and out-of-the-ordinary highlight piece .


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breda-4-2breda-4-2 BREDAbreda-4breda-4 BREDA A 26mm square case acts as the centerpiece for Esther. The vintage purpose catches eyes with its sunray bone brushed dial that contrasts smoothly with a goldplate stainless steel steel watchband. Timeless design combined with a Japanese-made Miyota Quartz movement means that you ’ re hit on time and absolutely in style every time .


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bread-5bread-5 BREDAbreda-5-2breda-5-2 BREDA

The newest member of the BREDA family, Play acts as a word picture of movement, imagination, and pleasure. This multi-faceted timepiece calls for summer days spent in the sun with its recycle plastic construction that ’ s built to withstand high heat and gamble. american samoa well as being built to last, Play comes in a survival of bold colors to brighten up your everyday style. Our destine Selects section features products that we love and want to partake with you. Highsnobiety has affiliate selling partnerships, which means we may receive a commission from your buy .