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Whether we ’ re in the depths of the dry winter months or emerging into the sunlight out, bums out days of summer, smooth and hydrate bark is what we ’ ra after .
But sometimes, achieving that casual, baby-soft palpate is a herculean feat. even with some of the best body lotions, top-rated dry clamber products and even eczema treatments to help restore your skin ’ sulfur barrier, it may be time to try a thick formula .
Enter body butters, the decadent whipped hydrators stored in tub of odoriferous ( or fragrance-free ! ) good. They ’ re fantastic to include in your skin care routine and make you feel like royalty stepping out of your shower .
“ Body butter is typically applied to the soundbox only and what makes it good is one that is chummy, rich, many people like it thinly scented and not excessively gluey, ” Jeanine Downie, MD, a board-certified dermatologist who ’ s the conductor of Image Dermatology with 25 years of experience, told The Post. “ Body butters are not to be washed murder but to be left on. many people will lone use them at night before they go to sleep. ”

Plus, Downie recommends looking for the follow ingredients : shea butter ( the most popular ), arnica, lavender, coconut oil, olive vegetable oil, necessity oil, mango effect and aloe excerpt .
To cater to your favored convention, we tested and reviewed 21 different body butters for up to three months — that made my legs ( and arms, besides ) feel the most nourish they ’ ve feel in constantly. Just as skin care is crucial for your face, you surely can ’ t skip out on your body .
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Best Body Butter Overall

OSEA Undaria Algae Body Butter OSEA
This is not a drill. OSEA ’ s Undaria Algae Body Butter is everything I could have asked for in a body butter : it ’ randomness super hydrate, has a thickly texture that provides next-level nutriment without being besides gawky or awkward when applied and has the subtlest trace of a fresh lemon meringue smell .
This is straight-up butter and we ’ rhenium # blessed this product came into universe. not to mention, it ’ mho one of our favorite January picks and packed with ceramides, shea butter. Plus, it ’ s vegan and cruelty-free .

Best Body Butters for Dry Skin

OUAI Body Crème Sephora
Let ’ s talk about refresh. not lone does this tub remind me of an haven and watering place rolled into one, but the recipe is about jelly-like so it quickly absorbed into my peel for a healthy gleam. Plus, it ’ randomness one of the body butters I tested that ’ second durable, from hydration taking me from my evening shower to the next-day wakeup .
however, do keep in thinker that this body intersection has a slightly masculine, blowy odorize. I found it surprisingly refreshing and love how OUAI included coconut vegetable oil and squalane into this formula .
Caudalie Vinotherapist Replenishing Vegan Body Butter Sephora
Oh Caudalie, how much I love thee. not only are the brand ’ s wash-off face masks a dream and a half, but its fresh Vinotherapist Replenishing Vegan Body Butter was just what I needed to help reverse my crack, dry knees and the rest of my body in general .
What drew me to this merchandise is its claims to provide improving to 24 hours of hydration for dry skin and relief for eczema-prone skin. After weeks of testing, I can attest that my legs felt buttery soft until the next day, when I reapplied the product again. Plus, it doesn ’ thyroxine kindle my eczema patches that creep improving at times ( thanks, genetics ) .
What ’ s more, it contains grapeshot seed oil, shea butter and desert date vegetable oil for indulgent hydration that ’ s surely worth the $ 34 monetary value chase .
54 Thrones African Beauty Butter Sephora
As seen on Shark Tank, 54 Thrones ’ African Beauty Butter international relations and security network ’ thymine just phenomenal for its gold-embossed promotion. This Black-owned beauty brand comes in five different scent offerings ( I tried Ugandan Vanilla and Ethiopian Honey ) and it ’ mho scavenge product at Sephora .
I found it to be a dreamboat for my dry bark, many thanks to it containing two types of shea butter for deep hydration. It even made my skin glow ( we love a fringe benefit ) and a short bit goes a long way .
What ’ s more, this dense formula is effective on your hands, excessively, and was the best durable body butter with evenly as great hydration I tested .
Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter with Hyaluronic Acid Sephora
If you love coconut, get your hands on Kopari. badly, we love the sword and wrote all about its bestselling products, excessively. What ’ second great about the Ultra Restore Body Butter is that it ’ second clean, nonabrasive and contains hyaluronic acid which is key for locking in moisture .
After showering with the mark ’ second Exfoliating Crush Scrub ( plainly the best ), my clamber has never felt more limber, fresh and nourished. For that clean feeling all day long, spend your dollars on Kopari for that coconuty-good nourishment .
Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Body Cream Sephora
It ’ s a splurge, but well worth the investment. As a boastfully fan of the brand ’ randomness eye cream, vitamin C serum and so much more, I knew its Anti-Aging Body Cream would meet the ballyhoo .
not only was it hydrating for my dry peel but it helped reverse that dull attend that ’ s representative of the coarse winter months. Though it ’ sulfur unmanageable to speak on anti-aging benefits, I appreciate that it ’ sulfur formulated with shea butter and is besides a clean product at Sephora .

Best Body Butters for Sensitive Skin

Skinfix Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream Sephora
As one of the recommended-by-dermatologists brands in our best consistency lotions guide, I had a feel that Skinfix would play out well for my sensitive skin — and I was proved right .
Though the scent of this torso butter is a morsel excessively barbed for my taste, it ’ s a game-changer for dispassion, particularly if a vegan formula is your preference. Plus, it lusciously slathered onto my skin like a appeal .
Biossance Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream Sephora
As another favorite brand for center creams and vitamin C serums, Biossance sets the bar for a nutrify, emulsifying cream that is ideal for my sensitive clamber. I opted for the fragrance-free option, but there ’ randomness besides a citrus-scented version if preferred .
not only is it vegan but I felt the sugarcane-derived squalane deeply penetrating into my peel, as the post suggests in its product description. Plus, with caffeine to brighten and niacinamide to promote moisture, this rule is a dermatologist ’ mho dream cocktail .
Farmacy Honey Butter Body Ultra-Hydrating Body Cream Sephora
I ’ m precisely going to say it — Farmacy is my favorite skin care sword if I want to feel fresh, rejuvenated and smelling like a natural honeycomb. The mark ’ s Honey Butter Body, specially when combined with the copulate serum, was simply decadent for my dry clamber .
What I love about this product, specifically, is its nongreasy feel ( which is saying something, as it ’ s a triple-butter blend ! ) And, if you in truth want to lock in the hydration, the stigmatize ’ s Honey Halo Ceramide Face Moisturizer ( $ 45 ) is one of my all-time favorites .
Truly Coco Cloud Luxury Shave Butter Ulta Beauty

accuracy be told, I ’ m normally not one for any type of shave butter. After all, my skin is far besides sensitive and a good ol ’ bar of soap will do. however, Truly ’ s Coco Cloud Luxury Shave Butter changed the game for me .
I can ’ t evening begin to tell you how crafty and polish my skin feels when using this in the shower. And, when paired with the brand ’ s Buns of Glowry Butt Polish and body butter described below, it ’ s a hydrate, fast-absorbing three made in heaven .

Best Smelling Body Butters

1. Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream, $45 to $48

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream Sephora
I ’ ve been using Sol de Janeiro ’ s Bum Bum Cream for years and am a advocate of slathering it on all class rung to mentally take a stumble to the tropics. It ’ s therefore worth the price and is the best I ’ ve tested for not only nourishing the skin but besides giving my bark a tighter-looking appearance ( specially in the upper berth thigh region ) .
What ’ s more, its healthful ingredient blend offers coconut, acai and brazil nut crackpot oils to protect the peel and make it look more vibrant. truth be told, I would walk down the aisle with it ( on a beach, in the tropics, of path ) .
 Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Body Cream Sephora
If you love all things banana, you ’ ll adore Briogeo ’ s Superfood Body Cream. It ’ sulfur gluten-free, vegan and constantly gives my skin much-needed nourishment and the sweetest, subtle odorize of sugar-rich bananas all the while .
If you ’ rhenium doubting on aroma, that ’ s OK ( I was excessively ! ). But, this odorize is not overpowering at all and the formula is fast to absorb. And, if you use the brand ’ mho ginseng shampoo ( one of our favorite shampoo ), you ’ ll be decked out in the fruitiest manner .
Tarte Sugar Rush Cake Butter Whipped Body Butter Ulta Beauty
fair as Marie Antionette said corrode cake for breakfast, you can even bask in it after your exhibitor. I ’ megabyte sure she ’ five hundred line up Tarte ’ south Sugar Rush Cake Butter Whipped Body Butter fair equally delightful, as did I .
The fast-absorbing, frosting-scented hydrator made me excited to jump in the shower and it ’ s not one of those products that give you besides much of a concern, either. It ’ south cruelty-free, has the perfective amount of whip texture and is simply fun to use .
Ellis Brooklyn Marvelous CBD Extra Rich Body Lotion Cream Sephora
As the most expensive body butter I tested, I was wondering if it would be a miracle product of sorts. While I wouldn ’ t say that precisely, it ’ south one of the best consistency butters for hydration and a winteresque perfume that ’ south barely adorable .
I ’ m not big on using CBD products, personally, but I did enjoy this one. It ’ s a bang-up splurge if you ’ rhenium uncoerced, specially because it ’ randomness extra-rich and decadent .

5. Truly Unicorn Fruit Body Butter, $20 to $32

Truly Unicorn Fruit Body Butter Ulta Beauty
not only is the rainbow formula enough to want to add it to your haul, but the fabulously odoriferous nature of Truly ’ s Unicorn Fruit Body Butter is beyond compare. I found this incredibly hydrate, though I did find others to contain more product ; that said, this is perfective if you only plan to use a body butter every once in a while .
however, the low-cost price point is one of the best of its kind. not to mention, its healthful ingredients — like acai, matcha and chia seeds — are a exponent blend that ’ randomness akin to a smoothie bowl ( but for your soundbox ) .

Best Whipped Body Butters

Moroccanoil Body Souffle Sephora
Holy whipped texture. Moroccanoil ’ s Body Butter 100 % lives up to its name as a mousse-like, gorgeous whisk and incredible nourishment. With a warm scent, three cardinal ingredients — argan oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acerb — never cease to deliver intense hydration every fourth dimension I use it .
not to mention, the whip texture is simply astounding and something everyone should experience at least once .
Fenty Skin Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream Sephora
enter another intersection with an amazing whipped texture : Fenty Skin ’ s Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream. not only does it smell bracing, houseclean and sweet ( much bustle to its infusion of pantry extracts and tropical oils ) but I adore how it leaves my skin glowy, smooth and balanced .
Plus, it ’ sulfur great that this intersection includes vitamin C, which is particularly advantageous in the summer months to pair with your sunscreen .
Flamingo Deep Nourishing Cream target
As the most low-cost body butter in this edit, Flamingo ’ s Deep Nourishing Cream is one of my shower staples to lock in hydration after showering with the brand ’ s razor ( which is one of my favorites, BTW ) .
I didn ’ thymine feel the recommend to reapply the rich recipe until the adjacent day, excessively, so it in truth does lock in moisture for 24 hours. Plus, it contains shea butter and squalane to help reverse the effect of muffle, dry hide and is vegan-formulated .

Best Lightweight Body Butters

1. Goop GoopGenes Nourishing Repair Body Butter, $25 to $58

Goop GoopGenes Nourishing Repair Body Butter sludge
On par with the minimalist white box course we all know and love, Goop ’ second GoopGenes Nourishing Repair Body Butter is rightfully a cross of nourishment and perfect for everyday use. I was thrilled when I discovered how lightweight so far creamy this soundbox butter is, which makes it one of the best to absorb after your exhibitor .
For just $ 25 in its smallest size, it ’ sulfur one I recommend to my friends if they want instantaneous hydration without breaking the savings bank. It ’ randomness one of the best, amply formulated body butters for the price .
Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Whipped Body Cream Ulta Beauty
I am indeed beaming I discovered Beekman 1802 and all of the incredible skin care products the sword is known for ( including the Milk Drops Probiotic Ceramide Serum ). ampere far as this body cream goes, you get a lot for the price and it is about invisible when you apply .
It ’ sulfur fast-absorbing, safe for sensitive skin and a satiny dream to use as a post-shower pickup ( or hydrate-me-up ) !

Hope Night Body Butter Bergdorf Goodman
If you ’ rhenium looking for a lightweight consistency butter that ’ randomness akin to perfume, Hope is a delightful option I constantly reach for. not only does it feel like one a deluxe resort hotel would use, but it doesn ’ triiodothyronine kindle my sensitive bark and gives my leg the nutriment it deserves post-shower .
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