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ORANGE CITY, FL (Florida TV) Blue Spring Florida Manatees State Park. One of the best places to see manatees in all of Florida. Florida TV examines why manatees flock here every year. And why people travel from all over the world just to see these incredible creatures. We join the experts from “Save The Manatee” as they show us how these sea cows are tracked, saved and counted. Save the Manatee Club was founded in 1981 by former Florida Governor and US Senator Bob Graham and singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. The Club was started with the mission of protecting manatees and their habitat. Today, Save the Manatee Club is the world’s leading manatee conservation organization. BLUE SPRING STATE PARK Conservation measures can produce surprising results. In 1970, two years before Blue Spring State Park was established, researchers tracked 14 manatees on the spring run. In 2005, after years of park improvements and efforts to protect the manatees, the number of wintering manatees exceeded 200. By 2018, that number had reached a record high of 485. In addition to sea cows, fish abound in the spring, and these attract a variety of waders, ospreys, bald eagles and kingfishers. To see the wonders of the park, one can hike along the Spring Trail or the 4.5-mile Pine Island Trail. You can also launch a canoe or kayak, rent one at the park, or take a guided riverboat cruise. Blue Spring State Park is a state park located west of Orange City, Florida, United States. The park is a popular tourist destination; Activities available include canoeing, diving, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking, wildlife viewing and swimming. Call Blue Spring State Park at 386-775-3663 before your visit for the latest manatee count. 🔴Subscribe for more Florida TV 🔴Visit us on

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Blue Spring Florida Manatees State Park
Blue Spring Florida Manatees State Park

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Blue Spring Florida Manatees State Park.

hot springs in florida.

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