I am presently checked into the Best Western “ Premier ” Bang Tao Beach Resort and writing this review from the colored, dated, uncomfortable, mosquito infest room to which I have been sentenced. fortunately, I am only here for one night under the SHA+ test and go course of study, and at noon I can check into my service apartment down the beach. This might be the worst hotel I have always stayed at in Thailand, and I have been to Thailand over 100 times. This place is therefore bad, it is epic poem … This might in fact be the worst hotel in Thailand. Positives : The hotel is situated at the south end of Bang Tao beach, which is one of the best beaches in Phuket. Bathroom, although dated, was clean and the AC works well. Negatives : Every single other view of the hotel, including : room : The 1980s vintage furniture and shabby decoration would have been more allow to a Motel 6 on the turnpike outside of East AssCrack Arkansas, not a “ 4 star haunt ” in Thailand. The bed did not even have a proper mattress, the television receiver did not work, the locate was cold and atrocious … Worst of all, the room was infested with mosquitoes. It was sol bad I had to get out of layer at 4am to put on wiretap spray and then crank the AC up to full blast and pull the covers over my point. little buggers calm got me. food : I ordered embroider kapow gai with rice ( virtually impossible to screw up ) and a bucket of ice from board service last night. actually, the food was very well, but room service brought it in fictile containers … Looked like they got it from the 7-11 across the street, together with disposable utensils. Strong prison vibration. The ridicule who brought it much threw it at me and ran back down the hall like I had the harass. staff : My only interactions was limited to the front desk staff and room service … The lady at the front desk was friendly but clueless. She got distracted by a call call while checking me in and left me standing there for 10 minutes while she tried to assist some other guest on the telephone with an upgrade. I finally had to interrupt her to ask for my card key. She apologized but WTF ? The security staff was unfriendly … The board service guy was in such a rush to get out of there I hardly got a look at him. As for the helpful ridicule who helped me with my baggage … I guess he got discharged because I had to carry my own bags up the stairs to my room. Facility sustenance : This place is in atrocious condition … Walking to my room, I noticed some of the hotel rooms had broken locks on their doors, looked like the rooms were out of serve, which is consistent with the moth-eaten, broken down vibe the place has. The pool area seems sanely clean and the grounds sanely well maintained, but the interior decoration is right out of the 1980s, good down to the flannel plaster dolphin fountains. WIFI/ television : wireless local area network connection is frightful, I had to connect my laptop to my hot spot on my phone because the hotel arrangement does not work. The television scantily works, reception is atrocious, which was not the end of the universe as of the 12 channels, only one was international programming. Anyway, I could go on, but if you have read this far, I credibly do n’t have to. This is an amazingly bad hotel. There are dozens of options within 5 kilometers of the property that are much better and cheaper. This hotel is in a bang-up location right on a terrific beach, but the facility is then bad, not sure what they could do to improve the situation other than knock the place down and completely rebuild it.