Bento Box Lunch: Easy and Cheap to Make Yourself | Dennispoint Campground MD

This is what you need for your bento

In Japan, Bento really just describes how to pack different ingredients in a takeout box. Some typical components are almost always carried with you.

  • Onigiri: They are sushi rice balls wrapped in a nori sheet. First boil the rice and then roll it into a ball.
  • If you wish, you can decorate the onigiri with tuna cream or smoked salmon, for example. You can also use the ingredients to make sushi yourself.
  • Blanch the vegetables: Vitamins are especially important at lunchtime to set you up for the day. Blanched vegetables are particularly suitable for the bento box in Japan. Boil in hot salted water for a minute, then plunge it into cold water.
  • Pickled vegetables: You can also pickle radishes or carrots in a vinegar broth. To do this, pour a hot broth made up of 1/3 water, sugar and rice vinegar over the vegetables and let it rest for a few days in the fridge. Whip up a large batch like this at one time and you’ll have a side dish to last the entire work week.
  • Meat or fish: As with sushi, fish is often present in Japanese bento boxes. Steam salmon or chicken overnight with soy sauce and enjoy cold for lunch. It is even more practical with smoked mackerel.
  • Tofu: In Japan, tofu is not an organic fad but an ancient tradition. Cook the tofu the day before and brush it with soy sauce before packing it into your bento box for lunch.

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