BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY is gallant to present A Conversation with the Sun by applaud Thai auteur and artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Running from May 28 till July 10, 2022, the interdisciplinary project, in collaboration with DuckUnit and Pat Pataranutaporn, manifests Weerasethakul ’ s long-standing interests in moving images, staginess, performance, technology and their coalescence .
Interrogating the possibilities of an being without his personal memories, A Conversation with the Sun draws on selected self-documented footage over respective years – the means in which the artist has chosen to record his life since he embarked on filmmaking. Existing as if a personal memory archive, these images in concert with a published conversations between the artist and artificial Intelligence ( AI ) generated cognitive specters of individuals and entities such as Jiddu Krishnamurti, Salvador Dali, the Sun, and others .
These conversations, generated through GPT-3 – an AI platform that can be used to build conversations – were developed in collaboration with Pat Pataranutaporn, a engineer and a research worker at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who explores the intersection of synthetic virtual humans and celluloid biology. Sparked by Weerasethakul ’ s contemplations of the Sun as he embarked on long walks amidst nature, the artist has pushed and guided the AI to generate increasingly coherent and interest conversations to manifest newly fictions.

The artist ’ mho established theme of the fabric-curtain-backdrop present in his past projects such as Fever Room ( 2015, theatrical version ), Blue ( 2018 ), and Constellations ( 2018 ), makes a re-incarnation in this new plan. Animated and mechanized in collaboration with DuckUnit, the material ’ randomness employment – simultaneously bodily and apparitional – alludes to its many-sided functions in both film and field. Be it establishing context as a backdrop or shielding contentedness as a curtain, its movements now parallel a operation and a reminder of the fantastic memories of the supernatural that the material embodies.

A Conversation with the Sun is a project that offers up the auteur ’ s own introspections, as opposed to his anterior reflections of the socio-cultural milieu. Akin to the Sun ’ s position as a vital violence of nature, the ignite from the projector is recognized by Weerasethakul as the film maker ’ mho Sun. And equitable as how the luminosity from the Sun illuminates, the light from the projector casts those memories that have been captured .
In accession to the exhibition, on May 28, there will besides be the establish of the book “ A conversation with the Sun ”. The book includes a conversation between Apichatpong Weerasethakul and the Sun, joined by artists, writers, and thinkers, that is generated by the artificial intelligence platform GPT-3 ; and a conversation with Pat Pataranuthaporn on the issues of human-technology relationships and similarities between directing and commanding to Artificial Intelligence, a good as the idea behind this collaboration .