2020 unmarried by AJR

Bang! “ is a birdcall by american pop dance band AJR. It was released on February 12, 2020, through their own label AJR Productions. The song is the precede unmarried from the band ‘s fourth album OK Orchestra .

background [edit ]

AJR released their third studio apartment album Neotheater on April 26, 2019. That twilight, they embarked on an across-the-board union american enlistment in hold of the album. [ 1 ] Neotheater debuted to critical and commercial achiever, with album sales buoyed by the hit single “ 100 Bad Days ”. As a consequence, AJR announced the “ Neotheater World Tour Part II ” on November 15, 2019, with tour stops in North America, Europe, and South America, including festival appearances at Lollapalooza Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. [ 2 ] The 2020 leg of the tour was postponed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [ 3 ] AJR began working on “ Bang ! ” in the action of writing Neotheater, and continued to work on the sung throughout the subsequent tour. After struggling with how to make “ Bang ! ” “ voice current ”, the band sidelined the song to finish Neotheater, merely returning to it after they finished touring. [ 4 ]

AJR explained their motivation for writing the birdcall : ” We wrote ‘BANG ! ‘ about the eldritch middle-ground between being a child and becoming an pornographic ; a time when we ‘re doing all the things adults are supposed to do, but we do n’t so far feel grown up. The fact is, adulthood is bound to hit us at some point, so the design we made in the birdcall is to ‘go out with a spang ‘. Sonically, with every new song we make, we try to stretch out of our AJR comfort zone. With ‘BANG !, ‘ it felt exciting to step into this colored, horn-heavy vibration, where the verses are little and mysterious, and the chorus explodes into this theatrical trap chorus ”. [ 5 ] The voice of the song that announces “ here we go ! ” and “ metronome ! ” is Charlie Pellett, best known for his voice used on the New York City Subway. When the birdcall was beginning recorded, Ryan Met initially did the voice, [ 6 ] but the group opted to get person else to do. Their first choice was their father, Gary, and then a neighbor friend of his. AJR had used Pellett ‘s voice for a populate read years ago and he had emailed them ; thanking them for the protection. Realizing that they immediately had his e-mail in their inbox, they asked him to help with the song and he happily obliged. [ 7 ]

constitution and lyrics [edit ]

“ slam ! ” is composed in 4
4 common time and in the key of C-sharp child, with a reasonably firm tempo of between 138 and 144 beats per minute ( beats per minute ). AJR ‘s vocals on the song crop from B2 at the low end to C # 5 at the high end. [ 8 ]

music television [edit ]

The official video was uploaded on February 12, 2020, directed by Se Oh and features AJR hosting a die game. The television camera remains facing in one direction, lone moving second and forth, as the participants playing are seen going through respective costume changes with every pan out, ranging from sailors to tuxedos to evening being naked. [ 9 ]

Chart performance [edit ]

The birdcall entered the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 99 and peaked at phone number 8 on the graph, becoming both the band ‘s beginning top 40 entrance and first peak 10 introduction, and their highest-charting single overall. [ 10 ]

Use in media [edit ]

In November 2020, Apple used an instrumental version of the refrain in “ Bang ! ” in their vacation commercial. [ 11 ] The use in ad, coupled with a $ 0.69 cost on iTunes, pushed “ Bang ! ” to numeral one on the US iTunes Sales Chart on December 26, dethroning Mariah Carey ‘s “ All I Want for Christmas Is You “. [ 12 ] “ Bang ! ” was besides used as the soundtrack of the opening collage at the 27th Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2021. [ 13 ]

Personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from Tidal. [ 14 ]

other versions [edit ]

Title Release date
Bang! – Younotus Remix May 15, 2020
Bang! (featuring Hayley Kiyoko) – AhhHaa Remix August 17, 2020
Bang! – Nathan Dawe Remix October 9, 2020
Bang! – Acoustic

Awards [edit ]

At the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, “ spang ! ” took dwelling the award for Top Rock Song, beating out “ Monsters “ by All Time Low, “ Heat Waves “ by Glass Animals, “ My Ex ‘s Best Friend “ by Machine Gun Kelly, and “ Level of Concern “ by Twenty One Pilots. AJR besides received nominations in the Top Duo/Group and Top Rock Artist categories, ultimately losing to BTS and Machine Gun Kelly, respectively. [ 15 ]

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