If there ’ s one place every Ahgase wants to visit in Thailand, it ’ sulfur B.Chill – the cafe and restaurant owned by GOT7 ’ s Thai extremity, Bambam. There are two locations, which are both managed by Bambam ’ s family : B.Chill Cafe and B.Chill Day & Night .
unfortunately, after a recent post from Bambam ’ s mother on Instagram, it seems like B.Chill Day & Night will be completion by the end of March 2020, and it is unclear as to whether a new location will be opened .
Despite the sad news program, I want to share my own have at a space where Ahgase came together to eat, drink, and…well, frisson .
We planned to go to B.Chill Cafe on the way to the airport, but unfortunately it was closed that day, so we entirely visited B.Chill Day & Night.

B.Chill-1 (fromJess)
After seeing so many photos of the restaurant at night, I had to experience it for myself. The day we went was a particular theme night for Chinese New Year, so I bought a crimson shirt and made a mental reservation for 8pm via the Line app, fair in case. It was superintendent slowly, and I was able to make the reservation in English .
The restaurant is about 5 miles outside of the city center. At the time, I could only find routes using the BTS with transfers to bus lines, so we used the Grab app ( basically Uber but with taxis included ) to regulate a ride. The drive from our hotel in Sukhumvit to B.Chill took about 20 minutes ( Bangkok traffic puts even New York City to shame ) .
He didn ’ t say anything, but I ’ molarity certain our driver was confused that two foreigners were trying to go somewhere outside the city center. He was decidedly baffled when he tried to pull into the hotel next to the driveway leading to B.Chill. He probably thought the hotel was the entirely cause two foreigners could possibly be asking to drive to an area that was clearly residential. When I told him “ no, a fiddling farther, ” he must have thought I was crazy .
The driveway to B.Chill looked like it led to what could alone be the begin of a horror movie. The vacant fortune next to it didn ’ thymine help. At this orient I know our driver must have thought we were lost. even after we got out, still at the end of the driveway, he drove a few feet, then stopped, as if waiting for us to turn back around after realizing we made a mistake .
I ’ m so glad I looked at Google maps before the trip. If I hadn ’ thymine, I would have assumed we were in the wrong home excessively. The road finally opened up to a little park lot and the restaurant .
From holocene posts online, there is immediately a sign, which makes the entrance much more obvious .
The restaurant is located on the second floor, with a smaller interpretation of the original cafe on the first floor. evening though the outside was in truth discreet ( they hadn ’ metric ton had the Grand Opening even ), we were immediately greeted by a giant B at the top of the stairs, so there were no doubts about where we were .
B.Chill ’ s interior was in truth trendy and stylish – I specially loved the check black and white floors. One of my front-runner decorations was the signboard over the door that said, “ Open when we ’ rhenium hera, closed when we ain ’ t. ” It was fair a cunning, kind of brash sign that I thought burst the solid vibration and air of the restaurant .
With speakers blasting K-pop ( by and large GOT7 ), it felt like a trendy bar or baseball club more than a restaurant. Every table was full moon of people, from fair a few friends or couples to big groups sharing colossus hot pots with a beer tower at the end of their tables .
even though there were no seats available inside, there were enough external. They didn ’ metric ton even ask for our booking and equitable let us choose a vacant board .
The atmosphere outside was wholly unlike. We could inactive hear the music distinctly, but we didn ’ t have to shout over it. The porch area was cool ( hour angle ) and much quieter than the raucous inside. We went from being in the in-between of a browning automatic rifle to outside at a restaurant .
The hot and humid weather from earlier in the day had finally died down a little with the sun down, which made eating outside truly pleasant. The balcony was largely lit by the fairy lights in glass holders and dim lamps along the english of the wall, and there was even a bantam bottle of wiretap spray on the table to help repel mosquitoes if we needed it .
I besides loved that we were unblock to get up, walk around, and take photos. Everyone there was doing the lapp so there was no awkwardness like there might have been at a regular restaurant. The staff didn ’ t even excess us a glance because of how coarse it was. For person like me who sometimes gets very self-conscious while taking photos, I thought this was very courteous .
The staff were actually nice and affected role and had some English skills, so there was no publish communicate, and the menu was besides in both Thai and English. If you enjoy cocktails, you should 100 % order one ! They look pretty and taste bang-up .
unfortunately I didn ’ t have the foresight to write down or take a picture of what we ordered or the particular menu items like the fry dish that looked like a bunch of mini-ahgase .

Around 9:30, we finished eating and moved downstairs to the cafe for dessert .
It ‘ s sol small and cute – a total contrast to the bar-like atmosphere upstairs. The cafe was empty with only two employees working behind the counter. They were playing a similarly GOT7-heavy playlist ( though at a significantly lower volume ), and the whole space felt so welcome and friendly .
We each ordered a swallow, patty, and Ahgase-shaped cookies, which we brought home with us. They even gave us spare cup sleeves from Beer ’ s birthday event they held a week or so anterior .
The Pikachu cake is a sponge cake with buttercream filling and a big iniquity chocolate bit in the center. I expected the frost to be hard and extremely sugared, but it was surprisingly soft and not excessively dessert or sugary. I would decidedly recommend this for anyone who doesn ’ t like truly sugary things .
I about ordered the green Ahgase coat but I wasn ’ t sure what the relish was ( and as a Mark fan, I couldn ’ t resist the Pikachu ). Before we left, I asked the staff, and it ’ s mango !
The cafe staff were therefore kind. I still can not express how grateful I was when we were ready to leave for the night and couldn ’ triiodothyronine find a Grab ride anywhere in the area. When we asked the staff if it was potential to call a cab for us ( since I didn ’ thymine know Thai, I thought this would be the safest bet ), they agreed after I explained I couldn ’ thymine get anything on Grab .
The staff even walked us to the parking set when the “ cab ” arrived. It looked like person ’ s personal car ( which was an option on Grab ). To this day I don ’ triiodothyronine know if the staff called person they knew or used some kind of service. I besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how or if they paid the person who drove us, because he refused money when I tried to pay him .
I am sol grateful to the B.Chill staff for taking manage of us .

How to get there

even though the localization is probably closing at the end of March 2020, and it is indecipherable if it will move to another localization, I will even share the directions for the current localization. Once the location closes or moves, I will update this military post accordingly .
I recently came across this blog station, which gives bit-by-bit instructions on how to get there via public transportation using the BTS and BRT lines. You can besides get there by cab, as I mentioned above .


750/3 Rama III Rd, Bang Phong Phang, Yan Nawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

I ’ megabyte sincerely disappoint and deplorable that this location is closing, and hope they can re-open somewhere else. Bambam ’ s family worked then hard, and B.Chill was a place about every Ahgase wanted to visit .
even though it was open for just a short time, thank you for all of your unvoiced work, Mama B, Beer, and all of the B.Chill staff !
If you have always been to B.Chill, tell me about your experience !

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