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Asking Alexandria are a british rock ring from York, North Yorkshire, consisting of guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell, drummer James Cassells, tip singer Danny Worsnop, and bassist Sam Bettley. initially formed in 2006 by Ben Bruce, the band officially established as a six-piece in 2008 with the founding line-up dwell of Bruce, Worsnop, Cassells, Liddell, Joe Lancaster and Ryan Binns. After the deviation of Lancaster and Binns, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the recruitment of bassist Sam Bettley in 2009, the band released their introduction album Stand Up and Scream ( 2009 ). The ring released two studio albums Reckless & Relentless ( 2011 ) and From Death to Destiny ( 2013 ), before the departure of Worsnop in January 2015. He was replaced by Denis Stoff and the band released The Black ( 2016 ). Stoff departed from the band in October that year, and Worsnop subsequently returned to the band. The band released their self-titled fifth album in late 2017, which was a tag stylistic passing from their previous works. Their sixth studio album, Like a House on Fire, which was released on 15 May 2020, shows the group ‘s continuity of a more straightforward and melodic hard rock strait, while besides shift into different genres. Its follow-up and their seventh studio apartment album, See What’s on the Inside, was released on 1 October 2021.


formation, early on releases and Stand Up and Scream ( 2006–2009 )

Ben Bruce, the band ‘s current run guitarist and backing singer, in the first place formed the band in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2006. The band ‘s original line-up consisted of wholly different members compared to that of the band ‘s line-up from 2008 and released their debut EP, Tomorrow. Hope. Goodbye. In 2006, then followed up with their introduction album titled The Irony of Your Perfection in 2007. [ 1 ] After realizing he would not be able to achieve external success in Dubai, he moved spinal column to England, Nottingham in 2008 and reassembled the band with new members from the local area, including moderate singer Danny Worsnop, whom he had moved into his directly apartment in York. [ 2 ] The band became a six-piece after recruiting Ryan Binns on synthesizers, James Cassells on drums, Joe Lancaster on bass and Cameron Liddell on rhythm guitar. [ 3 ] Later that year, Binns decided to leave the ring. In January 2009, Lancaster besides decided to leave and was replaced with Sam Bettley. [ 3 ] Lancaster late joined the metalcore ring With One final Breath. [ 4 ] Bruce carried the name of his previous isthmus over to his new one, due to not wanting the bother of coming up with a modern one. however, he insists that despite having the same name, it is not the same ring. [ 1 ] When asked why he chose that particular name, he explained that “ ‘ Most bands have a pretty shit band name, so I just came up with something. I came up with Alexandria as a human name, because people relate to humans. “ although the reason for using the word ‘asking ‘ is not explained. [ 2 ] Stand Up and Scream was recorded during leap 2009 and was produced by Joey Sturgis. [ 3 ] [ 5 ] The band signed to sumerian Records and released their debut album on the label on 15 September. [ 5 ] The album charted lone in the US top out at 4 in the top Heatseekers, 24 in the Top Hard Rock Albums and 29 in the exceed Independent Albums. [ 6 ] Four singles were released from Stand Up and Scream : “ The Final Episode ( Let ‘s Change the Channel ) “, “ A Prophecy ”, “ If You Ca n’t Ride Two Horses at once … You Should Get Out of the Circus ”, and “ not the american Average ”. On 3 December 2014, the single “ The Final Episode ( Let ‘s Change the Channel ) ” was certified gold by the RIAA after 500,000 copies were sold in the US. [ 7 ] On 30 March 2017, the band ‘s fourth unmarried “ not the american Average ” was besides certified amber by the RIAA after 500,000 copies were sold in the US. [ 7 ] The band toured across America as a documentation act for the remainder of the year, supporting evergreen Terrace along with For the Fallen Dreams and Unholy in October, [ 8 ] and Alesana along with From First to last, The Word Alive and Memphis May Fire in November and December. [ 9 ]

Reckless & Relentless ( 2010–2012 )

They toured across the US as a headline act in March with bands We Came as Romans, From First to last, Our last Night, and A Bullet For Pretty Boy. [ 10 ] The band supported metalcore kit Attack assail ! throughout March and April along with Breathe Carolina, I See Stars and Bury Tomorrow in the US. [ 11 ] They former supported Dance Gavin Dance during their european tour in April to early May along with In Fear and Faith, [ 12 ] during which they performed at The Bamboozle festival on 1 May. [ 13 ] The isthmus performed at the “ Thrash & Burn ” tour as a headline act along with Born of Osiris, Kittie and Stick to Your Guns from 16 July to 14 August in America. [ 14 ] Asking Alexandria performing at Reading in November 2011 After touring the ring announced that they would release a limited edition EP and DVD titled Life Gone Wild both digitally and excursively at Hot Topic on 21 December 2010 and would feature a fresh song titled “ Breathless ” which was initially a show for their moment album Stand Up and Scream and multiple covers while the DVD provides television footage of the band themselves. [ 15 ] The band besides announced that they would release a remix album titled Stepped Up And Scratched and was initially announced as the remix version of their debut and would be released in January 2011, [ 16 ] however was late announced to be released in November alternatively and would contain remixes of songs from their to be released second base album. [ 17 ] Their third base album, titled Reckless & Relentless was released 4 April 2011. [ 18 ] This time, the album did chart in the UK, peaking at 7 on the UK Rock Chart, and besides charted in Australia at 30 on the australian Albums Chart. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] The ring besides released a cover of Akon ‘s sung right now ( Na Na Na ) for the Punk Goes … compilation series, specifically for the album Punk Goes Pop 3. [ 21 ] Asking Alexandria late performed at the “ Soundwave 2011 Festival “ in Australia during former February and early March. [ 22 ] In April and May the band headlined in the UK with support acts Of Mice & Men and Chelsea Grin. [ 23 ] besides in April comedian Charlie Sheen had offered the band a topographic point on his ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth ‘ tour across the US however the band had to turn it down ascribable to their tour agenda at the time, but expressed their flattery and admitted to being fans of Sheen. [ 24 ] The group was besides the headliner for the “ Vans Warped Tour ” 2011 in July. [ 25 ] The band co-headlined a toured with rap rock band Hollywood Undead throughout November across America, dubbed the World War III tour. [ 26 ] After their tour both bands supported Avenged Sevenfold during their headline arena tour throughout the end of November to mid December. [ 27 ] In 2012 the band was listed by Revolver under the most expect albums of 2012, with Danny Worsnop giving the statement that the general sound of the album will be a “ … musical pamper of Mötley Crüe and Slipknot. ” [ 28 ] In March the band participated in Dallas ‘ ‘South By So What ? ! ‘ festival and late toured with digest acts Trivium, Dir En Grey, I See Stars, Motionless In White and the Amity Affliction throughout North America from early March to early April, naming the tour ‘Still Reckless ‘. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] In early on May the dance band debuted a trailer for their short film titled Through Sin and Self-Destruction featuring the set members, said to contain a “ controversial, uncensored look into the real lives of a newfangled era of rock stars for today ’ second generation ” and was officially released on iTunes on 15 May. [ 31 ] [ 32 ] The film itself consists of the three music videos from their second album : “ Reckless & Relentless ”, “ To the stage ” and “ beloved insanity ”. [ 31 ] Asking Alexandria performing at Mayhem Festival 2012 On 5 August the isthmus performed at the 2012 Mayhem Festival tour along with other bands such as Motörhead, Slayer and Slipknot. [ 33 ] late the same calendar month the band offered a free download for their new birdcall titled ‘Run Free ‘ and was said to be from their third album that had even to be announced. [ 34 ] A month late, when asked about the reasoned of the one-third album, Ben Bruce explained that the ring had matured and in order to excel in their career they will be recording and releasing radio friendly singles, however this will not result in the reasoned of the overall album as he describes the lie of the album to be “ balls-to-the-wall kind of stuff ”, adding that it would be released in 2013. [ 35 ] In November the ring headlined in Monster Energy ‘s ‘Outbreak Tour ‘ throughout November and December across North America with defend acts As I Lay Dying, Memphis May Fire, Attila and I See Stars who replaced Suicide Silence who had issues regarding the death of their singer, Mitch Lucker. [ 36 ] besides in November the band performed at Metalfest California along the likes of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Black Veil Brides. [ 37 ] On 30 November the set released an EP entirely through Revolver Magazine for rid via subscription, containing covers of 80 ‘s rock bands including ; Whitesnake, Journey, Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, along with their song Run Free released earlier that year. [ 38 ] Towards the end of their Outbreak tour, Danny Worsnop sustained a tear outspoken cord, causing him to sit out the New York performance and allow the singers of Atilla and I See Stars, along with a multi-talented roadie to perform vocal duties. [ 39 ] Despite the injury the singer late performed at the memorial concert for Suicide Silence ‘s Mitch Lucker in rate to raise money for his now fatherless daughter. [ 40 ]

From Death to Destiny ( 2013–2014 )

After Worsnop tore his outspoken cord in December 2012, he visited a repair weeks prior to the events of January 2013, giving an update that he will need to rest his vocals until he has recovered amply but besides reassured fans that this will not hinder the release of their third album as the majority of the record had been complete before his injury. [ 41 ] In January they performed a abruptly headline enlistment across the united kingdom with confirm acts Motionless in White and Betraying the Martyrs. [ 42 ] In recently March, the band released the first song of their third base album titled The Death of Me, and announced that the album will be released late that year in Summer. [ 43 ] The official release date was belated revealed to be 6 August with the album title, From Death to Destiny. [ 44 ] The band toured across America in April and June with Whitechapel, Motionless In White, Chimaira and I Killed The Prom Queen, dubbing the enlistment ‘Do n’t Pray For Us ‘. [ 45 ] besides in April the band partake in the Rocklahoma festival. [ 46 ] The band besides performed at Rock on the Range festival in mid May. [ 47 ] The band late performed at Rock AM Ring in Germany, Download in England, Graspop in Belgium and besides With Full Force in Australia in June. [ 48 ] [ 49 ] [ 50 ] [ 51 ] From Death to Destiny was successfully released on 6 August, and became the band ‘s highest-charting album to date and their label ‘s highest first-week sell album, debuting at 5 on the Billboard 200 and selling over 41,000 units. [ 52 ] In September the band participated in the annual Aftershock Festival and late toured with nu metal band Korn in America in September and October as a back act, along with Love and Death. [ 53 ] [ 54 ] The dance band embarked on their own ‘ From Death to Destiny ’ tour in October after touring with Korn, featuring support acts All That Remains, Sevendust and Emmure, across America. [ 55 ] In 2014 the band performed at Soundwave in Australia in February and late released a cover of Nine Inch Nails birdcall Closer for the compilation Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 issued by Fearless Records in April, making it their second time they have recorded for the series. [ 56 ] [ 57 ] In March 2014, the moderate single from their debut album, “ final episode ( Let ‘s Change the Channel ) ” was certified gold by the RIAA. [ 58 ] Asking Alexandria was one of the independent headline bands in the annual Never Say Never Festival on 12 March, along with Bring Me the Horizon besides headlining the festival. [ 59 ] They late embarked on another headlining go in North America, dubbed as the ‘Break Down The Walls ‘ enlistment, starting in March and ending in April, with support acts August Burns Red, We Came as Romans, Crown The Empire and Born of Osiris. [ 60 ] The set besides performed in South Africa in May. [ 61 ] In July, the band was announced as the nominees for Alternative Press’ first Music Awards, nominated for Best Live Band and Best International Band and besides performed at the ceremony itself, covering Duran Duran ‘s Hungry Like the Wolf featuring guest vocals from Jonathan Davis. [ 62 ] [ 63 ] On 15 December 2014, the band released their first gear official exist DVD titled Live From Brixton And Beyond which features the bands sold-out London appearance at the O2 Academy Brixton, a well as behind-the-scenes and backstage footage from the performance, it besides includes the spiritual world Reckless Halloween performance at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, all of the isthmus ‘s music television and the ‘Through Sin and Self-Destruction ‘ short-circuit film. [ 64 ]

deviation of Worsnop and The Black ( 2015–2016 )

Denis Stoff was a part of Asking Alexandria from early 2015 until his departure in late 2016. On 22 January 2015, conduct singer Danny Worsnop announced his deviation from the band to focus on rock music with his new band We Are Harlot. He besides stated that despite his deviation, the band would continue touring. head guitarist Ben Bruce announced that there would be a newfangled star singer. [ 65 ] Fans reacted to news in distress as they believe he was necessity to the ring ‘s audio, while others were not surprised by his career affect, some going as far to say he performs better with his modern band We Are Harlot than he does with Asking Alexandria. [ 66 ] When Bruce was queried regarding his condition with Worsnop he stated that he felt abandoned long before his departure since Worsnop ‘s lost the concern for screaming and heavier music since their exhaust of their second gear album, and continued to say that he would not know if he could call him and Worsnop friends. [ 67 ] When Bruce was asked regarding the reasoned of the fourth album, he stated that while it will feature influences of Guns N ‘ Roses and Van Halen it will besides feature influences from modern bands such as Avenged Sevenfold and Slipknot, stating that since the third album was such an unexpected change in musical manner he believes that fans will expect further experiment on the adjacent, consequently having less backfire from their fan base. [ 68 ] He has besides stated that they started writing material for the album while on enlistment in summer of 2014 and had written around 18 tracks, and estimates that it will be released between July and August 2015. [ 69 ] On 26 May 2015, Denis Stoff, once the guitarist and singer of ukrainian metalcore bands Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty, was revealed as the new lead singer when the band released “ I Wo n’t Give In “, their first gear single with him, on 27 May. [ 70 ] Speculation regarding Stoff ‘s affair started soon after Worsnop ‘s deviation due to similarities between Asking Alexandria and Make Me Famous ( who were said to have been ripping off the band ‘s sound ) ; the fact that they were tag mates would have made the transition easy for Stoff to make, and on his personal YouTube account he had covered multiple Asking Alexandria songs. [ 70 ] [ 71 ] Bruce was asked if he considered anyone else for the function and he stated that “ It has to be Denis ” going on to praise his much greater vocal stove and since he was inspired by Worsnop in the earlier stages of Asking Alexandria he can perform their songs live much better than Worsnop could, however when Stoff himself was asked how he would distinguish himself from him, he stated he would not make any comparison since he is a completely different person. [ 67 ] Asking Alexandria live in 2016 The ring initially planned to perform for the first clock with Stoff on 31 May at Manchester Academy 3 and at London Underworld a day after, however due to Stoff being ineffective to secure a visa in time for the shows, they had to cancel. [ 72 ] [ 73 ] They have besides been announced as one of the acts for the 2015 Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park Festivals in Germany in early June. [ 74 ] The band besides announced that they will be performing at the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. [ 75 ] In October, on their headline go through Europe, the set announced that the original plan to release the album in October/November has changed and that the fans can expect the album in early 2016 with a new individual and music video in November. [ 76 ] [ 77 ] In late December it was revealed that the album ‘s claim was going to be The Black and is expected to be released in March 2016, and will be supporting british alloy band Bullet for My Valentine in North America from 2 February to 7 March, dubbed the british Invasion tour. [ 78 ] [ 79 ]

Worsnop ‘s return and self-titled album ( 2016–2018 )

In mid-october 2016, it was speculated that the band had settled their differences with original lead singer Danny Worsnop and that some screen of collaborative attempt would be made after respective pictures were posted of Worsnop and Bruce in the studio together. [ 80 ] however, it was revealed two days late that Worsnop had actually returned to the band as an official penis after the passing of Denis Stoff. Ben Bruce explained that after a hanker period of time of not communicating with the set, Stoff stated, “ Asking Alexandria does not exist unless I get what ’ randomness owed to me ”. [ 81 ] [ 82 ] Worsnop besides opened up about his return to the band, stating that “ this is something that [ he ] can embrace again ”. [ 83 ] When the dance band performed again for the first time with Worsnop since Stoff ‘s passing, their set list excluded all songs from their most recent album The Black and alternatively consisted of songs that they had not performed in years. [ 84 ] This occurred just as the band headlined Sumerian ‘s “ Ten Years in the Black Tour ” supported by Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, I See Stars, Upon a Burning Body, After the Burial, and Bad Omens. As time went on more information regarding Stoff had been released, such as that Stoff had lip-synced the band ‘s older songs during live performances, an accusation made by Worsnop ‘s lawyers who notified him after sending Stoff a cease and abstain. When asked about Stoff ‘s prison term as his substitution, Worsnop replied stating that “ Replace is a solid word. He was fair keeping my seat warm. Honestly, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know the kid so I have no opinion of him as a person… ” [ 85 ] [ 86 ] Stoff stated that his passing was due to personal stress caused by the agitation in his home plate country of Ukraine. [ 87 ] The isthmus released their inaugural studio material with Worsnop back in the band on 21 September 2017, the single “ Into the Fire “ which would be the leave one from their approaching album. The band released a second single from the album, entitled “ Where Did It Go ? “, on 25 October 2017. On 15 December 2017, the dance band released their self-titled fifth studio apartment album. The album marked a significant stylistic switch from the dance band ‘s earlier metalcore cultivate, incorporating influences from a across-the-board pool of genres including stadium rock candy. [ 88 ]

Like a House on Fire ( 2019–2020 )

On 11 July 2019, the band released their newly song called “ The violence ”. [ 89 ] On 6 December, the band unveiled the dubstep remix of their song, “ The violence ” by the electronic artist “ Sikdope ”. [ 90 ] The band would go on to finish the class off by re-releasing their fifth album as a belated Christmas present to fans and as an anniversary to their much acclaimed album. [ 91 ] The re-release features six bonus tracks including a rock rendition of a previous chase, a demonstration, an acoustic traverse, a cover and a mash-up. [ 92 ] The band announced their headline enlistment after two years along with Falling in Reverse, Wage War and Hyro the Hero, the tour is called ‘Like A House On Fire World Tour ‘. It is intended to be a global tour. [ 93 ] On 11 February 2020, the band announced that a new single named “ They Do n’t Want What We Want ( And They Do n’t Care ) ” would premiere on Octane on 12 February. [ 94 ]

On 4 March, the ring announced their approaching sixth studio album titled Like a House on Fire set for release on 15 May 2020. At the lapp day, the band released the third gear unmarried of the album titled “ Antisocialist ” and its corresponding music television. [ 95 ] On 15 April, the band released the fourth single “ Down to Hell ” alongside an accompanying lyric video recording. [ 96 ] On 11 May, four days before the album release, the ring released their fifth unmarried “ House on Fire ”. [ 97 ]

See What’s on the Inside ( 2021–present )

On 7 June 2021, the band announced that they signed to Better Noise Music. [ 98 ] [ 99 ] On 20 August, the band surprise released a sword new single “ alone Again ” from their seventh studio album, See What’s on the Inside, which was released on 1 October 2021. At the same time, the band revealed the album cover and the track list. Guitarist Ben Bruce commented about the track : “ ‘Alone Again ‘ and the rest of this album is the leave of us reconnecting and falling back in sleep together with why we started this band in the beginning place. No frills or cheap tricks, just the five of us playing our instruments as hard and american samoa loud as we can ! ” [ 100 ] [ 101 ] On 31 August, the band unveiled the official music video for “ alone Again ”. [ 102 ] [ 103 ] On 23 September, one week before the album release, the band teased on their social media the birdcall “ Faded Out ” which would be available on 1 October. [ 104 ] [ 105 ] To promote the album, the band besides announced that they will support A Day to Remember ‘s rescheduled “ The Re-Entry Tour ” along with Point North in September 2021. [ 106 ] [ 107 ] On 27 September, the group announced their headline European/UK Tour 2022 to support the album. [ 108 ] [ 109 ] On 1 October, in celebration of the album liberation, the ring debuted the music video for the song “ Never Gon na Learn ”. [ 110 ] [ 111 ] An EP for that single, Never Gonna Learn, was released on 21 January 2022, containing two songs from See What’s on the Inside and two new songs, including “ New Devil ” which features Maria Brink of In This Moment. [ 112 ] On 20 May 2022, the band released a modern translation of another birdcall from See What’s on the Inside, “ Faded Out ”, featuring Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation ( credited as the isthmus ‘s name ). This newly version is scheduled to be on the soundtrack of the approaching movie The Retaliators. [ 113 ]

musical style

The set ‘s music has largely been described as metalcore, [ 114 ] [ 115 ] but has besides been labelled post-hardcore, screamo, [ 116 ] [ 117 ] hard rock, [ 118 ] and heavy metal. [ 115 ] [ 119 ] additionally, it was besides sometimes described as electronicore on their early work. [ 120 ] [ 121 ] Their first gear two sumerian albums, 2009 ‘s Stand Up and Scream and 2011 ‘s Reckless & Relentless, are both by and large considered to be metalcore albums, while their fourth album, 2013 ‘s From Death to Destiny, is influenced by heavy metal and rock bands [ who? ] while maintaining Asking Alexandria ‘s signature metalcore audio on certain tracks. Guitarist Ben Bruce has stated that they do not like writing music that sounds the like from album to album, which is why their musical style has changed over fourth dimension. [ 68 ] [ 122 ] [ 123 ] [ 124 ]

lyric style

Ben Bruce has expressed the feel that the band ‘s lyrical style before Reckless & Relentless was green. According to Bruce, the isthmus wanted to move on from yelling out lyrics like “ sleep together ” and “ you stupid fucking whore ” to a more mature style with more mean. [ 125 ] He stated that From Death to Destiny is lyrically their most mature album, no longer focusing on subjects such as drugs and women, and much more meaningful than their older lyrics. [ 126 ] Danny Worsnop has claimed that the band ‘s lyrics are never written before entering the studio and are constantly improvised during the record of an album. [ 127 ]


All of the band ‘s members have expressed their rage for 1980s rock music, and demonstrated it with releases such as the Life Gone Wild EP featuring covers of two Skid Row songs or the Under the Influence: A Tribute to the Legends of Hard Rock EP featuring covers of songs by bands such as Journey, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake and Def Leppard. Their third base studio album From Death to Destiny is heavily influenced by such bands. [ 128 ] [ 129 ] [ 130 ] Some of their favorite artists include Guns N ‘ Roses, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Sebastian Bach, Skid Row and Van Halen, but they besides take influence from modern bands such as Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold. [ 132 ] [ 133 ] [ 134 ] [ 135 ]

Band members

Current members

  • Ben Bruce – lead guitar, backing vocals ( 2006–present ); keyboards, programming ( 2008–2012 )
  • James Cassells – drums ( 2008–present )
  • Cameron Liddell – rhythm guitar ( 2008–present )
  • Sam Bettley – bass ( 2009–present )
  • Danny Worsnop – lead vocals ( 2008–2015 ; 2016–present ); additional guitar ( 2012–2015 ; 2016–present ); keyboards, programming ( 2008–2012 )

Former members

  • Ryan Binns – keyboards, programming ( 2008 )
  • Joe Lancaster – bass ( 2008–2009 )
  • Denis Stoff – lead vocals ( 2015–2016 )



Studio albums


  • Independent Music Awards 2012: Reckless & Relentless – Best Metal/Hardcore Album[136]