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Crenshaw and Randolph are competing cargo carriers, and Randolph’s leader, Tom Baxter, gave him an edge. A large transport contract is coming up which requires a large deposit. Crenshaw has Randolph killed and the banker, who is actually Crenshaw’s boss, then refuses to lend the money for the deposit to the new owner, Randolph’s daughter.

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Arizona Cyclone (1941)

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Western,Johnny Mack Brown,Fuzzy Knight,Nell O’Day.

Arizona Cyclone (1941).

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  2. Thanks for sharing it! I always enjoy watching Old Western Movies though. 👍👌👏
    An of course, I'm a subscriber!
    Thanks Again Though.

  3. Buenas tardes desde Venezuela buenas series por favor subirla en español latino gracias para entender lo que dicen

  4. when i saw fuzzy knights name on the credits,i knew this was going to be bad.suprised johnny mack brown wasnt killed a long time ago with a unreliable sidekick like knight.cut out all the parts fuzzy is in and you have a first grade A western than a B.

  5. If these were the movies of a lifetime….I wanna go go back! Woman had class back in those days, kids were brought up with respect…MEN worked, raised their families and had decent friends! Today…well nuff said!

  6. In 1949, Universal produced a series of twenty minute Western musical shorts starring popular C&W singer Tex Williams.  Williams was dressed to match footage of the old Johnny Mack Brown and Bob Baker films.  His Prairie Pirates short was a remake of Arizona Cyclone, using much of the same footage.

  7. Hey Tone, I'm surprised that you used stabilization on this upload. It gives this flick the dreaded "twisties".

  8. Love the way he was required to reload his pistol twice, during the first ambush session. You can see he reached back and so-called took loads from out of his gun belt. Once the shooting is over, and he joins up with his crew that was far away from the shooting, you can see he has a complete full gun belt of rounds. Not one was missing, even though he reloaded at least twice during all the shooting, and in less than a 5 minute ride, reached his crew, and his belt was complete full of rounds. It's a miracle, that the belt reloaded all by itself, while he rode his horse towards his crew less than 5 minutes away out in the country. Boy, that sure is a miracle  lol.


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