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Our people are the driving force. Our mission is to make real estate investing delightfully easy. We combine our passion, cognition, and experience with the latest technology to create a seamless, throughout experience for property investors .Wealthi Team 2.7bn+
real estate transaction rate across team.

12 years
median feel advising investments. Peter ‘s travel includes a backdrop in investing management and real estate investment. Prior to Co-Founding Wealthi, Peter worked with Morningstar Inc and Invast Global .Domenic Nesci Domenic Nesci – Co-Founder Domenic ‘s journey includes a background in fiscal design and veridical estate of the realm development. Prior to Co-Founding Wealthi, Domenic worked with Announcer Group and Thirdi Property .Tiffy Rubinat Tiffy Rubinat – General Manager Tiffy is an industrial engineer and spent more seven years at Unilever across diverse countries before joining Wealthi. She besides hosts the Wealthi Español podcast .Jody Wang Jody Wang – head of Client Success Jody has a setting in marketing from UTS and is an absolute adept in helping ensure each node we speak to gets the best potential solution tailored to their needs .Eva Diaz Eva Diaz – read/write head of Communications Eva is an have journalist and PR specialist, having worked with some of Australia ‘s leading fiscal instutitions over two decades .Carolina Costa Carolina Costa – commercialize director Carolina previously worked with spanish banking giant star Santander and The World Literacy Foundation before joining Wealthi .paula-bosolasco-lending-specialist.jpeg Paula Bosolasco – lend specialist Paula started her career working for the Swiss multinational investment deposit and fiscal services of UBS. Prior to joining Wealthi, she was the operations and fiscal coach of a construction company in Byron Bay .Keg-property-investment-specialist.jpeg Kej Kulane – senior Investment Specialist

Kej has over 10 years of experience in fiscal services and real number estate industries. Before joining Wealthi, Kej worked as Senior Sales Manager at Lendi and St Trinity Property Group .carla-nesci-lending-specialist.jpeg Carla Nesci – lend specialist Carla has about a decade of experience in market and actual estate of the realm across Sydney & Newcastle. Having studied marketing, property and invention gave her a deep and wide agreement of the industry .Lee Valentine Lee Valentine – adviser Lee is an experience marketing and property professional, advising companies across Australia including Lend Lease, Mirvac, GPT and Frasers Property .jonathan-emery.jpg Jonathan Emery – adviser Jonathan is the chief executive officer of Aldar Development in Abu Dhabi. He previously served as MD of place for Lendlease in the UK & Australia .CJ0A5409_edited.jpg Barrie Heptonstall – adviser Barrie has spent 25 years working in senior management roles for a giant US-based engineering company, and an expert on enterprise software sales .Justin Jefferies Justin Jefferies – adviser Justin was Managing Director of CBRE in Southern California, COO at Knight Frank Australia and the CEO of Lodge which was backed by BPAY .kel dickins.jpeg Kel Dickins – adviser Kel is an experienced commercial real estate of the realm investor. He successfully founded and exited his einvest.com.au investing portal to Perennial.

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Our investors include:

EG is an australian commercial very estate investment director and developer, with over AU $ 4.3 billion in assets under management. property Innovation Labs ( Pi Labs ) is Europe ’ s first venture capital platform investing entirely in early-stage ventures in the property technical school vertical.

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