Ancient Forge Studio tour | Creative Conversations with artist blacksmith Lisa Wisdom | Summary of knowledge about falmouth craft fair 2022 most complete

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IN THIS VIDEO: Welcome to Creative Conversations. A place where I film and talk to different creatives about their art/craft and practice. In this conversation, I meet Cornish artist Blacksmith Lisa Wisdom Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:57 Our conversation begins! 4:16 p.m. Bonding Metal 5:05 p.m. Finding Your Way 10:05 a.m. Setting Up Your First Forge 2:30 p.m. Seeing a 250-Year-Old Forge 10:35 p.m. Study Space 27:27 Trevone Quarry Industrial Area 30:36 Collective of Cornish blacksmiths 48:34 Quote 55:09 Describe the work in 3 words In today’s conversation I will visit the historic workshop of artisan blacksmith Lisa Wisdom. Lisa’s 250-year-old forge is based on the site of a disused granite quarry in Trevone, and it’s from here that you’ll find her crafting beautiful, rich, rusty landscapes from the pieces of metal she finds around her. I tell Lisa how she found her calling, her experience as an officer, and the discovery of the old forge where she now works and lives with her husband David. Lisa is currently the only professional female blacksmith in Cornwall and she tells me how she started the Cornish Blacksmiths Collective, a now thriving group of blacksmiths, metalworkers and enthusiasts who meet monthly to share their skills, advice and support . If you like this video, be sure to like this video, leave a comment and subscribe to help me make more of this type of content. LISA WISDOM LINKS Cornish Blacksmith Collective: Website: Instagram: Etsy Shop: TREVONE QUARRY Trevone Quarry project: #artistinterview #artpodcast #creativeconversation #arttalk #cornwall #blacksmith #blacksmithing #studiovisit LINKS: AFFILIATE LINKS: Jackson’s Art: Stationery Pal: ABOUT ME: My name is Mel Chadwick and I’m a Cornwall-based freelance artist and illustrator. Here I share studio vlogs, sketches, tips and tutorials that other artists may find useful. FOLLOW MY DOMESTIKA COURSE: —————————- MY WORK: + Portfolio of illustrations: + Shop:

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Ancient Forge Studio tour | Creative Conversations with artist blacksmith Lisa Wisdom
Ancient Forge Studio tour | Creative Conversations with artist blacksmith Lisa Wisdom

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Ancient Forge Studio tour | Creative Conversations with artist blacksmith Lisa Wisdom.

falmouth craft fair 2022.

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  1. What a unique artform and such a humble "fun" beginning! Love your positivity and storytelling!!! 🥰

  2. Wow! So wonderful to hear the passion and fascination she feels for the work she's chosen to do. A real privilege to listen to her journey too. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this interview!💗

  3. Lisa's work is amazing. I'll visit her on my next trip to Cornwall. You both are amazing artists. Thank you for sharing. Gabi😊

  4. What a lovely interview and great art!! (For me it’s art even though it might be useful 😊) It’s such a wonderful profession, indeed a bit mysterious and definitely hard work. Many years ago my parents (from Germany) met a Welsh blacksmith while on holidays there and asked him to make some chimney tools for them. He invited them into his home and dropped off the beautiful set personally when he was in Germany a while later. They still use it to this day and we all love the story behind it.

  5. This is a fantastic insight into the lifestyle and craft of blacksmithing…and I love her collages…thankyou so much.

  6. Love these interviews. You could really feel her love for blacksmithing and her artform. Thank you.

  7. That was such a wonderful interview with that talented blacksmith. Lisa's work is amazing. She has definitely earned the respect for her experience and beautiful work. One of a kind. Thanks Lisa and Mel! Very informative. ❤

  8. Wonderful. I love her enthusiasm! Mel, these interviews are so beautiful, it allows me to take a mini vacation to Cornwall from the US.. thank you


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