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AirAsiaX was the first base metier to long catch low price airline in the Asia Pacific region. Services commenced in 2007 and the airline has continued to grow both its route network and address frequency.
I travelled on this AirAsiaX A330-300 not as a node of the airline but on a family vacation and it turned out to be a bang-up experiment to see how different generations interact with this newfangled phenomenon in flying that shows no sign of slowing.
Dad loved the abject prices, mum missed the blanket, the baby with kids wished for in flight entertainment and the boys very liked their meals ! One thing we loved was that we could all afford to travel together overseas and as the motto goes “ now everyone can fly excess long ”. The Malaysians love this airline, it ’ second done so much for tourism, but as with any abject cost carrier there are tricks and tips to follow to ensure it all goes smoothly and stays cheap ! It ’ second fair to say that without their airline eccentric of a daughter, mum and dad probably would have ended up paying a batch more for their flights ascribable to extra costs at the airport a well as on board and they wouldn ’ t have ended up sitting in concert. low cost carriers, whilst not deliberate, do make a bang-up deal off those in the population who are less “ technical school grok ” or unfamiliar with the low cost carrier concept. If this is you get person to help you do your inaugural engagement – you ’ ll learn a lot and avoid being sprung with charges both at the airport and on board .

Seat and Amenities

AirAsiaX has added an excess seat to each row in the A330-300 result in 9 abreast seating quite than the standard 8 on this aircraft type. The solution of this is a very narrow seat of about 16.9 inch. The seat cant is fairly standard at 31-32 column inch and seat recline is approximately 3 inches. At the time of booking it is recommended that you pre-book your seats ( for a minor tip ) so you can sit together where you want. Half my family were on one book and they didn ’ triiodothyronine pre-book seats. When they went to check in on-line they were separated across the aircraft. There are seats with supernumerary stage room that come at a cost or seats in the quiet cabin but the best seats in terms of cost and comfort are those in the back 8 rows. here the fuselage narrows meaning the induct changes from three sets of three seats across the aircraft ( 3-3-3 ) to a less dense 2-3-2 seating shape. It is from the back of the aircraft that the meal service starts therefore if you get impatient waiting for the haul these are big seats. Being a low cost carrier, blankets, pillows and agreeableness kits are not provided however you can purchase on board for about AUD $ 25. My tip is to bring with you a large microfiber towel to act as a blanket as these are warm, compress and sparkle weight, a ‘ U ’ shaped neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs to make your flight more comfortable. On the overnight flight the lights are on ‘ bright ’ for a good three hours so that eye dissemble could come in very handy, there ’ s no dim cabin lighting here .

Customer service on board

Announcements – there were so many loud announcements ! You can ’ thymine get off an AirAsia flight and say you weren ’ triiodothyronine informed of every meal service, time to fasten your seat belt, landing, arrival, takeoff, duty free, bar close, quarantine notice etc. These are fairly standard announcements but on an overnight fledge they were barely very forte and repetitive. I think we were told that we had landed in Kuala Lumpur some four or five times ! apart from that the service was finely and the security precautions and rules followed perfectly.


I was surprised at the taste of the AirAsiaX food. Some of it looks about as work and rubbery as it can get but it tastes dependable and there is quite a wide kind of things to choose from if you pre-book meals online. Make sure if you have pre-ordered anything that you keep your boarding fall on you as without the board pass you won ’ t get the meal. On the flight to KL we booked two meals each, a breakfast and a lunch BUT both meals came together on the breakfast political campaign. thankfully the crew were able to hold our meals and re-heat them three hours late when we were cook for them ( and yes the food base hit member of the class did have a problem with this until he tasted the satay, loved it and continued eating ). If you are ordering AirAsia ’ s newfangled big breakfast ( or heart attack on a plate ) it ’ sulfur truly quite filling and you credibly won ’ t need a lunch meal. As with every broken cost airline there is a variety of snacks and drinks you can purchase on control panel equally well as a choice of clean and hot meals but the only guarantee of getting a hot or fresh meal is to pre-book ( you save a far 15 % besides indeed why not ! ). The meals are dainty and hot and all come with a complimentary bottle of body of water, tea or chocolate, plastic cutlery and a napkin. Besides with a buy meal there is no comliemntary body of water offered .

Inflight entertainment

AirAsiaX do not have any form of complimentary in-flight entertainment. Samsung Galaxy tablets loaded with television shows and movies can be purchased on board BUT it is good if you pre-order your pill at the time of booking to ensure you actually get one. Don ’ t trust on there being an in-flight magazine to keep you party either, I think we had one between three which may or may not be deliberate by the airline.

Extra information

These are the things you need to do to ensure you have a smooth feel ;

– Print your documents for proofread of choose seats and meals purchased.
– Domestic flights on the AirAsia network necessitate you to have checked in and printed a board pass before arriving at the airport or you will be charged a check-in fee
– Pre-book angstrom much as you can online before the flight to ensure you actually get what you want plus you get greater discounts online
– Pre-purchase checked baggage and stick to the baggage valuation reserve – you will be charged if you don ’ thymine
– Take an empty bottle of water through security with you so you can fill up prior to boarding the airplane otherwise you will be paying a distribute for water as it is not provided complimentary.
– AirAsia and AirAsiaX operates out of Kuala Lumpurs humble cost airport KLIA2 low cost carriers are fantastic if you follow the rules and are prepared – where they come undone is when you have to make a change or contact them ( with the exception of Scoot who have a great call center ). We did have to change a couple of the tickets whilst aside and it wasn ’ thyroxine easy. To change the ticket would cost a huge amount of money to the degree that two of the party ended up booking completely modern flights as that was going to be cheaper. Travel insurance is a must when travelling on a moo monetary value carrier because if you can ’ t make the flight the only refund you will ever get is the airport taxes. I should point out that any extras you have ordered – seats, bags, meals will besides not be refunded .

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