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For a short 5 hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipeh, I booked AirAsia, a malaysian low-cost carrier. They offer a class called „ Premium Flatbed “ which is not to be confused with commercial enterprise class but offers some of the perks of it – first and foremost the seat. As the price was ( ridicolously ) broken excessively I was all fructify after booking directly on their web site .

Pre-flight experience

AirAsia offers dedicated check-in counters for their Premium Flex and Premium Flatbed customers. This is a great public toilet as the economy queue of my flight was peculiarly long – despite the ability of on-line or kiosk check-in. With the swift repeat of my board pass, I had more than hour to spare public treasury boarding. honestly, the experience at KLIA2 was more of a disappointment. You do not have lounge entree and the terminal is rather crowded. There are retail stores and cafés but not much more. It was even hard to catch a buttocks for waiting. consequently, I was happy when board was announced .

Premium „flat“bed

Compared to real business products like in my Emirates business class review or Singapore Airline business class review, the AirAsia product is stripped down to essentials. The flatbed seats are in the very movement part of the cabin, two rows in a 2-2-2 shape – 12 seats in full, separated by a wall from the „ quietly “ zone. The seats are rather raw although they were not immaculate clean on my flight. A pillow and little bottle of water are waiting and you will receive a blanket after parody. There are no other amenities such as socks, eyeshades or headphones, it ’ sulfur broken cost after all. The beginning row has quite a bite more peg room but the moment row still has more than adequate .
The buttocks is controlled through a jury in the armrest. In some fishy logic it ’ sulfur noteworthy that the „ flatbed “ seat is not precisely flat. It besides remains angle-lie-flat, comparable to the one of Condor business class. The buttocks is pleasantly wide and particularly comfortable in „ lounging “ position. The more you recline the greater the privacy as you can benefit from the fixed „ wall “ between the seats. I did not sleep but can well imagine crunching an hour or two with a proper sleep on a longer flight, specially since AirAsia does not offer an IFE in their seats. They do provide tablets to rent but I did not try as I wanted to work during the flight.

repositing options, for me an important subject, are batch, aside from overhead drawers you ’ ve seatpockets, minor magazine/ipad boxes, a table between the seats and ( in row 2 ) a brake shoe cabinet.

Passport & Palmtree conclusion

The premium flatbed product of AirAisa is an exciting premium between economy and a proper commercial enterprise class. It strips aside some of the frills of business class such as sofa access, champagne and high-end cuisine but radically focuses on what ’ s most crucial to most travellers : The seat and process convenience. This allows in return for a very attractive price tag and I can highly recommend this classify for mid and long haul flights ! I do hope to see such a intersection with other european airlines besides – I will be your customer .
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