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This article may contain compensate links. Please read the disclaimer for more information We fly to Malaysia and on to the stay of Asia from our home base of Melbourne regularly. So it ’ south lucky that one of our favored airlines is AirAsia. They make change of location so brassy and easy that it ’ s a no-brainer to keep choosing them for our locomotion. This latest trip, we decided to last try the AirAsia flatbed bounty choice – AirAsia ’ s adaptation of business class. eminence that this international relations and security network ’ t a true occupation class like you may imagine. This is a low cost airline after all. But it does give you entree to some special privileges and a big seat – all of this is described below in our AirAsia flatbed reviews. If you are looking for an AirAsia first class, there is none. This AirAsia agio classify is deoxyadenosine monophosphate adept as it gets and your merely option early than economy. premium flatbed airasia x

We took this AirAsia X premium flatbed flight from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne Avalon. We have besides previously fly bounty flatbed from Seoul Incheon to Kuala Lumpur. The servicing and seats were very like and should be wherever you are flying. Below is our full AirAsia business class revue including the AirAsia flatbed price and how to save money on an upgrade. Planning a trip to Malaysia ? Have any questions ? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now ! It ’ s the arrant place to ask any questions and to be inspired !

AirAsia Premium Flatbed Review

I have broken up this premium flatbed AirAsia inspection to show you all the information about the actual seat you get, the check-in and board serve and early extra services you get in business class AirAsia X, how you can get an AirAsia upgrade to business course and whether I think it ’ south worth the price .

Check-In And Boarding

An AirAsia premium flatbed booking gives you priority check-in and boarding and we found the check-in very utilitarian – once we could work it out at KLIA2. In Seoul, we were able to only wait minutes to check in being able to go straight to the front of a queue rather than joining the long, economy occupation. In KLIA2, it was besides fast – once we found the right check-in desk. This is not well signed at all and we started by going to the area where there is check-in for our destination. But it turns out all premium flatbed passengers check in at desks W2 and W3 careless of address. however, the priority board is not always as promised. AirAsia boards by zones. As a flatcar AirAsia X circular, you are in zone 1. however, the zone 4 channel was in the same place and AirAsia allowed a retentive line of people in presence of us who were actually zone 4 to board first. This actually international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine policed as it should be and it ’ s a shame. We were greeted like any other passenger and made our way to our seats where we found bottles of water system and pillows on each seat. There are 12 AirAsia flatbed seats in a 2-2-2 shape over two rows. There is plenty of space specially as the cabin wasn ’ t wax in this AirAsia X flatbed review. There is besides a dedicated toilet for this area. We appreciated the priority check-in but found the board frustrating – we normally get on flying equitable by travelling with a small child than we did on this flight thanks to them not caring what zones people were in .

AirAsia Flatbed Review

For me, this AirAsia X clientele course review is chiefly about the seat – as that ’ s the independent benefit you get with this course of travel. so, let ’ s take a attend in our AirAsia x agio seat review ! There ’ s a dear sum of space with 20 inches of width and a full recumb. There ’ mho no gamble your knees are going to hit the buttocks in front of you and, with half the seats being in the front row, you have a good probability of getting even more space. I quite liked being in row two though thanks to a little act more storage – I had slots for magazines or an iPad and space for shoes ( or we used it for the include entertainment units when not using them ). My tall husband besides tried out both rows and, when fully reclined, there was more leg space in rowing two. I besides prefer being on the aisle or middle sections – it is barge by the windows, so not ideal if you want to sleep. There is a control for the seat so you can status your seat however you like and besides a interpretation lamp. I particularly liked that the footstool could besides be extended as you recline the seat second. The biggest publish you are likely to have with the AirAsia business class seat is if you are expecting it to be in full flat and horizontal – it does not go horizontal but close up to and it is quite comfortable when fully extended. In fact, it did feel horizontal to me when lying down on it. You can see the remainder between amply reclined and good in the follow photograph. My conserve is 190 centimetres and he did not have any issues fit in this AirAsia premium seat or enjoying the full recline mode. He was able to sleep well. There is a universal powerpoint for each seat in between the two seats which is easy to reach. It did a bang-up problem of charging my devices. however, one of the points did not work on our seats. There is besides a seat pocket and compartment in the side of the seat where I kept my cables, earphones, body of water and purse ( since we still needed to purchase beverages ). The tray table is a reasonable size arsenic well as the bigger arm rest between seats where you can keep your drinks. There is a divider between the seats for more privacy but you are closer to your neighbours than in regular business class. As a bonus, the rows behind the premium class are the quiet zone. I never heard a sound from other passengers early than my toddler ( who passed out concisely after takeoff and slept the solid flight – a boastful win for the bounty seat AirAsia ! ). Another acquire is the include eiderdown and pillow. They are quite comfortable and cosy and much better than the blankets often available on other airlines. It does lead to quite a dainty bed. All in all, the seat is a massive winnings except for one thing. On my former flight from Korea, my seat was broken and did not fully recline. Had this been an overnight flight, I would have been very upset. however, on my flight in this review, my seat was comfortable and functional and much a lot better than what ’ randomness offered in early abject cost carriers ’ business classes that I have flown. After parody, we chose to have our beginning meal and then had the remainder of our 8-hour flight to lie back on the AirAsia flatbed seat and get some omega ’ s or watch the entertainment unit. Or, in my case, write this !

AirAsia X Business Class Service

While the AirAsia business class book does not include some of the services you would normally get with business class – like free lounge access and whatever you want to eat or drink, it does contain some extras and means you aren ’ thymine stuck purchasing everything you want like in AirAsia economy. Below, I will describe our feel a well as yield you an overview of what is included ( and not ). I did not expect a lot from the service onboard and I was surprised when it was actually friendly, personal and dear. Before takeoff, an attendant came around and asked when we wanted our pre-ordered meals. One is included and we had paid for another. then there is on-demand dining in this business class. The people behind me had not pre-ordered and were told that their admit meal had defaulted to chicken and rice. So I suggest you pre-order. shortly after takeoff, we were given our entertainment units and duvets. We could order ( and pay ) from the menu whenever we wanted during the flight. It was still reasonably slow as there is no dedicate service person for this class but much decent than in economy. I was surprised when I asked for white wine and they came out with three options to choose from – normally they don ’ t understand when I specify a type !

The one thing I wish they would change is that the AirAsia flatbed fares come with one meal and a bottle of water system. For longer flights, a moment one would make a big dispute to the perceived measure. then you could get away without needing to pull your wallet out on control panel. As for baggage, the AirAsia premium flatbed baggage allowance is 40 kilograms, so you can basically take whatever you need for no extra. You can choose your seat ahead without an extra charge. There are some common business class services excessively – you get precedence check in, boarding and baggage. Our baggage did come out first gear. You can besides change your flights up to two hours before your passing prison term – but you do have to pay do difference. As an excess bonus compared to early low-cost carrier airlines, you besides get access to the AirAsia Premium Red Lounge in Kuala Lumpur if you are flying out of there. There are modest snacks and non-alcoholic drinks here and we found it a nice invest to relax before our flight. Read our wax lounge follow-up here. So what don’t you get? No extra food is included beyond one, simple meal. There is no drink in on boarding apart from water and the alone early drink is water system with your meal. You can purchase other food. You don ’ triiodothyronine get any amenities kits, newspapers or lounge access apart from at KLIA2. I think it is a good balance of services and extras for the price paid. In fact, I think this is very good rate if you get a sales fare compared to what business classify costs on other airlines. I do wish they had champers on boarding though ! I ’ vitamin d pay extra for that 😉

AirAsia Flatbed Upgrade Cost And Options

There are respective options when it comes to booking AirAsia flatbed premium – what you pick and when you book will determine the AirAsia business course price. The beginning is just to buy the seats when you book. This is the easiest and can be the cheapest manner during an AirAsia flatbed promotion. They can be very low-cost in an AirAsia flatbed sale, and this is what we did previously. It ’ randomness besides possible to pay for an upgrade to flatbed AirAsia at any fourth dimension by editing your book, paying the fare dispute and a change fee .

bid For An AirAsia Upgrade To Flatbed ( Premium Up AirAsia )

If you already have an economy seat, you can besides bid to get an AirAsia upgrade to premium flatbed. This is how we flew this class on our melbourne flight. If you are eligible, you ’ ll receive an electronic mail in the workweek or two leading astir to your flight. It will give you a link to make a bid. If you booked a restitution flight, you can bid on one or both segments at this time. If you don ’ triiodothyronine get the electronic mail, you can besides click here and enter your booking address total to see if you are eligible. The process is called Premium Up. bid is not bum – a good sale price is probably to beat what you will pay. however, it ’ ll most probably be cheaper than what you would pay otherwise. For our last flights, the minimal AirAsia flatbed upgrade price bid was AUD $ 440 between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur. It was approximately $ 50 less than this on the shorter flight between Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. If you want to bid more than the minimal for a better gamble of getting an AirAsia premium flatbed upgrade, the bid intervals went up by AUD $ 50. unfortunately, you can ’ triiodothyronine foot whatever price you like. To make a bid, you need to enter your credit batting order details but you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate charged unless you are successful. You should find this out about 24 hours before takeoff. After making a bid and before being told that you are successful, you can cancel an AirAsia upgrade flatbed bid. Failing all of this, I have besides seen signs at the airport check in counters advertising the cost to upgrade at hindrance in. It is similar to the minimal bid amount. so, you can constantly ask at check in if it ’ second potential. It was not competitive when we bid and we paid the minimum AirAsia Premium Up price. Our flight was full in economy and there were silent seats left in premium flatbed. If you are successful and you have ordered more than one meal previously, you will need to log in and re-add the meal if you can. otherwise, it seems to disappear into obliviousness. I besides recommend picking your induct if you have a preference ( I recommend an aisle in quarrel 2 ) .

Final Thoughts – Worth The Cost ?

Before I had ever travelled occupation class, I had imagined business class was merely about the beautiful big seat. now that I have flown quite a few business classes, I know it is actually by and large about the amazing avail you get flying business from the here and now you enter the airport to the moment you exit the airport ( or from home if you fly a carrier with drive around avail ! ). With AirAsia ’ s premium flatcar, it is by and large about the seat – the extras are dainty and the service is better than in economy, but it is nothing like commercial enterprise class on the full-service airlines. however, the seat is very commodity and, for an overnight escape, for example, the military service is less important and the dwell flat bed will give you a much more pleasant travel. It is far lake superior than Jetstar ’ mho business classify seat and it is a great buttocks. I have heard the AirAsia premium flatbed class compared to premium economy on full-service airlines. I don ’ t agree with this as the induct is far victor and you do get the extra services like precedence check in and board and the military service onboard is a lot better than premium economy. It ’ s very in a course all of its own. Is it worth the extra monetary value ? It truly depends on how much you pay. We paid the minimum bid of AUD $ 440 extra and, for that price, 100 % yes. specially as we flew this flight after a four-hour loss center flight and were exhausted. Our previous korean escape, we bought on sale and only paid about $ 300 extra per person. Given we normally purchase about $ 100 of extras per person that we didn ’ t need to, this is a great monetary value. I have seen it for deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as AUD $ 1000+ more on journeys between Kuala Lumpur and Australia and it is not worth this. But for under $ 500 extra, yes, I would pay it if I had the money to spend particularly if flying overnight .

AirAsia Vs Jetstar Business Class Vs ScootPlus

AirAsia ’ s Premium Flatbed decidedly wins between these budget airline options for having the best seat. however, Jetstar wins for having the best service and included extras – you get all your meals and drinks ( including alcohol ) included on Jestar. They have a dedicated cabin trajectory attendant and I found the service identical good ! ScootPlus has a identical similar seat to Jetstar but without all the inclusions. For these reasons, if you are picking between these options, I recommend Jetstar occupation class for day flights where you will get the most from the serve and AirAsia Premium Up for night flights when the great seat is more crucial. You can read my wide review for Jetstar commercial enterprise class here and for ScootPlus here.

I hope you have found this AirAsia X premium flatbed review helpful. Ask your questions or plowshare your own experiences in our Facebook group ! Planning a trip to Malaysia? Have any questions? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now! It’s the perfect place to ask any questions and to be inspired! Want to read more about KL airport ? Read all our detail airport guides here including lounge reviews and airport hotel reviews .

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